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Oh! A bit more Litnoise from “Arrowsmith”

January 5, 2012

These are all too long for Twitter! Still, this is a great quote– definitely going to be a hard one to beat:

“Sound of mating birds, sound of spring blossoms dropping in the tranquil air, the bark of sleepy dogs at midnight; who is to set them down and make them anything but hackneyed?” –Arrowsmith

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Too long for Litnoise, sounds from “The Job”

April 4, 2011

I’ve been reading “The Job,” by Sinclair Lewis. It’s been a source of great sound-related quotes that I’ve been mining for my Litnoise project at Twitter. Here’s a quote from a particularly nice section, where the protagonist first manages to catch her breath upon arriving in New York City:

“Una gave herself up to impressions of the city: the voices of many children down on Amsterdam Avenue, the shriek of a flat-wheeled surface car, the sturdy pound of trucks, horns of automobiles; the separate sounds scarcely distinguishable in a whirr which seemed visible as a thick, gray-yellow dust cloud.”

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