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Imaginary software fanfic!

June 19, 2008

The other day, I was imagining an mp3 player of sorts, something that would allow the user to manipulate a variety of data about a virtual listener to generate playlists reflecting their age, location, and time. It’s basically the reverse of something like LastFM– instead of running into people and discovering them through their music, users of this program (which I’m calling “Malty”) would discover the music through virtual persons of their own design.

I decided that it would be a fun project to create a couple mock-ups of Malty– not only do I have no coding experience to create a program, but such an idea seems rather far-fetched anyways! Still, it’s been fun… something like software fanfic, if you think about it. Stephen King’s “Word Processor of the Gods” might fit the genre, too.

To create the mock-ups, I imported various screen caps into Photoshop, mostly of Photoshop and EAC preference windows. A little bit of cutting and pasting work, and voila! I present Malty 1.0, fanfic for the most extreme version of vaporware ever. Feel free to register your copy of Malty by leaving a comment!


As you can see, Malty allows users to select the age and gender of the virtual listener. A “race weighting” feature allows users to generate playlists for virtual listeners ranging from extremely sheltered to cosmopolitan in outlook. The “religion shaping” tool can add realistic flourishes, using Malty’s patent-pending Pezee-Myers algorithm. The “odd formats” option introduces otherwise out-of-date formats into the mix; for example, a teen in the 1980’s could theoretically select from 78 RPM recordings.

Where Malty 1.0 is particularly exceptional, however, is in the pioneering field of realistic external sound generation. As no music is experienced in a vacuum, users can toggle the external sound playback function to generate lifelike incidental noises heard alongside the standard playback feature. Virtual listener profiles created within city environments will produce typical urban sounds appropriate to their day, all heard through the lens of your listener’s selected environment. Registered users can also import everyday sounds using the HarS plugin.

Social support is a given. Malty is iTunes-enabled, with auto-downloading of any playback recordings to user-defined libraries, or share playback lists across LastFM. Integrated Skypecasting allows virtual listeners to host “listening parties,” with 100% virtual listener control available– your virtual listener will interact with other created listeners worldwide, with temporal and cultural mashups providing hours of entertainment.

The time settings section allows Malty users to precisely select the time and duration of the playback span. Dates spanning approximately 4,000 years are available, however, years preceding the known history of recorded music will generate modern reproductions of historical and hypothetical music– e.g, Bach played by the New York Philharmonic, or interpolations of how a Hurrian hymn may have sounded.

Venue compensation lets Malty weight playback selections to account for listener profiles exposed to popular music via live settings; such as concert halls, discoteques, vaudeville, dive bars, or even coffee shops. A wide variety of settings are being developed by users everyday, utilizing Malty’s open-source code and venue-generator tool. The “parent” button can be toggled on and off during playback to simulate mom or dad returning home– try it during playback involving explicit lyrics!

Various playback methods are also included, with appropriate historical players available within the listener profile. Finally, users can browse the “situation library” to accurately frame the playback list– the same listener profile will generate different possible lists based on this information. Choose nearly any situation from cross-country roadtrip to quiet basement flat, pre-suicide to post-coital!

Future versions of Malty will allow situation “gradients,” for example, moving from over time from “drunken spree” into “slumber party.” Millions of combinations!

Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 5/24/08

May 24, 2008

I’ve been a bit lazy with the liveblogging lately, but I’m attempting to get back into form. I’m not exactly off to the best start with this one, because I’m already at the Sonderberg tape (a split with Ophibre, I might add) before I started typing these comments. Seems like I’m digging a lot of longer sounds/constructions so far this broadcast, so perhaps you’re in this mood as well? We’ll see how it goes…

I’ve got some Bikelophone recordings up next, live sound assembly from 2001. It’s been a while since I’ve heard this, but I wanted to bring it in for some reason. I’m as curious as anyone where this will lead.

Turns out the Bikelophone disc was a great transitional recording from Sonderberg’s sine tones into those of Satoru Wono– glad I brought it! Now I’m playing from one of Glenn Weyant’s D-Construction Sound Subscription Series of CDRs… a track called “Transition of Matter.” I’m actually really happy to hear this one, as it is very much something I would have liked to record myself. How wonderful to find someone having done it for me!

Oddly enough, I just had someone call in a request for Nicolas Bouga├»eff’s “Noise at 6,” a recording from the JTTP Cache 2005 compilation. Not exactly the sort of request I’m used to receiving– it is both specific AND appropriate to my show, go fig! My caller was cut off partway through our conversation, however, so hopefully they’ll hear this.

Crass — Berkertex Bride
Costes — Ils Ont tue Costes
Charlemagne Palestine — Oberlin College Spectral Continuum
Eliane Radigue — Jetsun Mila (extract)
DaveX — Purification
Annea Lockwood — A Sound Map of the Danube (extract)
Adam Sonderberg — Untitled Music for Bell and Sine Tone
Stephen Schweitzer — Bikelophone, 12/12/01
Satoru Wono — Sonata for Sine Wave and White Noise (extract)
Frank Rothkamm — B and B plus 33
Sabrina Siegel — Drop Bow Down Cello
Glenn Weyant — Transitions of Matter
Glenn Weyant — Matters of Transition
Nicolas Bouga├»eff — Noise at 6
Thanos Chrysakis, Dario B. Villegas, Oli Mayne — Opiophobia
Thanos Chrysakis, Dario B. Villegas, Oli Mayne — Entrain I
Thanos Chrysakis, Dario B. Villegas, Oli Mayne — Entrain II
Ernesto Tomasini, Fabrizio M. Palumbo — Stoo Kuinnutu
Bearly Queen — Lost in the Snow
Marina Hardy — Mkay
Marina Hardy — Cowgypsy

Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 5/17/08

May 17, 2008

CJ Borosque, Robert M. — Blackness Of Dark Space or Spyder Dances With Wisdom
CJ Borosque, Robert M. — Luggage Lost in the Dissatisfied Machine
William C. Harrington — Even Thin Galaxies Can Grow Fat
Samuel Sighicelli — L’intelligence Petrolifere
Samuel Sighicelli — Immensite des Villes
Transvalue Book III — I Have These Tears
The Feral Blood of Swagger Jack — My Good Guts
The Feral Blood of Swagger Jack — No Camping

Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 4/19/08

April 19, 2008

It’s now officially the WDBX Spring Membership Drive! I hope you’ll all give me a call, whether you plan to become a member or not– 618-457-3691.

Karthik Kakarala came to sit in for the back half of this week’s broadcast, and gave me quite a scare popping out from around the side of the building while I was catching some refreshing night air. He also has the honor of being the first official new member of WDBX, having made his pledge shortly before the close of the show.

Not that one thing has to do with the other, but Kakarala will be next week’s live musical guest– I’ve heard discussion of possible tape loop work, amplifiers… not sure what exactly to expect, but I’m sure it will be highly interesting. Don’t miss it!

Mary, Jon, Jonathan, Priya, Elembe, Lisa — Untitled, from Gold Record Studio
Inca Ore, Lemon Bear — Untitled, from Gold Record Studio
Muck — Sensation
Miminokoto — Dokonimo ver.2
Miminokoto — Tokedasu
Business Lady — Slow Motion
Wether — Solar Volt
Area C — Star Names
Unagi Patrol — Pine Soul
John Cage — HPSCHD
The Lords of Outland — How to be a Good Citizen in 3 Easy Steps
Sad Sailor — Down at Weirdo Park
John Dikeman, Jon Barrios, Toshi Makihara — We Need You (excerpt)
Eddie the Rat — I Sleep Away
Eddie the Rat — Hyperactive-atrophy
Eddie the Rat — Satori Kumquat
Eddie the Rat — Dark o’ Clock Came Early
Murmur — Discovery of Mother Voidness
Augment — Dilation
Body Collector — La Santisima Muerte
Raperies (like Draperies) — One of the Beautiful