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A musical meme!

August 26, 2008

Scott, of the Musical Perceptions blog, came up with a fun meme— and since it’s a rarity that I have any reason to participate in these, I’m happy to run into this one via Classical-Drone.

“So I pose the question this way: what musical performance of the 20th century would you most want to either witness or take part in? Imagine performing in the orchestra for the Rite of Spring premiere in 1913, or being in the crowd at Stalag VIII in 1945 for Messiaen’s performance of his Quartet for the End of Time?”

Pretty good answers, I must say. Still, I’d rather go halfsies on Caleb’s time-cab:

“The original staging of Xenakis’ Perseopolis in the ruins of the palace of Darius, at night, played over a hundred loudspeakers spread through the ruins, with fireworks, choreographed torch runners, natural fire, and huge projectors. Kinda sticky politically, but still.

Actually, there were several Stockhausen events to make me yearn for time transport. He played a series of concerts in the caves of Jeita, Lebanon, where he placed 180 speakers among the rocks and played his electronic and intuitive music in the inner dome of the caverns…”

As for me, I know exactly what places I’d hit– first off, John Cage and Lejaren Hiller’s 1969 performance of “HPSCHD;” the simultaneous outpouring of seven harpsichords, multiple tapes of noises, outer space slides, films– all in the University of Illinois Assembly Hall. After this, I’d part ways with Caleb for a few months, and use some of my future money to clear out the record shops (vinyl, baby!) and bide my time until December. Of course, I’d have New Year’s Eve plans… for any Hendrix-phile like myself, the chance to take in all four Fillmore East Band of Gypsies shows is just too tempting.

By this time, I’d have the whole McFly bit down pat, so I’d be ready for travels a bit further back… 1914, to the London Coliseum, for some of Luigi Russolo’s performances with his Intonorumori. Time travel most likely being rather expensive, I’d defray my costs with some minidisc bootlegs, making for a lovely limited-edition boxset to finance the trip upon my return.

Saved by a meme!

May 8, 2008

T’was a looking like a slow day for me, with nary a blog entry in sight– but Caleb Dupree put some wind in my sails with a hearty meme tagging. Here are the rules:

1) Pick up the nearest book.
2) Open to page 123.
3) Find the fifth sentence.
4) Post the next three sentences.
5) Tag three people, and acknowledge who tagged you.

Thankfully, I have recently been the glad beneficiary of an Amazon giftcard, and actually have some non-library-castoff books to read. And what happened to be nearest me? John Cage’s “Silence,” perched at the edge of my desk, just near the printer… underneath the remains of my coffeecake muffin.

Page 123 yields this portion of Cage’s “Lecture on Nothing,” from 1959:

“More and more                                       I have the feeling          that we are getting
nowhere.                   Slowly                    ,                                   as the talk goes on
,                                we are getting        nowhere                       and that is a pleasure
.                            It is not irritating    to be where one is          .”

In keeping with Rule #5, I’d like to tag “Of Sound Mind,” Kingo at his newly-resurrected “Squublog,” and (because I’ve also been reading R. Murray Schafer’s “The Tuning of the World,”) I’ll tag “Bike Mike.”

Tagged again…

December 12, 2007

My new blogging buddy Q tagged me yesterday, but with my net down, I didn’t notice until this morning. As per the rules, I have to perpetuate the life of this action by tagging five others– Hollow Tree, who may make use of any of his multitude of blogs; Sister Novena, who’s losing her mind shelving books at Fnorders and could probably use an entry served up on a platter; Beautiful Biology, who has been known to actually listen to my show; Squublog, who tempts fate with every interstate bicycle-jump; and Hula Seventy, reigning champion of Photobooth Fridays.

Anyways, on to the meme at hand. Just pick five links in the following categories from your previously-written posts. Here’s mine:

Link 1 is a little bit of FAMILY: The Strangest Thing to Say

Link 2 is a little bit of FRIEND: Interview with Sabrina Siegel

Link 3 is a little bit of YOURSELF: Believe it or not, I picked the most vanilla parts.

Link 4 should be YOUR LOVE: These are NOT Photoshopped!

Link 5 can be ANYTHING YOU LIKE:
Dee Snider Saved My Life