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Feeling left out?

June 15, 2008

Father’s Day is not for moms and kiddies, so if you’re feeling left out– or if you’re just a weirdo single loner lurking in a dank basement surrounded by pristine vinyl and John Cage fanfic like every other person reading this blog– then I have a surprise giftie for you!

Yes, it’s new downloads! And neglected downloads! It’s like a one-two punch of curiosity and guilt. Enjoy!

It’s Too Damn Early, full show for 5/31/08

It’s Too Damn Early, full show for 5/24/08 (here’s a link to the original commentary)

It’s Too Damn Early, April Fool’s broadcast 4/1/06 (Be the first to download it!)

It’s Too Damn Early, full show for 3/11/06 (Just think– you might need this someday.)

It’s Too Damn Early, ALL-NOISE broadcast 12/16/06 (You know you want it!)

The playlists (and original commentaries!) for these shows follow the jump: