Selected Works

“Jelly Tight” debuted at the opening of the Mary Ellen Dillard Media & Performance Gallery in Carbondale Community Arts’ 304 space on 10/24/2016. This piece, another highly self-referential work, utilizes audio from large group Skype forums. During these forums, I would play small irritating sounds or echoes of other speakers to create a false perception that something was wrong with the call, in the hopes that it would inspire conversation about noise/listening/audio. “Jelly Tight” also comments sarcastically on my own perceptions of failing as an artist, as well as what I guessed would be listeners’ reactions to approaching sound art in a gallery setting.

“Music For Swimmers” final episode. Further live audio improvisation in a radio environment on 3/5/2018. This was an emotionally-charged broadcast, bringing to close a run of over 1000 experimental broadcasts since 2002. You can hear samples from Philip Glass, Negativland, Pauline Oliveros, Dead Kennedys, Bruce Haack/Esther Nelson, as well as YouTube clips and various homemade recordings. The ecstatic nature of Glass’ recording opens, gradually blending into a more twisted, cult-like sound of Negativland before a growing, orgiastic crescendo of disbelief– repeating the question most-often heard from late-night callers to the radio station, “what does it mean?”

“Lawrence Welk’s Secret.” Home-prepared, circuit-bent electronics inspired by John Cage’s ideas about duration, rhythm, and tone. Recorded sometime in July of 2009. Utilizing a re-built Kay Rhythmer outboard rhythm device. The title has nothing to do whatsoever with Lawrence Welk as a historical person– it is simply the joking idea that Lawrence Welk might play such music when nobody else is listening.

“Cathy & The Aliens” is an excerpt from a live broadcast of “Music For Swimmers,” originally airing on WDBX-FM on 7/24/2017. For this broadcast, I employed numerous found sound elements I have collected over the past 20 years– mostly answering machine cassettes and home recordings. During the broadcast, these recordings are separately cued live in an improvisational manner and further manipulated live with rewinding, cross-transitions, layering, repetition , etc.

“EKV” final set. Excerpted from a 20-minute live improvisation with simple electronics on 4/4/2017. For this recording, a single 1/4″ phono plug was hand-manipulated to create swells of differing tone to the input jack of a harmonizer. No other electronics were used– vocals are unprocessed, straight to recorder– all aired live on WDBX in-studio. This piece, acting as a simultaneous resurrection of/eulogy for a past audio project, is inspired by Taoist philosophy and my own “partnership” with various performing identities. I am particularly proud of some extended vocal techniques employed here.

“Nailing The Transition” uses audio from 2005 which was something like a podcast addendum recorded live off-air during past radio broadcasts. For this piece, I have reinterpreted and recontextualized the audio to comment on losing my job at WDBX, on the piece itself, and how I feel moving forward. This piece was premiered during the Mutagenic experimental music series at Flyover Social Center on 3/9/2018.

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