DaveX’s Favorite Posts

This is a selection of my favorite STARTLING MONIKER posts, excepting album reviews, which are indexed just off the main page. They make for an interesting way to get to know me somewhat quickly. Enjoy these! –DaveX

Auto-art with Wordle

Imaginary Software Fanfic

Waiting… (features my first animated gif!)

I <3 Tomorrowland!

Saying goodbye to my twenties

About yesterday’s broadcast…

Apparently, that anti-drug commercial was wrong

Burning in pink noise (this is one of my extra-special favorites, be sure to check it out)

I found my dog!

Desktop Noise Warfare

100,000 Lights = Creepy drone

What Would You Miss?

I Got a Tofurky!

Improvisation for Killers


Noise FeSTL 2007

My New Favorite Thing…

357 Scanned Photos of Photobooth Owner

MediaDefender Remixes: Chopped and Screwed

Strangest Phrase to Send Your Child to School With…

John Cage, A Charlatan?!

Two More Archie Jesus Freak Comics!

More Filesharing Thoughts

Crap, I’m Old.

Hello, Phonette!

Awesome Photos– Superman Shield in the Sky!

AM/FM Transmitters

Neil Diamond, Black Metal Superstar

Make Discogs a Wiki!

Getting Bootlegged! (sort of)

Improv for Folded Signals

Naked Arrival, the Internet Archive, and FTP

Losing My “Mysterious Legend” Status

Is This the Best They Can Do?

Naked Arrival 01: “Tenex” (SOLD OUT!!)

Report on Institute for Creation Research Speech

Comic Book Flyers

DaveX interviews Matt Weston, somewhat disgruntled review recipient

How Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider Saved My Life

Thanks, PZ!

Copyright, Pandering, and the Universal Library

Why Create?

Choking My Photobucket (Selected ITDE Flyer Art)

A Confession

Noise and the Tao Te Ching

Noise Art and Perception

Helpful Hints for Artists

Box Set

Sound Memories

DJ Mo’s “It’s Too Damn Early” Experience

The Billion-Dollar Synthesizer

Improvised Music at “It’s Too Damn Early”

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