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“Music For Swimmers” liveblog/playlist for 9/30/12

September 30, 2012

I’m having some fun with old Contrastate material today– mixing stuff from the “English Embers” album with the “I” cassette, just because I like how it works together. Mo’s “Style City” broadcast was a good mood-setting today, blending some fairly off-kilter chiptunes stuff into a nice, workable mix. Maybe DJing isn’t the most amazing talent, but I’m still awfully proud; she’s definitely gotten the hang of things in the last couple years. I’ve got some nice recordings to share today as well– the “Hot Choice” album by Breakaway that I reviewed the other day, as well as a really nifty compilation album on Barge that I picked up for a Loren Connors cut, and ended up really digging across the album.

As a sidenote, if anyone from Nuun Records or Metamkine is reading this, thanks for sending the Pauline Oliveros/Jesse Stewart “Dunrobin Session” album. I found it lodged in the station’s currently-hoarder-worthy library room, where it had obviously been opened for me, and discarded. Not sure how long this one has been AWOL– but trust me, I don’t make a habit of ignoring Oliveros material, or any promos sent my way for that matter.

Contrastate — Invocation to the Rite of Birth (from “I,” on Direction Music)
Contrastate — The Rite of Birth
Contrastate — Northern Twilight (from “English Embers,” on Dirter)
The Fun Years — Electricity Is A Scarce Commodity (this, and next six, from “Innature,” on Barge Recordings)
The Kallikak Family — Purity Music, Purity Sound
Bird Show — Stay High
Polmo Polpo — Farewell to the Flyer
Loren Connors — Outside My Window
Animal Hospital — Late Summertime

“Style City” and “Music For Swimmers” playlists for 4/29/12

April 29, 2012

I’m covering for “Style City” today, which is kinda fun, seeing as how my own “Music For Swimmers” begins directly afterwards.

The BIG NEWS of the day, however, is that the WDBX Pledge Drive is OVER! Ms. Bags (a fan of “Style City”) agreed to meet the remainder of WDBX’s pledge drive goal of $13,000 singlehandedly, as an act of support for Style City’s Friendly Badger Group! If you’re confused, here’s the takeaway– that’s a pledge in the $2,000 range, and an amazing show of support for community radio here in Southern Illinois!

Thank you, Ms. Bags!!!

Grundik & Slava — Pattern In Time (from “…For Birds and Electronics,” on Stateart)
Eddie the Rat — Chasing The Sun (from “Once Around The Butterfly Bush,” on Edgetone)
Eddie the Rat — Shortcut
Eddie the Rat — Once Around The Butterfly Bush
Zavolonka — For A Cuckoo (from “Plavyna,” on Nexsound)
Zavolonka — Painted Berries
RP Collier — Transponderize (from “Let Them Eat Flarn,” self-release)
Gutevolk — Twinkle Star’s Cycling Bolero (from “Twinkle,” on 12k/Happy)
Gutevolk — Light Parade
Gutevolk — Little Girl, Little Star
Gutevolk — Silo
Gutevolk — Moonlakers
Gutevolk — Wondering
Ian Yeager — Music For Guitar + Computer, pt. 11 (on Pax Recordings)
Ian Yeager — Music For Guitar + Computer, pt. 12
Ian Yeager — Music For Guitar + Computer, pt. 13
—————-end of Style City playlist—————
If, Bwana; Trio Scordatura — The Tempest, Fuggit (from “E, And Sometimes Why,” on Pogus)
Felix Werder — The Tempest (from “The Tempest: Electronic Music,” on Pogus)
RP Collier — Aerie (from “Platz,” self-release)

Covering for “Style City” 2/5/12

February 5, 2012

Mo was feeling unwell today, so I took over “Style City” for her this afternoon– with no plan to watch the Super Bowl, I probably ended up having more fun that I ordinarily would have! That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy her broadcasts, but let’s face it, I dig being at the controls even more. Today’s was a damn fine set, if I do say so myself. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

There’s no broadcast next week for either of us, though– we’ll be on the road– so be sure to re-join “It’s Too Damn Early” in its regular time on Feburary 18th, with “Style City” re-appearing on the 19th. Until then, take care!

Uladat – Purgatory (from “Uladat,” on Black Tropical)
Andrea Pensado — La Careta (from “Ktotam,” on ZeroMoon)
Wanda Group — Wetsuit Women (from “Bass Urine,” on NNA Tapes)
A Death Cinematic — Untitled (from “Your Fate Twisting, Epic In Its Crushing Moments,” on Simple Box Construction)
Irene Moon — Centrifuge Heart Sonicator (from “Zelphabet, Volume I“)
Kotra — Untitled (from “Ampere,” on Alku)
Chefkirk — Gross Pyramids (from “We Must Leave The Warren,” on Eh?)
Philip Skaller, Danny Holt — Aperitivo  (from “Music of Mark Dresser,” on pfMentum)
My Fun — Long Distance (from “This Is All I Had Time For,” on The Land Of)
My Fun — Unwind
Head Boggle — Birds Ynthi (from “Alto Coloratura In Synthesize,” on Catholic Tapes)
Head Boggle — Nthi
Head Boggle — Nthi PT.3
Head Boggle — Fireball Mail
Conrad Schnitzler, Michael Thomas Roe, Masato Ooyama — Kluster 07 (from “Zelphabet” Volume K)

Liveblogging! “ITDE” 9/3/11

September 3, 2011

This is a rather strange show… I’ve been around the block more than a few times as far as the whole “being sleepy and playing weird music” thing goes, but the disembodied, random Marilyn Monroe quotes are really quite bonkers. How is it that I hadn’t heard of Charlie Morrow prior to this XI Records release?

Anyways… I responded to a request for music review writers early yesterday, at Musique Machine. Things were going decently, until I discovered the guy wasn’t even willing to give me a link out as credit. I understand not paying writers, but really? Not even a little link love? Sheesh! On the up-side, now I’m thinking about doing reviews again. We’ll see how it goes.

Also– how many of my readers have checked out an episode of my daughter’s show, “Style City”? It’s something of a companion to “It’s Too Damn Early,” still bringing the weirdness, but with more of a focus on chiptunes and abstract electronica. If you haven’t heard it yet, watch this for the details:

Davenport — Joy! By Numerals Act (from “Free Country,” on Last Visible Dog)
Davenport — Thou Shall Be Waking
Fonogram — Invisible City (from “Fonogram,” on The Land Of)
Fonogram — Light & Dark
Fonogram — Cruz del Sur
Fonogram — Victory Days
Sandoz Lab Technicians — The Western Lands (from album of the same name, on Last Visible Dog)
Charlie Morrow — Marilyn Monroe Collage (from “Toot!” on XI Records)
Transitional Phase — Phase Two (from “Transitional Phase,” on Last Visible Dog)
Transitional Phase — Phase Three
Transitional Phase — Phase Four
Transitional Phase — Phase Five
Dan Warburton — Al-Sabaah (from “Profession Reporter,” on Aural Terrains)
Stefano Pilia — The Holy Ghost Bird (from “Healing Memories and Other Scattering Times,” on LVD)
Stefano Pilia — Present Tension
Stefano Pilia — This Deepraum Blanket

Save me from the nightmare closet!

April 16, 2011

If you haven’t had a chance to check out my daughter’s broadcasts, tomorrow will present a nice opportunity for you. Not only can you dig on her fine selections of open-licensed chiptunes and abstract electronics, but you can also help me avoid cleaning the nightmare closet! You see, we have a little wager going– whoever gets more pledges during WDBX’s Spring Membership Drive wins. I get sticks picked up out of the backyard, or she gets her closet cleaned and organized. If you have kids, you might understand the value I place on staying far from her closet!

At any rate, she’s trailing me by $60. Throw one of us a bone, and become a member of WDBX at the same time. Community radio is absolutely worth supporting– just have a listen to your local corporate stations if you don’t believe me!

Phone in your pledges: 618-457-3691. If you want to talk with us, make sure you call between 3:30 and 5pm, Central time. Thank you!

Happy Birthday, Joseph Fourier!

March 21, 2011

So… it’s Joseph Fourier‘s birthday. I thought I was the last word in mathematical clumsiness until I read this choice paragraph at Wikipedia:

“Fourier believed that keeping the body wrapped up in blankets was beneficial to the health. He died in 1830 when he tripped and fell down the stairs at his home.”

That’s just messed up, and I don’t know how appropriate it is that I find it so funny. He’s like the ultimate pitchman for Snuggies! At any rate, when you’re comfortably seated today, raise your glass to very smart, clumsy man who gave the world complicated math stuff and the concept of the greenhouse effect.

And while you’re feeling smarter than the average 19th century mathematician for keeping your paws planted firmly on the floor, be sure to download a copy of my daughter’s latest radio show, Style City.

“Ah, now we’re getting to the meat of things,” you say. “I knew that DaveX couldn’t focus on math stuff for long!”

Yes, it’s true. After I mercilessly mocked a beloved French intellectual’s bumbling death-by-blanket, I’ve gone and employed him– the switch to my bait! It’s terribly crass, but what’s done is done. Fire up your favorite torrent application, and enjoy STYLE CITY!

“Style City” debuts this Sunday!

November 16, 2010

I’ve got to brag on Mo for a bit– she’s started her own radio show at WDBX!

You can check out “Style City” this coming Sunday, November 21st at 3:30 p.m. CST. Here’s the link to listen online.

And a promo:

2nd Annual Noise Summit– YOU MISSED OUT, SUCKAS

April 18, 2010

Noise Summit 2010 was a success! This year’s lineup included a lot of really cool stuff– hula hoops, contact mics, hammers, blenders, a theremin, an overgrown tuba, flying lens caps, exploding salt, and enough pedals to go Shirley Jackson on Bob Moog AND Ernie Ball.

I want to thank everyone who played, listened, or just helped me get in touch with the right people. Although absent from this year’s lineup, Nick helped me with phone numbers and contacting many people– and Karthik is the little bird who helps me remember names until they stick. Give these two a big “thanks” when you see them, and make their lives easier for next year by keeping in touch. As I said, we’re doing it again in 2011!

I’m going to be working to round up photos and video during this week. If you have any, share them with me! I’ll be more than happy to accept a complete dump of your memory card; no need to edit anything for me. Toss the whole mess on MediaFire or Dropbox, and I’ll share the best stuff here. Until then, enjoy these photos:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

“Hijack, Get Well”

April 18, 2010

(Note: The following text was originally written for the 6th volume of “High Carb Low Life,” a Carbondale zine, 50 special copies of which include a free CD. The CD, titled “Hijack, Get Well,” features local experimental music. “Hijack, Get Well” was also given away in a digital edition as a freebie for persons attending the 2nd Annual Noise Summit. For those of you have have somehow encountered this page without first obtaining a copy of your own– please get with the program, and download it before proceeding.

Although a full overview of experimental music in and around Southern Illinois is outside the scope of a single CD, this collage is representative of the tremendous variety of interesting and regionally unique sound experiments from the area. We begin with a loose ensemble of Nashville musicians at the direction of Tony Youngblood. His “Ore: Theatre Intangible” podcasts got their start here in Southern Illinois, carrying with them ideas we co-developed while hosting the original show together on student radio in the late 90’s. Some of our original taped samples used for those broadcasts appear as “chapter stops” throughout the CD, usually marking the beginning or end of a recording.

Alex Ryterski enters into the mix next, capturing a fractured soundwalk during a single night delivering pizzas in the area. My current broadcasts of experimental music on WDBX and WSIU both occur very late at night, but also serve as a central gathering point for odd music makers in Southern Illinois– and the Midwest isn’t a friendly place for walking. The combination of car culture, late nights, long distances, geographic separation, and the general lack of awareness about what we do makes for an interesting combination of shaping factors.

That’s Mystified in the third section, spinning out a lengthy drone set via the phone, linking his lonely sound to the lonely radio in the middle of the lonely night. Southern Illinois becomes like barely-connected points on a darkened map. Style City takes up where Mystified leaves off, interestingly enough, never having heard Mystified previously. I know– I’m Style City’s father. But there’s that Southern Illinois sound again; something pulsing, a feel of neverending-ness, like an ocean of grain or the stampede of traffic.

Another microcassette sample brings us around to an improvisation with myself and Karthik Kakarala, where small and unimportant sounds mingle without actually meeting, like so many well-meaning people.

Cover art:

Ore: Theatre Intangible — All Guitars (excerpt, complete recording features Tony Youngblood, Adam Louis, Anthony William Herndon, Ben Lowry, Brady Sharpe, Brey McCoy, Charlie Rauh, JJ Jones, and Will Floyd)
Alex Ryterski — Delivery 6pm-4am
Mystified — Live phone performance for WDBX-FM, 8/1/09
Style City — Droid (from the album “The Happening,” available free as a full download)
DaveX, Karthik Kakarala — Small Sounds Improvisation, WDBX-FM, 12/5/09

Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 2/13/10

February 13, 2010

I just finished reading Gordon Hempton’s remarkable book “One Square Inch of Silence,” which has left me full of thoughts about the relationship between sound and place. While I’m working to arrange an on-air interview with the author sometime soon, I hope you can enjoy these recordings.

Also, I have a head cold– hooray for long tracks! Next week, I’ll try to be more energetic. Oh! The station’s little clock just died. Apparently, it needs to be more energetic as well…

Cesar Bolanos — Divertimento I
Cesar Bolanos — Divertimento III
Cesar Bolanos — I-10-AIFG/Rbt-1
KGB — Noise Forest I
KGB — Noise Forest II
KGB — Noise Forest III
Malcolm Goldstein — The Seasons: Vermont, Summer
Malcolm Goldstein — The Seasons: Vermont, Autumn
Malcolm Goldstein — The Seasons: Vermont, Winter
Malcolm Goldstein — The Seasons: Vermont, Spring
Annea Lockwood — A Sound Map of the Danube, Donauwirt to Samorin
Annea Lockwood — A Sound Map of the Danube, Esztergom to Keselyus
Golden Roses — Monkey pie chair brain banana orange teeth toilet screaming (this track, and the next, taken from “Dictaphonia” vol.6)
Thee Virginal Brides — Accanto Al Cimitero
Conrad Schnitzler — DictaCon (excerpt)

Style City limited edition CDR– out now!

January 23, 2010

Style City’s “The Happening” CDR is out now, available in a trades-only limited edition of 10. Some are already in the mail, so don’t sleep on this!

The artwork is great– each comes packaged in a vintage elementary school reading lab book; with handmade rubbings decorating the outer ribbon. A black-and-white insert and color collage interior round out this nifty-looking debut

Entirely the work of a 10-year-old girl and a synth nearly three times her age; “The Happening” features minimal drones, surprisingly morbid lyrics, and an ode to giant robots. Highly recommended for fans of The Shaggs, Chica X, and outsider art.

Download a free copy here, or send a message to: for availability.

Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 1/23/10

January 23, 2010

I’ve got Peter Martin (of Eddie the Rat) on the phone right now– he’s playing piano in a closet, and sending his efforts via speaker into a phone in another closet– all while trying not to wake the SFPD officer and her 4-year-old sleeping in the residence above.

Try finding that on corporate radio!

Anyhow, I’m pleased as punch about this set. The phone is giving us the usual “dial-a-fidelity” random qualities. In this case, adding a bit of ringing distortion to a handful of notes. Fun!

Peter Martin — LIVE phone-in set, WDBX-FM, 1/23/10
Eddie the Rat — Food For the Moon Too Soon, pt. 1
Eddie the Rat — Cannibal
Eddie the Rat — I Ovulate in Mode
Eddie the Rat — Spiritual Amnesia
Cesar Bolanos — Intensidad y Altura
Cesar Bolanos –Interpolaciones
Frank Rothkamm — Zahra Fugue 19, opus 467
Frank Rothkamm — Zahra Fugue 14, opus 459
Frank Rothkamm — Zahra Fugue 15, opus 460
Frank Rothkamm — Zahra Fugue 12, opus 457
Frank Rothkamm — Zahra Fugue 17, opus 462
Frank Rothkamm — Arppegiator
Frank Rothkamm — Rauschmittel
Grundik Kasyansky — 10.9.2005 (from “Light and Roundchair”)
Sous Su Toulouse En Rouge — Live at Dictaphonia Fest, 11/7/09
Mark McGee — Live at Dictaphonia Fest, 11/7/09
Vagina Teeth/Jesus Teeth — Live at Dictaphonia Fest, 11/7/09
Various — Runaway Train (from Ash International release “Runaway Train”)
Skozey Fetisch — Face Rub As Objective Convex Device

Today’s show turned into a bit of a drawing festival (something which I need to do more often, I miss this!) with Karthik, DJ Mo, and The Weasel contributing. I thought I’d share the results:

DJ Mo's pen and ink

A pencil sketch from Karthik

An early, untitled work from The Weasel-- can an electronics enthusiast convert this to a schematic? What would it do?

Your Xmas giftie– Style City, “The Happening”

December 25, 2009

Here’s something to make your Xmas weird– download a ten year-old girl’s Casio SK-1 experiments! Style City’s “The Happening” EP features extended minimal drones, surprisingly morbid lyrics, and an ode to giant robots!

Highly recommended for fans of The Shaggs, Chica X, and Eyes Like Saucers.

Also available in a limited edition of 10. Trades only! Send e-mail to stylecitymusik AT for details.

Visit Style City on the web.