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357 scanned photos of photobooth owner!

October 5, 2007

Aside from the first strip– which I’ll be returning– I have added all these photostrips to my personal collection. There are a total of 357 individual frames of the photobooth owner here, so enjoy! As always, I’ve also included the “abstracts,” and damaged photostrips…

And don’t miss yesterday’s giant update, with found photostrips of random Southern Illinoisians…


HUGE photobooth strip update!

October 4, 2007

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m a big fan of photobooths and the photostrips made within them. I don’t mean those new digital things, just the old “dip and dunk” type. Earlier this year, I scanned a large portion of my personal photostrip collection, including the ubiquitous shots of the photobooth owner taken during maintenance.

Since that time, I’ve been trying to catch him somewhere to let him know that there are dozens of scans of him online, as it seems the polite thing to do. I urge you to put this policy in effect as well– if you have dozens of photos of me somewhere online, please let me know, haha.

Anyhow, I saw him a few days back, and told him about the scans. He took it much better than I might have, and promised to hook me up with a large amount of photostrips he’d amassed over the last few years. I agreed that I would only keep the damaged and owner photos, but will return the others– so if you see your photo here, there’s a good chance you can still rescue it! I hope to get the owner photos scanned within the next 12 hours, so be sure to come back and check them out as well!

Alrighty, let’s start on the photos– lots of kissing going on. The best of this set of four is the little girl in the 4th strip. Check that grin! Also, the mom barely moves, even as the baby become increasingly more crazed.


My Fun — “Sonorine”

August 16, 2007

With his fourth release as My Fun, Justin Hardison brings listeners a fascinating, inverted listening experience on “Sonorine.” With each track presented as a “postcard” of sound– hence the title, which refers to the now-antiquated souvenir records made for fun at tourist locales– it becomes clear that unlike most albums, Hardison has already made the journey and is ‘reporting back’ to the listener.

It’s a simple, but delicious, way of turning the listening experience on it’s head. And although the disc’s glassine layers of pianos, birdcalls, traffic sounds, and radio are nothing like early psychedelic music; it’s interesting to note that the artist/listener relationship is similar: Hardison has been on a trip, and wants to tell us all about it. It was only later on that artists could safely assume listeners had turned-on adequately to understand what was happening.

For those first experiencing “Sonorine,” it’s much the same– a pleasant, but bewildering earful of a highly-realistic world, albeit one much unlike our own. On “Phonopostal,” (my favorite track, incidentally) Hardison introduces the listener into what seems an ordinary environment– the tinkling of a piano, and some sort of mechanical sound. But then… well, it all comes loose. With a loud ‘thunk,’ this (and I’m imagining a Victorian drawing room) sprouts legs, propelling itself slowly through an aviary where distant train noises merge with the grandfather clock’s clangorous intonation. The drawing room has become a steampunk, bizarro-world dark ride now. Applying the brakes, Hardison startles a flock of sea birds.

The production of “Sonorine” is basically a real treat. For those willing to put in the effort necessary to consider the ‘where’ and ‘how’ of the sounds, and to accept the notion that these are postcard recordings of places; the album becomes quite fantastic. Sounds that are ordinarily small take a front-and-center position, while other sounds move in ways dissimilar to their more ordinary counterparts. At times, the listener realizes the most peculiar situations must have occurred to generate such a milieu– and if you can hold that surprised feeling without coming back to earth, you may just find yourself wherever it is that Hardison has visited.

Ignore the terrible review from Vital Weekly (with the crackhead money quotes, “no prize for originality given here” and “it could almost be a real CD release” ) –this disc is highly recommended.

Awesome photos– Superman Shield in the Sky!

May 26, 2007

My wife and a friend were coming home from Nashville, following their pilgrimage to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3. With her friend driving, my wife noticed a very interesting cloud formation, and took the following two pictures.

She didn’t show me the photos until this morning, after I got the camera out of the car. I uploaded them myself only a few minutes after seeing them, so I know the main two haven’t been Photoshopped. After putting them on Photobucket, I opened the originals in Photoshop, and cropped them down for easy viewing. Here are the originals, each followed by the close-up cropped version. Be sure to view these in full, they’re rather large. Enjoy! (more…)