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Drop what you’re doing, come with me for a sec.

November 13, 2011

I updated my “More DaveX around the net” section, which is of the utmost importance, of course. Also, here is a photo I took just moment ago:

Third panel magic! (a photobooth update)

July 20, 2010

In case you missed it, I like photobooths! I’ve been collecting them for a long time– here’s another update on my latest favorite strips. I apologize for the image quality, though. My scanner is broken, so I’m attempting to use a camera instead. Anyways, this first set is great, so many fun things happening.

I dig the couple in the first strip. He’s so squinty! They manage a kiss in the third panel, and move on to making goofy faces. Fun folks. I have a theory that the third panel is where the magic happens, btw. The first picture bewilders many people and the second sets their sense of timing, but unless they’re experienced photoboothers, they don’t get it down pat until the third panel. Plus, you’re over the hump– it’s time to do something crazy before it all ends. Check out the third panel of strip two: he’s hilarious! Even Mr. Creepy Woodsman catches the bug in the third panel; what a transition from panel two, where he looks like he’s trying to burn down the photobooth with his eyes. Clearly the last couple’s third panel magic broke the booth. I’d cheer, but who likes a broken photobooth?

This is the “naughty” group. I’m not pointing any fingers, but the various shocked looks are a sure tell. What’s happening between frames?!

Here’s another photobooth phenomenon– the white girl gang sign. I’m definitely not the first person to notice this, but I might be a pioneer into researching the photobooth-related subgroup of this particular dataset. Clearly, I am gunning for a Nobel. In my acceptance speech, I plan to thank this guy, and this other guy, and to include this team of researchers as well. I may also take a moment to address those pictured in the photographs. Here is a quote from my rough draft– “HEY STUPID, YOU’RE NOT IN A GANG!”

What’s black and white and has 11 tongues? This photo set! (Hey, this joke killed at the Copa.)

This set is kind of a smorgasbord– a bit of tongue, some shocked looks, and a lone gang sign in the fourth panel of strip one. White tweens, represent!

Here’s a sad photobooth topic– the missed/denied kiss. Sometimes, as in the third panel of strip two (or the first panel of column three) it’s a matter of timing. Check that middle strip out again… clearly, she’s feeling the third panel magic, but swoops in a bit too late for the evidence to become part of the permanent record. It’s hard to see in the third column, but take my word for it, this is total kiss miss. They look happy in the second panel, though, don’t they? Now let’s dig strip one– it’s so sad. He’s done his best to impress through three panels, but doesn’t work up the nerve to kiss her until the 4th. And then… well, her look says it all, don’t you agree?

There’s no missed kisses here! Bonus points for third panel snuggling magic in column two, and a rarely seen “gospel album” pose in the last panel of strip three.

There’s so good coordination going on in the first strip in this set, plus, the lighting is good. I believe this particular strip may even have been temporarily displayed on the booth itself.

You’ll need to view it full to see, but check the lady’s face in strip two. It’s like the flashbulb woke her up or something! Strip three guards against too bright flash with Top Gun shades.

The girls in the third strip crack me up. They’re having a good time, but not nearly as enthusiastic as the lady in panel one of the last strip. “OMG! I’m in a photobooth!” Her life’s dream, realized.

This is our “modern art” section of the photostrip update. Young master Bill thumbs his nose at fate in strip one, mocking the ravages of nature as pictured in the middle panels. Is the woman in the final strip accepting, or unaware, of the danger nearby?

Babies! It’s always the same. You spend two bucks, and these ungrateful drool-buckets won’t look at the camera. LOL Check out the baby’s happy smile in panel two of the last strip.

Our final three sets are further examples of abstraction in photobooth photography. It’s too bad about these– the two bald ladies in strip five look like they’re having a good time (might this be a cancer survivor and a friend shaved in solidarity?) and the guy’s smile in the last panel of strip seven is fantastic. Plus, he’s with his baby boy, who looks pretty cute. I hope they ended up taking lots of other photos together! Finally, dig the ninth strip, for the lady in the checkered outfit. Is that some third panel magic happening for her? Hard to see, but I think the smile tells in the last panel!

If you want to see more of my photobooth collection, go here, and here, and here.

2nd Annual Noise Summit– YOU MISSED OUT, SUCKAS

April 18, 2010

Noise Summit 2010 was a success! This year’s lineup included a lot of really cool stuff– hula hoops, contact mics, hammers, blenders, a theremin, an overgrown tuba, flying lens caps, exploding salt, and enough pedals to go Shirley Jackson on Bob Moog AND Ernie Ball.

I want to thank everyone who played, listened, or just helped me get in touch with the right people. Although absent from this year’s lineup, Nick helped me with phone numbers and contacting many people– and Karthik is the little bird who helps me remember names until they stick. Give these two a big “thanks” when you see them, and make their lives easier for next year by keeping in touch. As I said, we’re doing it again in 2011!

I’m going to be working to round up photos and video during this week. If you have any, share them with me! I’ll be more than happy to accept a complete dump of your memory card; no need to edit anything for me. Toss the whole mess on MediaFire or Dropbox, and I’ll share the best stuff here. Until then, enjoy these photos:

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Episode #1– DONE!

February 24, 2010

I got my first episode of the new radio show for WSIU done today! As I mentioned yesterday, the work-flow is a bit different, but the end result is a fine two-hour broadcast– and I’m happy to say that I’ll be starting my listeners off in the deep end of the pool. You’re going to have to wait until it’s broadcast to see the playlist, but if you’ve got a good handle on my taste, you’ll probably be able to guess a handful of my favorite artists and labels that made the cut.

But let’s geek out for a bit, before you leave your guesses in the comments section. Here’s a photo of Production B, where I’ll be assembling my shows:

This is a nice little room, very cozy. I haven’t had an opportunity to check all the equipment out just yet, but I will! Here’s a closer view of the board:

Looks like I’ve got a bit of a learning curve ahead of me– but then again, I remember when the board at WIDB looked expansive, too! I just reminding myself that it’s mostly repetition. Anyhow, here’s a look at the engineering area. Can you spot the Optimod?

Yep, that’s it, mid-way up in the sixth rack from the right. He looks a bit different than Sir Optimod at WDBX, eh? Speaking of fancy gear…

I don’t know WHAT this does, but I’m totally tempted to re-enact Star Wars scenes with it. Okay, </geekingout>.

Did I mention that I was interviewed today? I’ve been told the interview will most likely be in the March 1st issue of WSIU’s “Signal” newsletter. You should probably add this to your news reader, but you can also just read it at the site. Obviously, this is required reading.

Okay, gotta go now. Weasel is calling for his bath– “DaveX? DaveX? Baaaaaaaath!”

~ORE~ History, pt.2

December 18, 2009

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you’ll know that my first radio show was ~ORE~, which I co-hosted for two years with Tony Youngblood. Lately, I’ve been exploring the history of WDBX-FM, but Tony’s most THEATRE INTANGIBLE entry got me thinking about digging back into the history of ~ORE~. You’ll want to read the sister entry (fact: like ships, all blogs are female) before continuing here.

I’ve been with ~ORE~ in one fashion or another since it got started, at Southern Illinois University’s WIDB radio in 1998. By that time, I was a confirmed music obsessive, but I had yet to do anything with radio. Tony’s on-air collages caught my ear, and I started helping him compile raw material each week, which we would sift through during the live broadcasts. More often than not, the results were something of a trainwreck– but I gradually began to realize that I was building my listening skills, learning to improvise in a sound environment, and getting a serious education in composition as well. In effect, ~ORE~ was like experimental music bootcamp. The grind of producing a new episode each week with zero budget, amidst a full college workload was often intense. But ~ORE~ opened my mind to the possibilities of radio and music in ways that I hadn’t thought possible. I distinctly remember pitching one show idea to Tony that would take place entirely in engineering, re-routing cables and signals to see what would happen to the broadcast signal. Although we didn’t ever go through with this (admittedly rather hazardous) idea, the concept of multi-layered improvisation existing at all levels of the radio chain stuck with me– we could alter the music, we could alter the broadcast, we could alter the radios receiving it, we could alter the listeners… and they could alter us. The possibilities were simply staggering.

Tony and I had apparently soaked up Wu-Tang Clan’s greatest lesson, too– make it a franchise. Thus, the original ~ORE~ was endowed with “Prefab Audio Extrapolations” as a tagline. Even while fighting to keep up with a one-hour weekly broadcast, we were thinking of the future! At times, it seemed like anyone who was listening was actually AT the broadcasts, or helping make them. Although we were doing something amazingly different on the SIU campus, we didn’t exist in a bubble. Flyers and chalk were our outreach. Wednesday nights, we’d gather under the dim yellow lights of Faner Hall, and begin our amazingly huge chalk runs. We got our friends and family into it with us, making teams to cover as much of the 900-foot length of the breezeway as possible before the chalk bucket ran out. By morning, Faner was a pastel mess of dogs and cows spouting absurdist essays extolling the virtues of experimental radio, mixed with the inevitable Xeroxed flyers cooked up special for the occasion. Although the flyers rarely made much sense, we knew that they would reach others like us– weirdos, makers, noise-enthusiasts, record collector scum, freaks… our people.

When Tony graduated, I tried to carry on with ~ORE~ as best as I could. Now having found myself in the somewhat ironic position of being a more senior member of WIDB (I found this funny, because I had never officially joined), I made some effort to have a positive effect on the greater course of the station. But WIDB was floundering and directionless– and worse yet, it was splitting into two “factions”. On one side, WIDB had a core group of specialty-show DJs and music fans who were happy to continue WIDB’s long tradition of broadcasting in an oddball college radio format. They recognized that the freedom we were allowed for selecting our music brought with it a responsibility to showcase recordings and artists outside the mainstream, something that a commercial station cannot often do. On the other side, there were those who wished to emulate these same commercial stations, rendering WIDB little more than a warm-up “practice” space for those seeking jobs in corporate broadcasting. Worse yet, they wanted to cede more and more time to the automated programming, and were removing the specialty shows one by one.

The climate was rough, to say the least. WIDB had re-branded itself as “The Revolution,” an insipid and hollow slogan ironically describing whole days filled with nothing but a computer playing mp3 files in the back room for the bored, captive audience in the Student Center. I took to showing up at random times, shutting the PC off, and broadcasting miniature shows for anyone who would listen. Other DJs also stepped up to the plate– I heard others interrupting the automation as well, discussing the change over the air, or refusing to play the nonsense dictated by new programming rules.

But eventually, it got to be too much. I was tired, and ~ORE~ was beaten. I’d seen the new programming schedule, which literally crowned the station manager victorious by awarding him my old time slot. It reduced specialty shows by more than half, pushing them entirely to the weekends. The “Quiet Storm” broadcasting, which was arguably our most popular offering, was slashed dramatically. This was bizarro-world WIDB, and I wanted no part of it. On the night of the last ~ORE~ broadcast, the senior staff of WIDB was taking part in a pep rally on campus, attempting to out-shout other student organizations to show their spirit. I couldn’t think of a more fitting end to my days with the station– playing my favorite tunes to a dark student union, while the staff screamed about how amazing we were. After my last record was over, I posted some flyers to announce the occasion… and ~ORE~ Prefab Audio Extrapolations was dead.

Here’s some early flyer art for ~ORE~, and a bunch of other photos besides. I’ll do my best to explain them:

This was the core of the ~ORE~ family. I always liked this flyer, and felt that it represented us all well. Our “Mysterious DJ” was Will Bernel, AKA DJ Shad, AKA Willie Dynamite. I owe him a lot as a fellow DJ, and would love to chat with him again sometime!

This flyer is one of our “stealth” postings. Our flyers were often torn down by a campus Christian group, so I’d try to hide them in plain view for longer shelf life.

I love this one– “who gives a shit about our soundless room?!” Be sure to click these to see them large, okay?

On the surface, this one makes no sense whatsoever. In actuality, it describes the exact plot of “Doug’s Party,” our most infamous episode.

I re-worked the dialogue in this flyer many, many times, even employing it later at WDBX-FM.

I made this flyer in January of 1999, long before Franz Ferdinand would rip me off, lol.

Open these windows in a new tab– here, heeere, and heeeeeeeere— to see more of my flyer art!

Here’s Matty Smith, the station manager who was intent on turning WIDB into a total shitpile. As you can see, he was a complete tool. I got him to pose with a sign that had been posted at WIDB since I arrived, allowing me to subtly alter the content for greater veracity. Also present– a very young DJ Mo!

Here was Matty’s proposed schedule. See all the “pre-programmed” stuff? YIKES!

Long Live ~ORE~

I’ve got to imagine that WIDB is a different place now. New DJs, new ideas, and a couple solid webstreams have seen to that. Do yourself a favor and check them out— tell them DaveX said “hi”.

Updates and a Download OR How I Spent My Weekend

October 12, 2009

(Quick note: the torrent file referenced in this post is being replaced with a new link. Sorry for any confusion. –DaveX)

Here’s my latest torrent file, for the 10/10/09 broadcast with Matt Weston. I’ve also added some links to the playlist, and finished typing it out fully– you’ll notice the inclusion of Matt Weston’s set and the New Haven Improvisers Collective airplay for their “Inflection” disc. Sometimes, the liveblog has to take one for the team during a broadcast, but I usually catch it up pretty quick when I get back home.

However, my Saturday had other plans. I decided to take the kids to the St. Louis Zoo; so I spent the vast majority of the day tromping around trying to find giraffes, unsuccessfully cajoling a capybara into revealing his mug for my camera, and trying NOT to hit any endangered sharks with my backpack. (Yeah, I’ve done this.)

Later on, I went to the hospital to have my “brush with death,” i.e., some rather alarming chest pain that had me flashing on all those “if you think you’re having a heart attack” PSAs I’ve played in the past. Although it turned out to be a torn/strained muscle at my sternum, I still ended up spending a fair amount of time in the late-night ER, listening to a belligerent drunkard’s attempts to walk on his broken foot. I got a bruised-up arm (IV port, shy veins) and a lidocaine slurpie for my troubles (an intern was more or less running a concurrent examination with the actual doctor, and had become convinced that I had acid reflux, haha) but was otherwise discharged with a clean bill of health at 3 in the morning. It’s not often that I fit an improvisational drummer, a hippo, and an emergency room into one day– but I’m sure there’s a joke in there somewhere.

Here’s DJ Mo at the zoo:


My life as a Humannequin

August 12, 2009

As part of London College of Communication’s “This Is Why We Meet” series of installations; Catarina Chaby, Daniel Camacho, Eleonora D’Acci and Yana Naidenov have created a set of interactive “humannequins” currently living outside an office in London.

Callers to the installation’s Skype address inhabit a humannequin, which allows them to see and hear passers-by with full audio and video feeds in real time. For my part, I chatted with Eleonora (unfortunately butchering her name a couple times before settling on Elly, sorry!) and playing some music as well– The Very Best’s “Warm Heart of Africa,” which is quite high in my personal playlist at the moment. I suggested that we should get a conference call going between the Humannequins and the Telemegaphone Dale, an installation located on top of the Jøtulshaugen mountain overlooking the idyllic Dalsfjord in Western Norway which broadcasts callers from a seven-meter tall loudspeaker array to the village below. It’s not often that a Humannequin can shout from a mountain, is it?

We also discussed the curious ability of so many Londoners to be able to walk right past, without any notice, the unlikely sight of people having a conversation (or a dance, as it were) with a mannequin. I’m guessing this is a big-city phenomenon. Still, I spotted my first English hoodie in the wild; and met “Emma,” my temporary Humannequin spouse. I offered her my umbrella, but she appeared comfortable with her blanket despite the rain, making no effort whatsoever to meet my gaze. We did, however, have a bit of conversation amongst ourselves– possibly our first since meeting, haha.

Calls to the Humannequins are taken between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m., until Sunday, August 16th. Skype to: getalife.thisiswhywemeet to become a Humannequin yourself!


Feeding you torrents

August 4, 2009

(Quick note: the torrent files referenced in this post are being replaced with new links. Sorry for any confusion. –DaveX)

These are all must-haves– two live sets, and one DAYTIME broadcast! As always, I encourage you to SEED these torrents when you’re through downloading. A handful of you are good about this, but most are not. Seeding past your completed download means faster times for other listeners, and a healthier torrent. So seed already!

Here’s my latest batch:

7/25/09: Not quite the full show, but enough to cover Lonely Procession’s live set, and a lot of weirdness on either side. Well worth your time!

8/1/09: Focusing entirely on St. Louis drone king Mystified’s phone-in set for “It’s Too Damn Early,” along with the lovely bit of transitional period between Alan Licht’s “Remington Khan,” and Mystified’s generative synthesis bath. Duh, grab it!

8/3/09: DaveX stars as a teen hockey player well-liked and respected among his coaches and teammates. He battles to hide the truth from his elders and peers — that he is actually an enormous lizard. A special daytime broadcast also featuring long-time listener favorite DJ Mo, and a subliminal animal theme!

Eat all the torrents you want-- but be sure to seed!

Eat all the torrents you want-- but be sure to seed!

JC Superstar, shroom mistake, bendy antennae

July 18, 2009

Got a lovely promo package today– or rather, a lovely bunch of promo packages. Hell, let’s just call it Awesome Day: eleven CDs, 4 DVDs, 3 cassettes, and a VHS tape. Lots of included artwork, posters, etc… and hey! One of them had a ink stamping of John Cage on the envelope. How dorky, that’s where my attention goes.

I decided to make a quickie flyer out of it, photocopying and enlarging the original to the proper size. Here’s the result:


Obviously, it’s a bit flippant– and I mean no disrespect whatsoever– but this is the sort of work I’m capable of at 5 in the morning. I had to add in some little Cage references/factoids, too. I didn’t think about it much, but I’m guessing the whole mushroom thing isn’t going to go over quite the way I envisioned… now I’m going to have folks envisioning me with a great love of psychedelics, haha! I may re-work this one, and do some sort of amateur R. Crumb musician trading card with it, who knows?

I also got nice photo of the station’s antennae, as reflected in the roof of my car. No Photoshop! I dig the various scratches criss-crossing the image– evidence of my propensity to toss my keys on the roof as I approach the vehicle.


On the upcoming broadcast…

July 3, 2009

I’ve got some John Oswald– from “Grayfolded,” which utilizes samples taken from hundreds of versions of the Grateful Dead’s “Dark Star.” I’m also playing some new stuff from Vanessa Rossetto, straight from her Music Appreciation label. If that wasn’t enough to guarantee your undivided attention, I’ll also be highlighting the Edgetone Records label; so expect tons of improvisational music, outer limits jazz, and other challenging noises.

drone car

Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 6/20/09

June 20, 2009

I’ve made it into the station, following an extraordinarily creepy nightmare. Let me just say that any deceased children attempting to contact me via my computer keyboard will not receive the best treatment from me at this time.

Listeners, on the other hand, have got it good today! Hal McGee is due to phone in for an interview soon, and Brandon Beachum is busy setting up for a performance in the next room. He was short one 1/4″ cable, so I found one for him– to call it “vintage” is exceedingly polite.


That was Hal McGee, folks. Definitely one of my better interviews– it’s so nice to speak with a person who is as obviously in love with sound as I am myself– I’d like to encourage you to visit the Dictaphonia 1 page; pick yourself up a digital copy of this fascinating compilation!

Right now, Brandon Beachum is warming up his giant amps right here in the Hi-Life Room. He’ll be going live as “Marathon” momentarily, so don’t miss out.

As I mentioned, today is Kurt Schwitters’ birthday– happy 122nd!– so I’m playing some Merzbow in his honor… the connection being the “merz-” see? Masami Akita didn’t dredge that up out of thin air… so it pays to know your history.

At present, Brandon is having some difficulties with his gear. Something may be broken. In such a case, I generally take it as an opportunity to do something completely different and aurally flog the defective equipment within an inch of its existence. Public humiliation for malfunctioning technology! Brandon is being a bit more sensible, systematically attacking the problem one knob and cable at a time. We’ll see how this goes.

It’s a gear crisis, but we’re all working to ease Mr. Brandon’s troubled spirit. Soon, listeners, soon!

David Lee Myers, Marco Oppedisano — Hyperpituitary Giant
David Lee Myers, Marco Oppedisano –Pheremones
David Lee Myers, Marco Oppedisano –Roog
David Lee Myers, Marco Oppedisano –Fling Away the Shell
David Lee Myers, Marco Oppedisano — Throttle Body Lifter
David Lee Myers, Marco Oppedisano –An Infinitely Hot and Dense Dot
Merzbow — Run Chicken Run
The Infant Cycle — Trombone
The Infant Cycle — Secret Hidden Message
The Infant Cycle — (and then the dog replied)
BIOS — Forever Dividing and Evolving
Sandor Szabo, Kevin Kastning — Hyperbola
Marathon — LIVE @ WDBX-FM, 6/20/09
Locrian — Barren Temple Obscured by Contaminated Fogs
Dave Wright — Cattle Gas
Richard Orlando — Farrington Street Blues
Mark McGee — Capoeira Blitz Squad
Sonic Disorder — Ugly Chemical Junk
Douglas Burkett — Spin Cycles
Jamison Williams — Francois Boucher (1703-1770)
Zebra Mu — Micro Junk Cassette Slicer

5 Things I Learned in the “Inland Hurricane”

May 23, 2009

1) Carbondale should have given WDBX the money for an emergency generator. Although River Radio did a very good job covering all of Southern Illinois, WDBX could have easily provided its listeners with a more focused broadcast– with less ads for treecare and Idol-style bar events! Hopefully, WDBX will seek this money again soon.

2) Arbor Day should be freakin’ outlawed.

3) Having a gas range is wonderful. Who cooked full dinners every night by candlelight? I did! Being a vegetarian also helps– no need to rush all my meat to the grill.

4) Southern Illinois has about a million ways to pronounce “derecho”.

5) Chainsaw 101… Don’t stand on the log. Don’t cut above your head. When in doubt, finagle random strangers into helping with the promise of food.

Here’s some photos for you to enjoy:

Heres my street, two days after the hurricane.

Here's my street, two days after the hurricane.

Some random street in town. Honestly, I cant tell which right now.

Some random street in town. Honestly, I can't tell which right now.

This is nearby where I used to live. Thats a 200-year-old oak cutting the main electric line, yay.

This is nearby where I used to live. That's a 200-year-old oak cutting the main electric line, yay.

Im pretty sure this is right downtown, but its hard to tell with all the damage.

There was a lot of damage on this street. Too bad for the guy who just rehabbed that house straight ahead, eh?

This is actually not a jungle path. Its very near to downtown!

This is actually not a jungle path. It's very near to downtown!

Hurricane! OR… The Gruesome End of Chip Bleak!

May 13, 2009

So, Southern Illinois got hit by a hurricane last Friday. My family and I are alright, but I’m enjoying the electricity at my friend’s house a bit too much to say that not having power, water, or a functional net connection hasn’t affected me. I’ve also gotten familiar with using a chainsaw, as I had five trees fall in my yard… on my garage… on my barn… and on the dog kennel. In short, inland hurricanes suck.

But that’s not why I’ve brought you here.

Something gave me a bit of cheer on Saturday, the first day I managed to get out of my neighborhood, to survey the damage. I found a photo of it online, but you’ll trust me when I say that I have many more:

That’s a photo of Absher Motors, a local car dealership. I decided that I hated them some years back, when they built their oversized eyesore of a car lot just outside the hellhole that is Marion, Illinois. It wasn’t the gaudy, overwrought building that drew my ire– it was the sign. Frankly, it was the sort of thing that might have been more at home on Times Square, or visually broadcasting tweets from the moon… at  any rate; it was huge, magnificently bright, and totally useless. I knew I hated it from the start, and as a result, I hated Absher Motors. One of the first things I saw on the sign was an inadvertent misspelling of a salesman’s name– “Chip Bleak”.

Although I didn’t know it to be a misspelling at the time, Chip Bleak stuck with me as the perfect name for a comic foil. I used him as a character to introduce the track “Intermission” on my first Electric Kitten Vomit album. I made him a smarmy little toady, part stereotypical bully sidekick, and part vapid fratboy.

Part of me knows that Absher Motors is probably just a bunch of hardworking sales stiffs less-than-enthused to find their big honkin’ sign has totalled 15 new cars. That part of me is more than aware that somebody is going to have to eat the cost of this damage, and it’s probably going to be an unsuspecting car buyer many months from now.

But another part of me– the part that knows that life is absurd– gets a big kick out knowing that I outlasted Chip Bleak’s giant electronic light-up phallus.

I wasn’t always so badass

April 24, 2009

Apparently, I’m lame enough to merit my own category in the Dork Yearbook– welcome to “Dweeb Wednesday.”

How I spent my last three hours

February 12, 2009

I like WALL-E a lot, but generally not enough to spend three hours constructing him from Lego blocks. Of course, four-year-olds are demanding critters… To understand the enormity of this task, please keep in mind that my newest Legos are at least 20 years old. This WALL-E is part Eldorado Fortress, and part Black Monarch’s Castle– old school!

WALL-E can load his garbage block, has movable arms, and a door that opens and closes. His head is heavy and fragile.

Inexplicable photos, pt. 2

January 30, 2009

On the way back home this evening, I noticed this sign had been “translated” somewhat… Dr. John is actually fairly cool– and besides, it’s bad form to leave so much nonsense throughout the remainder of the sign. Next time, I suggest “DAILY ASS LEACHING / I CUT YA BUTT / USE PENIS WISELY!”

At any rate, it sure beats spray paint.


Next up– look what I’m getting in the mail! St. Louis ambient/drone-master Mystified took pity on a poor DJ and has mailed one of his BRAND-SPANKIN’ NEW vinyl copies of “Pulse Ringer Pieces” in my direction. He wrote to hip me to his gift, and also to warn me that he’d forgotten the insert. With his attached track listing, some watercolors, and my inkjet printer; I decided to whip up my own. Obviously, I am NOT talented with a paintbrush. No doubt you’ll be insanely jealous and want your own copy– if you order one in the next 2 weeks, I’ll make and mail you a custom insert myself, no kidding. I MAY EVEN PUT SOME ACTUAL TIME INTO IT!


This is the Nutone intercom/radio/phonograph unit that came with my house. Obviously, it’s a rather vintage item– no FM receiver here! The satellite speakers are scattered about the house. Although I have yet to source parts for the actual head unit amplifier, I was able to connect the speakers to my own amplifier for throughout-house “surround” sound by toggling a “remote” switch. At present, I can control each satellite speaker’s volume at it’s own control panel; I plan to upgrade this soon to enable individual volume control at the master panel. I’ll also be working on the talk/listen function, which I don’t fully understand yet.


“Vietnam” flyer controversy, pt. 2

January 25, 2009

Remember my “Vietnam” flyer that created a tiff around WDBX? It was getting more page views than my blog, so I took it down out of jealousy– but seriously, it was the flyer that refused to die, and my Negativland-lovin’ heart couldn’t let something this absurd go to waste without a decent response.

But first, here’s the terrible flyer that started it all. I can’t remember who sent me this art, as I receive a good number of promotional mailers filled with all sorts of odd enclosed items.

I know, it’s awful. You can see where the devil himself put colored Sharpie markers in my hand to brighten things up and encode my foul message at the bottom. And the graphic depiction of violence! It truly brings home the reality of war, and the terror of conflict. Then again, I’ve seen worse on Tom & Jerry cartoons.

I already told you about the inital response to this, but here’s a snapshot of the final commentary. I think it’s an interesting text-portrait of the diversity of opinion around the station. Be sure to view it full-size.


But as I mentioned, I wanted to whip up a response. I’ve always believed that silly nonsense should be fought with equally silly nonsense. It puts such arguments in their rightful place, and can be fairly humorous besides. Here’s my final comment on the subject, a parody of the famous Alfred Eisenstaedt photo taken on V-Day. I’m not sure if Malty looks like a willing participant, though!


Inexplicable photos

July 10, 2008

I’ve seen some strange things in the past few days– a “missing iguana” sign for starters… always a bit worrisome to see something like this upon entering a restaurant!

Or how about some pre-made titles for your next science fair? I like the example exhibit: “How Were Dinosaur Tracks Made?” Umm… by dinos? Perfect for every kid too lazy to write “hypothesis” out long-hand!

When your phlegmatic sloth of a bum/child finishes off their science project, what better way to relax than with the “Sky Surfer Strike Force Alien Attack” movie? It’s 90 minutes of ACTION, yeah!

John Cage Demands It!

April 27, 2008

There’s been a bit of fuss amongst WordPress bloggers about a surprise new feature added recently– the “possibly related blog posts” thing that is now dangling at the end of some of my entries. So far, it seems to be a goofy extra that mostly tries to direct readers to my own pages, which may be a sign that I’m the only person who writes about this sort of stuff!

I decided to scroll back through my entries to see if there were any useful links I would have made myself, and really didn’t find anything too mind-blowing. If anything, the whole process got me thinking about how fun it would be to have a random link generator for my own site…

Luckily, one already exists. As I gather, it was released as something of a secret, and probably as more of a curiosity than anything. Clicking on it will take you to a random Startling Moniker entry, and you’ll find it in the sidebar, titled “John Cage Demands It!”

Feel free to click the above link, or its sidebar doppelganger.

5 You’re Missing

December 31, 2007

I’ve had a lot of long posts lately, especially with the playlists, so I know that finding my download links can be difficult. So I’ll make it easy– everyone is missing these five broadcasts. Get them now, or Mr. Dragon will eat you.

1/7/06:        Inspired!
3/11/06:      Decay!
4/1/06:        Pissed!
12/18/06:    Noise!
12/29/07:    Yesterday!

Dragon eats Shark