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Liveblogging! “It’s Too Damn Early,” 1/1/11

January 1, 2011

Happy New Year! I’m celebrating the occasion with a mix of hyper-futurism, and the best of 2010– I haven’t got my official Top 12 Best Happy Neat-O List completely squared away, but you can bet that a lot of today’s broadcast will be making the cut. I’ve also brought in my vuvuzela, which is my friendly alternative to the gunfire I heard earlier this morning. It’s also way more fun– it sounds like a cross between a failing boat horn and a giant bumblebee!

But before we get to the playlist, let me tell you a bit about the future we’ve tuned into this morning. Connected as it is to this very moment (where generations of the future’s students who furiously sniffed insta-learn crystals in all night cram sessions will happily tell you is the moment where we collectively decided that theirs was the future we actually wanted) one can certainly understand our interest.

I’m sorry to say that direct knowledge of the future would melt your brain, as it is lacking the extra quantum mer-lobe that future generations will evolve during our time living in the sea during the Tri-Glacial Period. But I can get you close.

1) Put your right arm behind your head until it goes to sleep.
2) Rapidly inhale one tablespoon of cocoa powder through a thousand-dollar bill.
3) Listen to the following playlist:

RP Collier — Exegesis
Fat Worm of Error — Wipeless Two (from “Ambivalence and the Beaker,” on Resipiscent)
Fat Worm of Error — Return of the Thin White Dook
Fat Worm of Error — Mashed Potentate
KK Null — Tokyo August 15 (from Zelphabet, volume “K”)
Ava Mendoza — Don’t Pity Me (Up In Flames) [from “Shadow Stories,” on Resipiscent)
Ava Mendoza — The Furious Harpy Who Followed Me Everywhere
Gen Ken Montgomery — Birds & Machines (machine suite) [from “Birds + Machines,” on Pogus Productions)
Gen Ken Montgomery — Birds & Machines (Bird Suite)
The Painful Leg Injuries — The Third Anomaly (Failure) [from “The Anomaly That Had Gotten the Better of Me,” on OKS Records of North America]
The Painful Leg Injuries — Phosphorus! Of Course For Us!
The Painful Leg Injuries — The Confused Clone’s Mirror Moment
The Painful Leg Injuries — The Fourth Anomaly
The Painful Leg Injuries — Tropical Sabbaticals Traveled Subatomical
My Fun — Churning Surf (from “Camaraderie,” on The Land Of)
My Fun — Dunes
My Fun — Still Pointing, Recording Nothing
My Fun — Gasp
@c — Composition #77, pts. 6-8 (from “0°-100°,” on Monochrome Vision)
RP Collier — Detector Dreams
RP Collier — Plaxplex

I got a vuvuzela!

January 1, 2011

…and just in time for New Year’s, too! You can look forward to me making an awful racket with it during my show, which goes live in 4.5 hours. Or just stick your head outside around midnight, and you might hear me!

If you want your own red plastic vuvuzela, you can find them at Toys ‘R Us, in the sporting good aisle. Don’t let the “stadium horn” tag fool you– these are authentic, red, plastic vuvuzelas hahahaha.


December 30, 2010

I’ve started a Twitter account, @Litnoise, to share sound/noise/listening-related excerpts of whatever I happen to be reading. I’ll also be dropping in excerpts from books I’ve previously read– this is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while now!

I’ve been particularly impressed as I re-read George Orwell’s works, as well as those of Sinclair Lewis. I’m starting “Free Air” in the next couple days; I’m looking forward to seeing if it continues Lewis’ streak. At any rate, this is a really fun project, so check it out… or read along with me, and share your finds in the comments section!

“ITDE” 12/18/10

December 18, 2010

I’ve had some solid response to last week’s call for scummy cassettes and ill-advised recordings. If making a tape ever got you beat up, and you managed to keep it on “record,” I want to hear it. I’m playing a Teddy Ruxpin tape right now– in stereo, with the audio data track. Thanks, Trash Ant!

So send those tapes (or microcassettes, or CDRs, whatever) to:

WDBX c/o DaveX
224 N. Washington St.
Carbondale IL 62901 USA

Sensible Nectar — Neurological Problem (from split w/ Casket at the Altar, on Violent Noise Atrocities)
Sensible Nectar — Liplike Structure (from “Tectonic Grind,” on Rainbow Bridge Recordings)
The Adjective Noun — The Adjective Noun3″ CDR #1 (from self-titled 3″ business card CDR set of 4, on Obsolete Audio Formats)
The Adjective Noun — The Adjective Noun 3″ CDR #2
Abortus FeverRecycled Tape (excerpt)
HarS — 50/50 (from “50/50” limited edition c30)
Zipperspy — Recycled Tape (excerpt)
Teddy Ruxpin — The Wooly Whats-It Parade
Unknown — Deep Mind Tape, Astral Projection Side 2 (excerpt)
Unknown — Progression, August 1979
The Adjective Noun — The Adjective Noun 3″ CDR #3
Warm Climate — Saltwater Simplified (from “Camouflage on the River Wretched,” on Stunned)
Warm Climate — Trespassing
Warm Climate — We Wish You Rain
Warm Climate — More Wretched
DaveX — Free Air (from “Free Air” limited c60)
Captain Beefheart — Electricity
@c — Composition #77, pts. 1-6 (from “0°-100°,” on Monochrome Vision)

Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 12/11/10

December 11, 2010

I wanted to do an all-noise show tonight, and since I’m feeling particularly scummy, I’m fully getting it on with some very random releases. And now that I’m in this rather unique headspace, I figured I’d put out a call for similarly scummy tapes and CDRs. I’m looking for your most ill-advised recordings, stuff that basically should never have seen the civilized light of day. Think Rubbish, Trash Ant, Crank Sturgeon, etc. If you found it in the garbage, recorded over it, and now it sucks audibly– I want to hear it. Here’s the address:

WDBX c/o DaveX
224 N. Washington St.
Carbondale IL 62901 USA

Damn, this live Merzbow (Henie Onstad Art Center, on Prisma) is amazing. This has got to be one of my most favorite Merzbow releases in a long time.

Bestial Earthhammer — Organe Magic of the Black Sun Cult (from “Satanic Pigfuck Armageddon,” on Lunar Blasphemy)
Ritualistic School of Errors — Pancakes Soaked, Started Bucking (from “Sweat-stained Fancy Heaps for First-Rate Ladies,” on Resipiscent)
Ritualistic School of Errors — Leaking Fancy Fanny, Ladies Laugh
Kenji Siratori, Torturing Nurse — Massacre Gene (from “Mad Blockhead’s Tale,” on Roil Noise)
Kenji Siratori, Torturing Nurse — Mutant Hell
Kenji Siratori, Torturing Nurse — Abolition Body
Absolute Null Punkt — Absolute Magnitude 1 (from “Absolute Magnitude,” on Blossoming Noise)
Haunted Vawmitt — Spiritual Entrails (from “Spiritual Entrails,” double-3″)
Rubbish — untitled track 1 (from untitled 3″, on Roil Noise)
Rubbish — untitled track 2
Merzbow — Live at Henie Onstad Art Center, 10/11/09 (on Prisma)
The Eternal Om — The Eternal Om
Evil Moisture — Blood Picnic (from “E” volume of the incredible “Zelphabet” series)
The Adjective Noun — Mask Up You! Black Bloccader (parts 1-4, on album of the same name, via USA Surpasses All Nazi Genocide Records)
Plasmic Formations — untitled (from split cassette 064 w/Zemekky, on Epicene Sound)

Liveblogging! “ITDE” 12/4/10

December 4, 2010

I’m not sure how I’m going to top last week’s psychedelic tribute to Paula Deen, but I’m determined to keep it weird as we close out 2010. I’m sweating to death here in the Hi-Life Room, so perhaps I’ll have a vision that will clear things up for me.

The Oval Language — 00:02:03 (from “Tapes Singles And Remixes,” on Monochrome Vision)
The Oval Language — 00:04:41
The Oval Language — 00:00:24
The Oval Language — 00:05:41
The Oval Language — 00:09:38
Mari Kimura — Six Caprices for Subharmonics (from “The World Below G And Beyond,” on Mutable Music)
@c — Composition #77 — 77 (0) (from “0°-100°,” on Monochrome Vision)
@c — Composition #77 — 77 (1)
@c — Composition #77 — 77 (2)
@c — Composition #77 — 77 (3)
T.D. Skatchit & Company — Regrets (from “Skatch Migration,” on Edgetone)
T.D. Skatchit & Company — Flammable Skatch
T.D. Skatchit & Company — Shring Shrong Skatch
T.D. Skatchit & Company — Elephant Skatch
T.D. Skatchit & Company — What Did I?
T.D. Skatchit & Company — 2nd To The Last Word
T.D. Skatchit & Company — The Morning After Skatch
Matt Weston — You’ve Got Know How To Wear a Hat (from “Last of the Six-Cylinders,” on 7272 Music)
Matt Weston — I Don’t Want Success, I Want Adventure
Amy Horvey — People Deserving Something (from “Catchment” self-release)
Amy Horvey — Cranberry Flats Mobile
Erdem Kelvacioglu — Wandering Around the City (this, and next two, from “Concorso Internazionale Di Musica Elettroacustica E Rumore 2010,” on Monochrome Vision)
Stefan Fraunberger — Peshawar 03.09.2009
Andrea Santini — Venetian Sketches

DaveX, Live at the Circuit Benders’ Ball

December 1, 2010

And hey, be sure to check out some of the other videos from the Circuit Benders’ Ball as well– nearly everyone has more stage presence than I do, haha.

Liveblogging! “ITDE” 10/23/10

October 23, 2010

Lots to do today! I’ve got the SIUC campus soundwalk coming up at 10:30, and also getting ready for a performance at the Circuit Benders’ Ball in Nashville. I’ve got some copies of my new “Free Air” CDR that I’ll be bringing along– I’m very happy with these recordings, so check them out! In the meantime, here’s your playlist:

The Painful Leg Injuries — Everything Put Here Was With the Best of Intentions (from “The Anomaly That Had Gotten the Better of Me,” on OKS Recordings of North America)
Richard Pinhas — Hysteria (Palladium) (from “Metal/Crystal,” on Cuneiform)
Santiago Latorre — Alpha-Globin (from “Orbita,” on Accretions)
Santiago Latorre — Preludio
The Adjective Noun — Myspace Ruined Noise Music (Side A, on cassette of same name, on Obsolete Audio Formats)

Merzbow — Wind of Pain (from “13 Japanese Birds vol.7, Kujakubato,” on Important Records)
Merzbow — Black Swan (from “Merzbird,” on Important)

Richard Pinhas — Schizophrenia (Silver)

Duane Pitre — Koan (from “Origin,” on Root Strata)
Duane Pitre — Sun PM
Alvin Lucier — Wind Shadows

Liveblogging! “ITDE” 10/9/10

October 9, 2010

I’m really enjoying this David First anthology from XI Records! My recommendation– pick up a copy, play it loudly, and feel those drones push through the room.

I’m playing now from “Camaraderie,” a collaborative release from My Fun, John Ira Ebersole, and Kimberly Ellen Hall on The Land Of label. It’s a CD, paired with a lovely little book of Ebersole’s poetry. Of course, Hall’s amazing deign sense is throughout– if you’ve had a chance to check out any releases for The Land Of, you’ve encountered her work, and will recognize the style. This is undoubtedly a hallmark effort for the label, which I’m going to start recommending quite highly already.

David First — Zen Guilt/Zen Blame (from “Privacy Issues: Droneworks 1996-2009,” on XI Records)
Gregory Taylor — _a (from “Voiceband Jilt,” on Cycling ’74”
Gregory Taylor — _b
Gregory Taylor — _c
Gregory Taylor — _d
Blue Gene Tyranny — Spirit (from “Take Your Time,” on Lovely Music)
Merzbow — Live at the Henie-Onstad Art Center, 10/11/09 (on Prisma Records)
My Fun, Kimberly Ellen Hall, John Ira Ebersole — The Quiet/The Clumsy (from “Camaraderie,” on The Land Of)
My Fun, Kimberly Ellen Hall, John Ira Ebersole — I Grew Wings
My Fun, Kimberly Ellen Hall, John Ira Ebersole — Easy Rest
My Fun, Kimberly Ellen Hall, John Ira Ebersole — Murals
My Fun, Kimberly Ellen Hall, John Ira Ebersole — Churning Surf
My Fun, Kimberly Ellen Hall, John Ira Ebersole — Dunes
Warm Climate — Saltwater Simplified (from “Camouflage On the River Wretched,” on Stunned Records)
Warm Climate — Trespassing
Warm Climate — We Wish You Rain
Gen Ken Montgomery — Seelisch Unruh

At home, with Yamantaka Eye

September 27, 2010

Update: There’s some doubt that the person accompanying Yamantaka Eye in this video is actually Masami Akita, mostly spread by one dedicated commenter with a raging hard-on for finding mistakes made at STARTLING MONIKER. If you know the true identity of our Masami lookalike, let me know. But if you’re just going to fling your poo at bloggers, I’ll keep deleting your stupidity.

Update 2: Apparently, this commenter was so moved by the possible mis-identification of the interviewer that he has started his own YouTube account for the sole purpose of commenting on the video at that site.

Update 3: Comments are closed. If you want to help me correct mistakes on STARTLING MONIKER, that’s cool– just don’t start by calling me various names.

He’s being interviewed by Merzbow, too! This is some of the funniest shit I’ve seen all week. Absolutely hilarious to see Masami Akita so relaxed and being silly. Bonus points for Eye yelling at the propane heater thing.

Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 8/7/10

August 7, 2010

In today’s news, DaveX was disappointed to receive two fairly clueless submissions in the morning’s post. Sources are sketchy, but police have held Iranian flamenco artist Mehran, and hipster space/children’s music band Astro Al for further questioning. Both are at the center of allegations stemming from a rash of recent spam promotional actions that resulted in the death of at least one DJ’s willingness to listen to anything mailed his way. Witnesses say that DaveX handled the incidents with typical panache, shelving one vanity pressing deep in the station archives, while donating the other to a local children’s music host.

After making my break from the third person narrative in which I was previously imprisoned, I took the opportunity to begin cleanup of WDBX’s final frontier– the Production Studio. This space has been the whipping boy and dumping ground for a huge variety of objects; I found everything from long-defunct Chinese takeout menus to ketchup packets, ages-old pledge forms promising a member’s newsletter (!) to shattered Mormon Tabernacle LPs. I’ve heard that we might be getting an overhaul of the Production Studio setup soon, so this de-junking will at least allow the technical folks to access the room without fear of acquiring tetanus.

Sadly, I discovered a copy of “Violet Ray Gas and the Playback Singers” from Zeromoon and the Sentient Recognition Archive labels that never reached my hands. Unfortunately, the disc is missing. This marks the third time in the past month that I’ve found one of my promotional mails stuck somewhere around the station– if you mail me something, be sure to put “c/o DaveX” in GIANT letters on it. Don’t worry, though. I’m going to hit Soulseek in a moment and see if I can’t dig up a copy to replace this one with. Maybe next week, you’ll get to hear it! Until then, take care.

Stefan Neville — 27 Sept 2002, Friday (from “Do Not Destroy,” on Last Visible Dog)
Stefan Neville — 30 Sept 2002, Monday
Stefan Neville — 01 Oct 2002, Tuesday
Stefan Neville — 02 Oct 2002, Wednesday
New Pledgemaster — Father Figure (from “Father Figure” on Chondritic)
Intrusive Thoughts — Dead Text (from “Drowning in Shit,” on Fuckist)
Intrusive Thoughts — Control Demon
Mike Hovancsek, Barry Chabala, John Cieciel — The Stomp (from “Point of Yucca, vol.1, courtesy of Mutant Sounds blog)
Pierre Andre Arcand — Portuaire (from “Atlas Epileptic,” on Ambiances Magnetique)
Pierre Andre Arcand — Elope
Pierre Andre Arcand —
Ido Govrin — Ground (from “Moraine” on Interval Recordings)
Ido Govrin — Push
Ido Govrin — Lateral
Ilhan Mimaroglu — Tract pt.1 (from “Tract,” on Folkways)
B. Killingsworth — Downed Power Lines (from “Electricity Poems,” on Backporch Revolution)
B. Killingsworth — Disconnected
B. Killingsworth — Wavelength
Ilhan Mimaroglu — Tract pt.2
Philip Jeck — Live 2/20/00 at ICC, Tokyo
Little Fyodor — That Was a Mistake (Live)

Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 7/31/10

July 31, 2010

I’ve got a lot of good stuff to share on today’s show, notably some recordings from Isoundercore that had a bit of a torturous path to the airwaves. Let’s just say that someone opened someone else’s mail and leave it at that, shall we? I

n other business, WDBX is hosting a DJ Spin Party on August 5th, from 4-8pm. I thought it was a great idea until I realized that it was in Turley Park, and open to the public. Let that sink in– it’s basically a last-hurrah for this year’s Sunset Concert Series. Granted, I’m all in favor of the end of the Sunset Concerts, but I doubt this will be the ironic coup de grâce I’ve got in mind.

It’s anyone’s guess as to whether I’ll attend, but you’d better believe I’m taking my turn at the controls if I do, all requests for “danceable” music aside. Way to be inclusive, there. I bet “Light On the Law” will be keeping one end of the gym bleachers warm along with The Bioneers. But seriously, it might be fun, and Carbondale will survive– after all, who’ll hear it? Alcohol isn’t allowed!

But hey, let’s talk about performances I’m actually interested in: on the 6th and 7th of August, there’s Swampfest. In truth, I have no idea what it’s called, but that’s not the point. It’s two days worth of music at The Swamp! Unfortunately, this occasion actually DOES mark the end of their underground music series. Coincidentally, I’ll also be there, performing on the 7th around 7-ish. I have something interesting worked up, so I hope you’ll be able to make it.

US Maple — Missouri Twist (from “Sang Phat Editor” on Skin Graft)
US Maple — Through With Six Six Six
Blue Sausage Infant — Gezundheit! (from “Flight of the Solstice Queens” on Zero Moon)
Alio Die — The Way of Fire (from “The Way of Fire” 7-inch on Drone Records)
Blue Sausage Infant — Why You Hate Salamanders
Blue Sausage Infant — Ashtray Man
Justice Yeldham — Shanghai (from the J-volume of “Zelphabet” series)
Aemae — Walking Along Edges (from “The Helical World,” on Isoundercore)
Aemae — 41667
Aemae — Translucent Tongues
Arastoo — Three (from “Three” side B, also on Isoundercore)
Virtual Cortex — Anxiety (from “Viral Cartography,” more info here and here.)
Virtual Cortex — Chant
Virtual Cortex — Clusters
Ville Moskiitto — Kanjonikostaja (from “Kupariluostari,” on Harha-Askel)
Robert Ashley — Atalanta (Acts of God), Volume 2, “Empire” (on Lovely Music)

Liveblogging! “ITDE” 7/24/10

July 24, 2010

Arastoo — Three (side B) (from “Three” on Isoundercore)
Pauline Oliveros — No Mo (from “No Mo” on Pogus)
Pauline Oliveros — Something Else
Chas Smith — After (from “The Complete 10-Inch Series” collection on Cold Blue Music)
Chas Smith — Santa Fe
Chas Smith — October ’68
Chas Smith — Scircura
Frank Rothkamm — Silence of Mute (from “FB02” on Flux Records)
Frank Rothkamm — Outdoor Heritage of New Jersey
Frank Rothkamm — Astronaut of Inner Space
Gen Ken Montgomery — Gen Ken Live at the Dive (from “Birds + Machines 1980-1989,” on Pogus)
Gen Ken Montgomery — Birds and Machines (machine suite)
Gen Ken Montgomery — Birds and Machines (bird suite)
Gen Ken Montgomery — Nylon Glasses 3AM
Gen Ken Montgomery — Friedhof
Gen Ken Montgomery — Seelisch Unruh
Gen Ken Montgomery — Subliminal Clutter pt.1
Gen Ken Montgomery — Crema di Roma
John Duncan — Storm: Tel Aviv Marina (this, and the following entries, from “Zelphabet vol. J”)
John Wiese — Dramatic Accessories
Jon Rose — Illegal Settlement Fence

Liveblogging! “ITDE” 7/17/10

July 17, 2010

Alexander Rishaug — The Mountain Song (from “Possible Landscape” on Asphodel)
Alexander Rishaug — or L!
PBK, Telepherique — Twilight Cue (from “Noise-Ambient Connection” on Monochrome Vision)
PBK, Telepherique — Radical Pair
Gil San Marcos — Every Clock and Wristwatch (from “Domes” on Bombay Cove)
Gil San Marcos — Sterling Chambers
Gil San Marcos — Mass Grave (live in Nashville)
Conure — Hobart (from “Stream” on Edgetone Records)
Conure — Sycan
Rich West — On Her Wrists She Wore Her Interest
Beth Anderson — Torero Piece
Beth Anderson — Tower of Power
Beth Anderson — Peachy Keen-O
Beth Anderson — Ocean Motion Mildew Mind
Grey Park — Carpenter

Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 5/8/10

May 8, 2010

Oeuf Korreckt — King of the Elephants (from “Podweek” on NoType)
Morceaux de Machines — Selavy (from “Estrapade” on NoType)
Hong Chulki — Without Cartridge 1 (from “With/Without Cartridge” on Balloon & Needle)
Hong Chulki — Without Cartridge 2
Merzbow — Graft #1 (excerpt) (on Cold Spring Records)
Leif Elggren, Thomas Liljenberg — The Animist (from “Two Thin Eating One Fat” on Fireworks Edition)
Coin Gutter — Asthamtics fo Faliure (from “Asthmatics of Failure” on Panospria)
James Wyness — Temper Temper (from “Jelly Leg” self release)
Style City — The Happening (from “The Happening” self-release)
Sabrina Siegel — A Silent Forest 1 (from “A Silent Forest” on Clinical Archives)
Sabrina Siegel — A Silent Forest 2
Ryonkt — Day 1 (from “Window to the Room” on Under the Spire)
Ryonkt — Day 2
Ernesto Diaz-Infante, Manuel Mota, Gino Robair, Ernesto Rodrigues — Intervalos Confianza (from “Our Faceless Empire” on Pax Recordings)
Ernesto Diaz-Infante, Manuel Mota, Gino Robair, Ernesto Rodrigues — Vida De Lujo
Ernesto Diaz-Infante, Manuel Mota, Gino Robair, Ernesto Rodrigues — E Metico Labilt Y

Happy International Noise Awareness Day!

April 28, 2010

I celebrated by breaking in my new ear buds with some Muslimgauze while mowing the lawn. Am I doing it wrong? How will you celebrate International Noise Awareness Day? Leave me a comment!

2nd Annual Noise Summit– YOU MISSED OUT, SUCKAS

April 18, 2010

Noise Summit 2010 was a success! This year’s lineup included a lot of really cool stuff– hula hoops, contact mics, hammers, blenders, a theremin, an overgrown tuba, flying lens caps, exploding salt, and enough pedals to go Shirley Jackson on Bob Moog AND Ernie Ball.

I want to thank everyone who played, listened, or just helped me get in touch with the right people. Although absent from this year’s lineup, Nick helped me with phone numbers and contacting many people– and Karthik is the little bird who helps me remember names until they stick. Give these two a big “thanks” when you see them, and make their lives easier for next year by keeping in touch. As I said, we’re doing it again in 2011!

I’m going to be working to round up photos and video during this week. If you have any, share them with me! I’ll be more than happy to accept a complete dump of your memory card; no need to edit anything for me. Toss the whole mess on MediaFire or Dropbox, and I’ll share the best stuff here. Until then, enjoy these photos:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

“Hijack, Get Well”

April 18, 2010

(Note: The following text was originally written for the 6th volume of “High Carb Low Life,” a Carbondale zine, 50 special copies of which include a free CD. The CD, titled “Hijack, Get Well,” features local experimental music. “Hijack, Get Well” was also given away in a digital edition as a freebie for persons attending the 2nd Annual Noise Summit. For those of you have have somehow encountered this page without first obtaining a copy of your own– please get with the program, and download it before proceeding.

Although a full overview of experimental music in and around Southern Illinois is outside the scope of a single CD, this collage is representative of the tremendous variety of interesting and regionally unique sound experiments from the area. We begin with a loose ensemble of Nashville musicians at the direction of Tony Youngblood. His “Ore: Theatre Intangible” podcasts got their start here in Southern Illinois, carrying with them ideas we co-developed while hosting the original show together on student radio in the late 90’s. Some of our original taped samples used for those broadcasts appear as “chapter stops” throughout the CD, usually marking the beginning or end of a recording.

Alex Ryterski enters into the mix next, capturing a fractured soundwalk during a single night delivering pizzas in the area. My current broadcasts of experimental music on WDBX and WSIU both occur very late at night, but also serve as a central gathering point for odd music makers in Southern Illinois– and the Midwest isn’t a friendly place for walking. The combination of car culture, late nights, long distances, geographic separation, and the general lack of awareness about what we do makes for an interesting combination of shaping factors.

That’s Mystified in the third section, spinning out a lengthy drone set via the phone, linking his lonely sound to the lonely radio in the middle of the lonely night. Southern Illinois becomes like barely-connected points on a darkened map. Style City takes up where Mystified leaves off, interestingly enough, never having heard Mystified previously. I know– I’m Style City’s father. But there’s that Southern Illinois sound again; something pulsing, a feel of neverending-ness, like an ocean of grain or the stampede of traffic.

Another microcassette sample brings us around to an improvisation with myself and Karthik Kakarala, where small and unimportant sounds mingle without actually meeting, like so many well-meaning people.

Cover art:

Ore: Theatre Intangible — All Guitars (excerpt, complete recording features Tony Youngblood, Adam Louis, Anthony William Herndon, Ben Lowry, Brady Sharpe, Brey McCoy, Charlie Rauh, JJ Jones, and Will Floyd)
Alex Ryterski — Delivery 6pm-4am
Mystified — Live phone performance for WDBX-FM, 8/1/09
Style City — Droid (from the album “The Happening,” available free as a full download)
DaveX, Karthik Kakarala — Small Sounds Improvisation, WDBX-FM, 12/5/09

Print this, post it places

April 8, 2010

Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 3/27/10

March 27, 2010

I’ve got a couple surprises up my sleeve tonight. Also– NOISE!

And hey——— you better go to one of two shows tonight: Randall Hall and Jonathon Kirk are playing at SIU as Pendulum tonight, for free, as part of the Out of the Box Festival. Or you could go see Tatsuya Nakatani and the SIU Improv Unit at Lemp Neighborhood Arts in St. Louis. Nakatani and the siuIU are playing Sunday evening here in Carbondale as well, so if you DO see both, be sure to give me a report on the differences in performance.

A. Stroud — Come On Lovers (from “Killer Workout” on Hot Releases)
A. Stroud — Bag of Tricks
A. Stroud — Sugar Daddy
A. Stroud — The Firm
Rabbit Girls — Vomit Splash (from “Sick Problems” on Smell the Stench)
Rabbit Girls — Insertion Video
Rabbit Girls — Erektile Disjunktion
Wether — Beauty Is In the Eye of the Storm (from split with Needles, on Nail in the Coffin label)
XV Parowek — Body Warmth (from “Periodical Embarrassment” on Public Eyesore)
Dalek/DS/Oddatree — Son of Concrete (this, and next track, from Public Guilt/Implied Sound compilation “At the Doors of the Palace“)
Strotter Inst. — AN (side A) [and here’s Strotter Inst.’s current tour dates)
Review of iPod/iPhone app “ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ” by Jorg Piringer
Bastard Noise — Ice Epoch (from “Live in Japan” on Helicopter)
Pendulum — Vxatk (from “Pendulum” on Medusa Critical Publications)
Pendulum — Continuity of Etz’nab
Rabbit Girls — Militant Audio (from “Audio Insurgency II” on Roil Noise)