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Litnoise from “Elmer Gantry”

July 21, 2012

This one’s a little long for Twitter, so I’ve added it here:

“…when Elmer concealed an alarm clock behind the organ and it went off, magnificently, just as the superintendent (Dr. Prouty, the dentist) was whimpering, “Now let us all be particularly quiet as
Sister Holbrick leads us in prayer.”” –Elmer Gantry.

Oh! A bit more Litnoise from “Arrowsmith”

January 5, 2012

These are all too long for Twitter! Still, this is a great quote– definitely going to be a hard one to beat:

“Sound of mating birds, sound of spring blossoms dropping in the tranquil air, the bark of sleepy dogs at midnight; who is to set them down and make them anything but hackneyed?” –Arrowsmith

Read more sound/listening-related quotes at my Litnoise page!

Litnoise from Sinclair Lewis’ “Arrowsmith”

January 5, 2012

This is a great quote. As I continue to work on Litnoise, I find these demonstrations of active listening to be quite rare indeed:

“The boy listened sharply. He heard the Doc open the lower part of the washstand, where he kept his bottle of Jamaica rum. After a long gurgle the invisible Doc put away the bottle and decisively kicked the doors shut. Still good. Only one drink. If he came into the consultation-room at once, he would be safe. But he was still standing in the bedroom. Martin sighed as the washstand doors were hastily opened again, as he heard another gurgle and a third.” –Arrowsmith

Too long for Litnoise, sounds from “The Job”

April 4, 2011

I’ve been reading “The Job,” by Sinclair Lewis. It’s been a source of great sound-related quotes that I’ve been mining for my Litnoise project at Twitter. Here’s a quote from a particularly nice section, where the protagonist first manages to catch her breath upon arriving in New York City:

“Una gave herself up to impressions of the city: the voices of many children down on Amsterdam Avenue, the shriek of a flat-wheeled surface car, the sturdy pound of trucks, horns of automobiles; the separate sounds scarcely distinguishable in a whirr which seemed visible as a thick, gray-yellow dust cloud.”

Of course, I have lots more at Litnoise on Twitter. I’d love it if you’d follow me– give it a shot!

Early example of noise art in literature!

January 5, 2011

This is the kind of stuff I absolutely love– a song (which basically amounts to a fun bit of dada/noise– comprised of Washington state town names. I found this in “Free Air,” by Sinclair Lewis. This was far too long for Twitter, but if you like this sort of thing, be sure to check out my “Litnoise” page.

“…Claire combined the town-names in a lyric so emotion-stirring that it ought, perhaps, to be the national anthem. It ran:

Humptulips, Tum Tum, Moclips, Yelm,
Satsop, Bucoda, Omak, Enumclaw,
Tillicum, Bossburg, Chettlo, Chattaroy,
Zillah, Selah, Cowiche, Keechelus,
Bluestem, Bluelight, Onion Creek, Sockeye,
Antwine, Chopaka, Startup, Kapowsin,
Skamokawa, Sixprong, Pysht!

Klickitat, Kittitas, Spangle, Cedonia,
Pe Ell, Cle Elum, Sallal, Chimacum,
Index, Taholah, Synarep, Puyallup,
Wallula, Wawawai, Wauconda, Washougal,
Walla Walla, Washtucna, Wahluke,
Solkulk, Newaukum, Wahkiakus,
Penawawa, Ohop, Ladd!

Harrah, Olalla, Umtanum, Chuckanut,
Soap Lake, Loon Lake, Addy, Ace, Usk,
Chillowist, Moxee City, Yellepit, Cashup,
Moonax, Mabton, Tolt, Mukilteo,
Poulsbo, Toppenish, Whetstone, Inchelium,
Fishtrap, Carnation, Shine, Monte Cristo,
Conconully, Roza, Maud!

China Bend, Zumwalt, Sapolil, Riffle,
Touchet, Chesaw, Chew, Klum, Bly,
Humorist, Hammer, Nooksack, Oso,
Samamish, Dusty, Tiger, Turk, Dot,
Scenic, Tekoa, Nellita, Attalia,
Steilacoom, Tweedle, Ruff, Lisabeula,
Latah, Peola, Towal, Eltopia,
Steptoe, Pluvius, Sol Duc, Twisp!”

Wouldn’t this be a great basis for a 7″ record? I might just do it!