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Liveblogging! “Music For Swimmers,” 2/17/13

February 17, 2013

I’m playing from vinyl acquired during my local university’s library cleanout a couple weeks back. I’ve been quite happy with many of my finds, which include vintage works from Cage, Pousseur, Stockhausen, Brown, Antheil, Xenakis, and many others. I feel incredibly lucky to not only have an opportunity to get my hands on these albums, but to save them from what was otherwise going to become a trip to the dump. Hard to believe, isn’t it? If you’re excited about what you’re hearing on “Music For Swimmers,” be sure to tune in to “Sounds Like Radio” tonight as well– I’ll have even more cuts from these records, each better than the last. If you’re not sure how to tune in, just look in the sidebar for “Sounds Like Radio,” and be sure to leave me a comment!

Ton Bruynel — Arc (from “Visual Series 7072/1,” on Donemus)
Iannis Xenakis — Polla Ta Dhina (this, and next, from “Album 2,” on Angel)
Iannis Xenakis — ST/10 = 1-080262
Gordon Mumma, David Tudor — Mesa, For Cybersonic Bandoneon (from “A Second Wind For Organ,” on Odyssey)
Toru Takemitsu — Asterism
Toru Takemitsu — Requiem

Having fun with old video games

December 31, 2009

I’m working on my Top 12 Best Happy Neat-O List of 2009, but until it’s posted, here’s a bit of alternate reality to tide you over. I know which character I’m picking!

Return of the Downloads

December 15, 2009

Here’s a ton of downloads for you– I’ve re-upped them at Mediafire due to the ongoing weirdness in the bit-torrent community, so these are good and solid links. Click on any date to go to the Mediafire download page, or click “playlist” to see the original liveblogged entry for the specific broadcast. Each file is under 200 megabytes, though some are much less. Be sure to share these with your friends!

12/5/09 (part 1) – Interview with Tristan Perich; Craig Colorusso/Joel Westerdale phone-in performance on WDBX-FM (playlist)

12/5/09 (part 2) – Karthik Kakarala, DaveX, LIVE @ WDBX

11/28/09 – This show is dedicated to Acid Mothers’ Temple, Katie Holmes, and Fred Savage. Features Terry Riley, Cluster & Eno, Eyes Like Saucers. (playlist)

11/21/09 – Analog goodness from Resipiscent label, Brian Eno, and the slowest “Yakety Sax” ever. (playlist)

11/14/09 – LIVE @ WDBX-FM; Karthik Kakarala & Tom Vasilj,  Malaria, Oblive, Wilmer Incognito, group improv w/ DaveX (commentary)

11/7/09 – Frank Rothkamm, Wadada Leo Smith, Ironing & Chefkirk, Art Jerks (playlist)

10/24/09 – Jeff Arnal, Edgetone Records goodies, Eddie the Rat, Sabrina Siegel (playlist)

10/10/09 – LIVE @ WDBX-FM, Matt Weston!!! Show also features recordings from Gordon Beeferman, George Korein, Focus Quintet (playlist)

9/26/09 – LIVE phone-in set/interview from Swamp of Pus label owner Novasak, plus an interview with George Korein. Also, lots of previously-unreleased Korein recordings, and an extended selection of Glenn Weyant awesomeness. (playlist)

9/19/09 – Improv saxophonist Randall Hall classes up the Hi-Life Room with THREE live sets, and a hands-on demonstration of extended technique. What does bubble wrap in the bell of a sax sound like? We do the things Mythbusters won’t try. Play along at home, and clap when you hear us say “John Cage.” (playlist)

9/12/09 – Harold Schellinx phones in a sound tour of his home, and Trash Ant provides the most art-damaged cassette tape EVER. (playlist)

9/5/09 – “It’s Too Damn Early” salutes BKPR, and jams to Peter Gordon’s “Life is Boring”. (playlist)

8/29/09 – Black Beast of Arrrghhh, LIVE phone-in performance on WDBX-FM. Also features recordings from Hal McGee’s “Dictaphonia” series. (playlist)

8/22/09 – Ironing, LIVE phone-in performance on WDBX-FM. Also features recordings from Transhumans, Bob Marsh, Rich West, and the “Dictaphonia” series. (playlist)

8/15/09 – Ernesto Diaz-Infante AND Mike Khoury do live phone-in sets for WDBX-FM. You get a car! You get a car! YOU get a car! (playlist)

8/8/09 – Unless you own a Brekekekexkoaxkoax DVD, cool microcassette recordings of Nassau from Ironing, and an alternate version of Alan Licht’s “Remington Khan,” you’d better grab this episode! (playlist)

8/3/09 – DaveX stars as a teen hockey player well-liked and respected among his coaches and teammates. He battles to hide the truth from his elders and peers — that he is actually an enormous lizard. A special daytime broadcast also featuring long-time listener favorite DJ Mo, and a subliminal animal theme! (playlist)

7/25/09 – Not quite the full show, but enough to cover Lonely Procession’s live set, and a lot of weirdness on either side. Well worth your time! (playlist)

6/27/09 – Karthik Kakarala, Tony Youngblood, DaveX, LIVE @ WDBX-FM. Recorded exactly one month before Tony got kicked off WRVU-FM, and setting off a chain reaction of community member shows being cancelled!

6/27/09 – Praey, LIVE @ WDBX-FM

6/20/09 – Marathon, LIVE @ WDBX-FM

6/13/09 – Warm Climate, phone-in performance, on WDBX-FM

Best promo EVER

November 17, 2009

Tom has outdone himself now. Here’s his “official” promo clip for KNOBS, followed by an unofficial one– the aforementioned BEST PROMO EVER:


I can’t wait to send this to Sonny!

“All Together Now” Festival line-up

November 16, 2009

If you somehow missed it, I’m performing the world premiere of John Cage and Lejaren Hiller’s “KNOBS” this Wednesday, as part of the “All Together Now” inter-arts festival. So far, I’ve been quiet about other activities happening (and this IS a HAPPENING) so check out the schedule:

WEDNESDAY is our kickoff. Like the start of a roller coaster ride after being secretly slipped some psychedelics; get pumped and hold tight.

4:30 – 6:15: ALL TOGETHER NOW takes over the INTERNATIONAL LOUNGE, showcasing Photography, 2-D and more by Jason Wonnell, John McCowen, Bridget Ryan, Kaley Venable, Photogenesis and more!
6:30-7:00: we will break into the student center auditorium for the OPENING RECEPTION/PERFORMANCE:
7:15-7:25: AMBER GIRADO reading/DRAMATIC INTERPRETATION of EPIPHANY FERREL’S “Last Person on Earth” with zombie mashup PROJECTION


8:00-8:25 Back to the AUDITORIUM as DAVE X orchestrates WORLD PREMIERE OF JOHN CAGE score KNOBS
8:45-9:05: PREGNANT TONGUES (formerly cloud cuckoo) performing to LIVE PAINTING
9:15-9:40: BLACK ON BROWN performs to PROJECTION

is AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION day. YOU bring it, we BLAST it for all to see and hear!

3:00-5:00: BALLROOM D- GALLERY TIME! Wednesdays favorites and NEW PIECES. BYO ART! Have it displayed! No Rules except No Pricetags! For the love of the game!
5:00-6:30: head back to the AUDITORIUM 4 SIU’s FILM ALTERNATIVES curated STUDENT SCREENINGS! and HOUR and a HALF of SIU auteurs. AGAIN, bringing your own work is ENCOURAGED!


7:45-8:15: DUENDE ENTENDTRE (sound art/poetry)

8:30-10:30: BALLROOM D becomes a forum for LIVE ART MAKING and TUTORIALS on STENCIL MAKING and CIRCUIT BENDING, with lessons by graffiti artist GABE GOWER and sound artist DAVE X. Materials for creating your own stencils/circuit bent toys will be provided, but interested parties are encouraged to bring their own.

will be the end of the party.

6:00-9:00: BALLROOM D will again become a gallery presenting the best work from the three days.
SIUiu will be performing along with MATT and SAM,
PREGNANT TOUNGUES will play a set to live art,
and as a FINALE SIUiu will perform with an experimental film by DERON WILLIAMS accompanied by JOHN MCCOWEN

Dear DaveX, what’s new with you?

October 26, 2009

I’ve got a few different entries worth of stuff to share with you all, but I’m going to try cramming it all into one post.

To begin with, the first Mystery Tapes are now in the wild. Some of these will be much easier to find than others, as I have been taking my usual absurdist approach to placing them. I nearly put #3 under a few dozen tons of concrete I watched being poured the other day… the paleontological ramifications of this were exciting, but even I had a hard time picturing anyone actually finding the tape in the future. Keep an eye out, and maybe you’ll find one!

I’m also working hard on my upcoming performance of John Cage and Lejaren Hiller’s “KNOBS” composition. This will be the world-premiere performance of the piece, so I’m taking it very seriously, and hoping to do a great job with it. The premiere will be helping to kick off the three-day “All Together Now” inter-arts festival at SIUC’s Student Center. I really hope that all my local readers can make some time on the evening of November 18th to come down to the Student Center Auditorium and check it out. It’s at 7:30, and will be free. Bring your kids, your friends, and your friends’ kids.

Getting ready for the performance has been interesting so far. I’ve never worked this in-depth with an actual score, so this is a new experience for me. The score is very precise, so I’ve been developing a method for keeping exact time during the performance, as everything occurs in five-second intervals. Making matters more complex is the addition of a troupe of modern dancers to the mix. Normally I’d avoid this sort of thing, but I think it’s in the spirit of the festival itself (which is a cooperative and improvisational event) and with John Cage, whose life-long partnership with Merce Cunningham often resulted in such collaborations.

At the same time, I’m literally “gearing up” for teaching a circuit bending workshop on the second day of the festival. The Create-A-Smile Thrift Shop was nice enough to donate a good amount of electronic toys for me to work on, so there will be more than enough interesting possibilities presenting themselves throughout the workshop. If you’ve got any interest in circuit bending, this is a free chance for you to give it a shot– just get up to the Student Center “E” Ballroom on November 19th in the evening time and check it out.

WDBX is having trouble AGAIN with the webstream, it’s just not working for Mac users. I talked with Brian about it, who assures me that he’s trying to find a new host for our stream– if you know someone reliable and technically-proficient who is not a total dumbf**k, not the sort of person who will let our stream be down every other day or encode it in a Microsoft-user-only format, or insist that 64kbps sounds great, please put them in touch with us. That would be AWESOME.

Finally, I’m pushing the re-vamp of STARTLING MONIKER back a bit to December. Getting back to reviewing music is a goal of mine, but I’ve got a couple health-related goals that are going to need to be accomplished before I feel good about dedicating more time to sit at the computer. Winter is coming, and with it, my usual sense of dread and depression. I’m going to see if I can get ahead of it this time around, so bear with me. In the meantime, keep listening, keep commenting, and keep your head up. –DaveX

JC Superstar, shroom mistake, bendy antennae

July 18, 2009

Got a lovely promo package today– or rather, a lovely bunch of promo packages. Hell, let’s just call it Awesome Day: eleven CDs, 4 DVDs, 3 cassettes, and a VHS tape. Lots of included artwork, posters, etc… and hey! One of them had a ink stamping of John Cage on the envelope. How dorky, that’s where my attention goes.

I decided to make a quickie flyer out of it, photocopying and enlarging the original to the proper size. Here’s the result:


Obviously, it’s a bit flippant– and I mean no disrespect whatsoever– but this is the sort of work I’m capable of at 5 in the morning. I had to add in some little Cage references/factoids, too. I didn’t think about it much, but I’m guessing the whole mushroom thing isn’t going to go over quite the way I envisioned… now I’m going to have folks envisioning me with a great love of psychedelics, haha! I may re-work this one, and do some sort of amateur R. Crumb musician trading card with it, who knows?

I also got nice photo of the station’s antennae, as reflected in the roof of my car. No Photoshop! I dig the various scratches criss-crossing the image– evidence of my propensity to toss my keys on the roof as I approach the vehicle.