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Save me from the nightmare closet!

April 16, 2011

If you haven’t had a chance to check out my daughter’s broadcasts, tomorrow will present a nice opportunity for you. Not only can you dig on her fine selections of open-licensed chiptunes and abstract electronics, but you can also help me avoid cleaning the nightmare closet! You see, we have a little wager going– whoever gets more pledges during WDBX’s Spring Membership Drive wins. I get sticks picked up out of the backyard, or she gets her closet cleaned and organized. If you have kids, you might understand the value I place on staying far from her closet!

At any rate, she’s trailing me by $60. Throw one of us a bone, and become a member of WDBX at the same time. Community radio is absolutely worth supporting– just have a listen to your local corporate stations if you don’t believe me!

Phone in your pledges: 618-457-3691. If you want to talk with us, make sure you call between 3:30 and 5pm, Central time. Thank you!

Birthday Wish #2

April 6, 2011

How about making a pledge to WSIU, and let them know you’re fan of “Sounds Like Radio” while you’re at it?

That would be six kinds of awesome, so give them a call now: 1-800-745-9748

“Sounds Like Radio” is currently in its second broadcast year, and everyone at WSIU has been super supportive of the show. If you’ve been enjoying the broadcasts (or if I’ve been playing your recordings) then I’d dig it if you’d consider making a pledge.

Remember– a pledge is like a promise, so it’s okay if you’d broke now. Just catch it up later!

Birthday Wish #1

April 6, 2011

Seems like I really need one of these t-shirts. I like the Aldus, the Berkeley Systems, and of course the Sierra one! XXL, please…

My Xmas list, pt.3

December 16, 2010

Do you really, really like me? Then how about getting me one of these awesome glow-in-the-dark CM VonHausswolff wax cylinders? Or, surprise me with pretty much anything from Ash International’s catalog!

My Xmas list, pt.2

December 9, 2010

How could I forget it?! Get me a bright red vuvuzela, please!

My Xmas list, part 1

December 1, 2010

I’d like a green t-shirt with this quote on it:

“I was grumpy,” said Kevin, who has three Otter Pops every day after school, with a Gatorade chaser. “I got real mad.”

Quote from this article. E-mail me for size info. Thank you!

Special show/ticket giveaway

November 7, 2010

I’ll be covering “The Galaxy” tonight for Doug– so catch me from midnight until 2am, CST.

I’m also giving out free tickets to see Wadada Leo Smith’s Golden Quintet this Saturday, November 13th in St. Louis! These are ordinarily $15 each, and I’ve got two to give away tonight. When you hear me give out the number, be sure to call in!