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Apologies for anyone listening to “Sounds Like Radio

April 1, 2012

Apparently, someone messed up and re-ran a show from two weeks back. I have no idea why– there’s a perfectly good, brand-new episode that was supposed to be running right now. So much for listening along and liveblogging the show! If you heard it already, I apologize. If not, perhaps this twist of fate was intended for you. –DaveX

It’s that time of year again, unfortunately.

November 15, 2011

Happy Birthday, Joseph Fourier!

March 21, 2011

So… it’s Joseph Fourier‘s birthday. I thought I was the last word in mathematical clumsiness until I read this choice paragraph at Wikipedia:

“Fourier believed that keeping the body wrapped up in blankets was beneficial to the health. He died in 1830 when he tripped and fell down the stairs at his home.”

That’s just messed up, and I don’t know how appropriate it is that I find it so funny. He’s like the ultimate pitchman for Snuggies! At any rate, when you’re comfortably seated today, raise your glass to very smart, clumsy man who gave the world complicated math stuff and the concept of the greenhouse effect.

And while you’re feeling smarter than the average 19th century mathematician for keeping your paws planted firmly on the floor, be sure to download a copy of my daughter’s latest radio show, Style City.

“Ah, now we’re getting to the meat of things,” you say. “I knew that DaveX couldn’t focus on math stuff for long!”

Yes, it’s true. After I mercilessly mocked a beloved French intellectual’s bumbling death-by-blanket, I’ve gone and employed him– the switch to my bait! It’s terribly crass, but what’s done is done. Fire up your favorite torrent application, and enjoy STYLE CITY!

Sarkozy– go fuck yourself!

July 28, 2010

Looks like Sarkozy is trying to out-Nazi Arizona with his latest round of bullshit. What a shitbag!

“Once I had a great family / The Black Legion murdered them / Now come, all the world’s Rom /For the Romani road has opened / The time’s arrived to arise / We shall stand up as one”

Happy Birthday, Miss Information!

July 10, 2010

She’s still a real lurker, but I believe this is a recent photo. Happy birthday, Miss Information!

Having fun with old video games

December 31, 2009

I’m working on my Top 12 Best Happy Neat-O List of 2009, but until it’s posted, here’s a bit of alternate reality to tide you over. I know which character I’m picking!

WDBX History, pt.6

December 16, 2009

Hey, Mikil– take a chill pill! Here’s how ya do it right… (click the image to enlarge it before your dull, lifeless eyes!)

For extra credit, review our other fine learning modules here.

Return of the Downloads

December 15, 2009

Here’s a ton of downloads for you– I’ve re-upped them at Mediafire due to the ongoing weirdness in the bit-torrent community, so these are good and solid links. Click on any date to go to the Mediafire download page, or click “playlist” to see the original liveblogged entry for the specific broadcast. Each file is under 200 megabytes, though some are much less. Be sure to share these with your friends!

12/5/09 (part 1) – Interview with Tristan Perich; Craig Colorusso/Joel Westerdale phone-in performance on WDBX-FM (playlist)

12/5/09 (part 2) – Karthik Kakarala, DaveX, LIVE @ WDBX

11/28/09 – This show is dedicated to Acid Mothers’ Temple, Katie Holmes, and Fred Savage. Features Terry Riley, Cluster & Eno, Eyes Like Saucers. (playlist)

11/21/09 – Analog goodness from Resipiscent label, Brian Eno, and the slowest “Yakety Sax” ever. (playlist)

11/14/09 – LIVE @ WDBX-FM; Karthik Kakarala & Tom Vasilj,  Malaria, Oblive, Wilmer Incognito, group improv w/ DaveX (commentary)

11/7/09 – Frank Rothkamm, Wadada Leo Smith, Ironing & Chefkirk, Art Jerks (playlist)

10/24/09 – Jeff Arnal, Edgetone Records goodies, Eddie the Rat, Sabrina Siegel (playlist)

10/10/09 – LIVE @ WDBX-FM, Matt Weston!!! Show also features recordings from Gordon Beeferman, George Korein, Focus Quintet (playlist)

9/26/09 – LIVE phone-in set/interview from Swamp of Pus label owner Novasak, plus an interview with George Korein. Also, lots of previously-unreleased Korein recordings, and an extended selection of Glenn Weyant awesomeness. (playlist)

9/19/09 – Improv saxophonist Randall Hall classes up the Hi-Life Room with THREE live sets, and a hands-on demonstration of extended technique. What does bubble wrap in the bell of a sax sound like? We do the things Mythbusters won’t try. Play along at home, and clap when you hear us say “John Cage.” (playlist)

9/12/09 – Harold Schellinx phones in a sound tour of his home, and Trash Ant provides the most art-damaged cassette tape EVER. (playlist)

9/5/09 – “It’s Too Damn Early” salutes BKPR, and jams to Peter Gordon’s “Life is Boring”. (playlist)

8/29/09 – Black Beast of Arrrghhh, LIVE phone-in performance on WDBX-FM. Also features recordings from Hal McGee’s “Dictaphonia” series. (playlist)

8/22/09 – Ironing, LIVE phone-in performance on WDBX-FM. Also features recordings from Transhumans, Bob Marsh, Rich West, and the “Dictaphonia” series. (playlist)

8/15/09 – Ernesto Diaz-Infante AND Mike Khoury do live phone-in sets for WDBX-FM. You get a car! You get a car! YOU get a car! (playlist)

8/8/09 – Unless you own a Brekekekexkoaxkoax DVD, cool microcassette recordings of Nassau from Ironing, and an alternate version of Alan Licht’s “Remington Khan,” you’d better grab this episode! (playlist)

8/3/09 – DaveX stars as a teen hockey player well-liked and respected among his coaches and teammates. He battles to hide the truth from his elders and peers — that he is actually an enormous lizard. A special daytime broadcast also featuring long-time listener favorite DJ Mo, and a subliminal animal theme! (playlist)

7/25/09 – Not quite the full show, but enough to cover Lonely Procession’s live set, and a lot of weirdness on either side. Well worth your time! (playlist)

6/27/09 – Karthik Kakarala, Tony Youngblood, DaveX, LIVE @ WDBX-FM. Recorded exactly one month before Tony got kicked off WRVU-FM, and setting off a chain reaction of community member shows being cancelled!

6/27/09 – Praey, LIVE @ WDBX-FM

6/20/09 – Marathon, LIVE @ WDBX-FM

6/13/09 – Warm Climate, phone-in performance, on WDBX-FM

RIP, Jack Rose

December 7, 2009

Click to see more of Dan Cohoon’s photos of Jack Rose.

WDBX Membership Drive / Custom freebie giveaway

September 1, 2009

I kicked off the WDBX-FM Membership Drive this week, and (as is often the case) nobody called me with a pledge! I don’t want this to be one of the years that experimental music gets shut out at drive time, so I’m asking all of you to dig around your piggy banks and find something green for the station, preferably with a president on it.

WDBX has their own set of promo goodies for folks who make good on their pledges, but I’m prepared to offer something of my own to sweeten the pot. This year, I’m giving away unique sound collages, custom-made for anyone who pledges my show. The sound collages will be delivered to you via a unique download, that– once accessed– will be deleted from the net. If you want to have the only copy, fine. If you want to upload it to your blog, whatever. It’s yours!

Every $10 pledge coming in for “It’s Too Damn Early” gets a 1-minute custom sound collage, with every additional $10 garnering an added minute to the total length of your unique creation.

Call in during this week’s broadcast, (618) 457-3691, or contact me via my e-mail for pledging details.

Soooo close!

August 3, 2009

I was really kinda hoping to win the Tetris Cube in BoingBoing Gadget’s fiction contest— but that was the third place prize, and I came in a “special mention” fourth. Rob sez: “If I weren’t in a formal fiction-reading mood, this purple cow would have won by a space mile. Rather than endure any attempts to describe it, just go and check it out.”

*sigh* Just like me to be TOO mutant for the mutants! I guess I’ll have to just enjoy my BBG bump, and try again next time, eh?

“Ore: Theatre Intangible” threatened at WRVU-FM! (and how you can help out)

July 28, 2009

Vanderbilt’s WRVU-FM has removed “Ore: Theatre Intangible” from the station schedule this week, completely stripping experimental music and sound art from their broadcast. The show, hosted by my good friend and former co-host Tony Youngblood, has been one of WRVU-FM’s most-active and participation-friendly broadcasts at the station since 2007. It almost goes without saying that it was one of a very few places for experimental musicians and enthusiasts to hear such sounds– and in the samey, corporate, pop country BS behemoth city of Nashville; “Ore” brought a desperately-needed infusion of new ideas.

Mikil Taylor, WRVU’s general manager (i.e., wet blanket), cited “sexually offensive comments” as cause for Youngblood’s dismissal. Here is his letter:

“It has come to my attention that some serious programming violations occurred during your show last night, violations I have verified. As you should have known, DJs are expressly prohibited from making sexually offensive comments on air, or knowingly allowing such comments to occur. Thus, I have no other course of action than to remove your privileges as a DJ at WRVU. Please note that you are no longer able to enter the station, and are no longer welcome at WRVU.”

Here’s the catch– WRVU has a 3-second delete system in place, which allows DJs to catch and remove fleeting obscenities from broadcast. Punch a button, and the delayed signal is clipped out before ever reaching the station’s transmitter. It’s a dumbshit device to be sure, only made necessary by dumbshit listeners too stupid to turn the radio off for themselves, and beloved by the dumbshit politicians and FCC chumps who have helped to create an environment of self-censorship in radio for decades. Still, Tony was aware of station policy. Like me, he’d rather live to fight another day– broadcasting experimental music is usually thankless enough without fighting a second front against censorship!

In short, he rode that delete button like a champ. Unfortunately, what Tony didn’t know is that the delete system only affects the transmitted FM signal… not the archived, antiquated RealAudio stream WRVU insists on using for its online broadcast.

Tony hoped an explanatory reply would be enough to reverse his dismissal, but I wouldn’t be writing all this if it had been, would I? Here’s his letter to Taylor:

“The only conclusion I can draw is that you must have reviewed the show from the RealAudio archive, which is not routed through the 3 second delete button in the signal chain. I know this because all of the examples of violations you mentioned were deleted by me with the 3 second delete key. I just listened to the archive to confirm that it does not delete the deleted sections. I also just called a friend who listened to the show via radio, and he confirmed that the sections WERE deleted in the radio feed. Another friend recorded portions of the show from his radio, and I can try to get a copy to prove when the delete key was hit if you’d like proof. This also suggests the very-disturbing possibility that every hit of the delete key in recent station history goes through the RealAudio link uncensored.

Every other week my show is a live freeform improv. I attempt to showcase the provocative, and the groundbreaking, but never the inappropriate. Most of the weeks, the improv is instrumental with no voices; but on rare occasions I develop a concept that involves voices. This particular show was intended to be a simple call in show with a very fascinating and interesting personality. Dave Cloud is somewhat of a local legend. If you’ve ever seen him perform live, you know how entertaining and challenging his act can be. I was attracted by his colorful character and thought he would make a fascinating participant. I very rigorously counseled Dave Cloud and the other performers before the show about what was appropriate material. I even brought up the story of the DJ’s who got kicked off the air because of discussing a “dirty sanchez,” telling my guests that it wasn’t enough to not say the 7 dirty words, that they must also not make sexually suggestive remarks.

That being said, a live call-in show is much more difficult to control than a dj set. Early on I could see things were getting out of hand. I had two options. I could end the show early and dismiss the guest performers or I could ride the 3 second delete key. I chose to ride the delete key. If you had an air-copy of my show for review, you would see that I used the delete key at even the smallest hint of inappropriateness. The delete-key notwithstanding, you might say that the more prudent decision would have been to end the show early or avoid a call-in show with such a risky guest. You would be correct. That is, of course, much easier to see in hindsight. Still, I made an error in judgment, and for that I am sorry. However, there is a big difference between an uncaring dj who has no regard for the rules and a rule-abiding one who made one mistake out of a hundred shows and tried to correct it.

I have been a dedicated and contributing dj for over two years at WRVU. No one values their show more than I do. I always take great care to leave the station in better condition that I entered it in. I contribute headphone adapters, ipod adapters, and mic clips when the station ones go missing (as they seem to do quite often). I pride myself in delivering a niche of music that is not otherwise being represented and in witnessing a growing experimental community that I helped build. I would never intentionally jeopardize that which means everything to me.

I was chief engineer at my college radio station WIDB in Carbondale, IL. I understand that complaints must be taken very seriously. When the station license is at risk, one must err on the side of caution. Better I lose my show than WRVU going off the air. Still, I stand by my claim that you cannot judge the over-the-air contents of my show by review the RealAudio feed (which does not preserve the muted sections). For proper review, we really need to hear an over-the-air copy. Yet, I could have used better judgment.

Therefore, I suggest a compromise. Suspend me for a month, a semester, even a year if you see fit. It would be a hardship, but much less distressing than losing my show entirely. If a complaint was made, the complainer would be appeased; and I would be able to return to my show with the commitment to never let something like this happen again. My show is not only valuable to me, but it serves a vital purpose in the community. It is a refuge and a conduit for experimental, avant-garde, drone, noise, and outsider musicians in the community. If it comes to it, I know I can count on support from participants, community members, and fellow WRVU djs with letters and e-mails addressed to the WRVU staff and advisers.”

In fairness, and without getting too much into specifics about the show, Tony DID make some mistakes. Number one, he invited someone on his show that didn’t care about WRVU as much as he does. I’ve had that problem before as well, though I handled it somewhat differently. That’s Tony’s second mistake– he should have booted the fucker, and played a CD. Better to have a crummy episode than no broadcast at all. Still, he TRIED to fix these things. Out of his many, many broadcasts, this is a true outlier– anything but a repeatable pattern of broadcasting abuse.

Since the dismissal, a lot of little electronic nastygrams have been floating back and forth, with hurt feelings on both sides. But you, dear listener, have still got a job to do. Write an e-mail and let Taylor know where you stand. Tell him that you prefer experimental music remain on the air at WRVU-FM, and that Tony deserves a second chance. Do it today, and maybe we can get “Ore” back on the air!

Here’s the relevant e-mail addresses and contact information:

Mikil Taylor
General Manager, WRVU

Sam Parler
Programming Director, WRVU

Jim Hayes
Assistant Director of Student Media, Broadcasting

Chris Carroll
Director of Student Media
offensive comments

WDBX-FM transmitter fixed for now– still needs help

May 6, 2009

At about 11:30 last night, WDBX-FM’s transmitter developed a problem, temporarily taking the station off the air. Station manager BRP called one of our many kind friends, who has gotten us back on-air temporarily.

“Big thanks to Tim Deterding, our engineer, who dropped everything, drove over and diagnosed the problem, then made a few calls and drove to WTAO in Murphysboro to borrow an old exciter. When that one didn’t work, he drove to Marion for another and on the way back was stopped in a roadblock and got a $75 ticket because the company car he was driving had expired plates. After all that, he made it back, installed the temporary exciter and had us back on the air by 4am!”

Our own exciter still needs repairs– about $2000 worth. And hey, let’s be cool and cover Tim’s ticket as well. If you want to help out, call 618-457-3691 and make a pledge, or donate online. WDBX is going to continue our current membership drive until just before my show this weekend. How cool would it be if I came in to find that this extra $2000 had made it in?

Oppose the Performing Musicians Licensing Act!

March 31, 2009

This is going to be a little off topic since most of my visitors are not from the Chicagoland area, but I will write this anyway, as this local issue is turning into a collapsing house of cards that may yet threaten us all.

Last year, the Chicago City Council’s Music Commission, chaired by Ald. Eugene Schulter (47th), drafted the so-called “event promoters ordinance” last spring with almost no input from the music community, rapidly moving it toward a vote before the full council in May. But aldermen tabled the controversial law at that time after an unprecedented outcry from the local music world.

Last year, council members vowed to work with the music community to “fine-tune” the law before a final vote.

Sources close to the procedure say that a retooled version of the law has now been ready since mid-February, and that the license committee is gearing up for a vote on Mar. 11 prior to sending the legislation back to the full council for what the committee hopes will be quick passage. Once again, however, the law is not being made available for public scrutiny, and no public hearings are scheduled to seek input from musicians, music lovers and indie concert promoters.

The good news is that public opposition to the proposed ordinance has grown more vocal and organized since the last vote, and could present a formidable player in killing the bill. The bad news is that the Commission already has an end-run around Chicago citizens in the works– a proposal to create a Performing Musicians Licensing Act. If you think about it, you’ll begin to see the ruthless logic at work:

The original bill, created in reaction to the terrible E2 Nightclub incident, in which 21 people were trampled to death, contained the following language:

“No person shall engage in the business of event promoter without first having obtained an event promoter license under this chapter.” AND “Each applicant for a license under this chapter shall furnish a certificate of insurance, evidencing commercial general liability insurance, with limits of not less than $300,000.00 per occurrence for bodily injury and property damage arising in any way from the issuance of the license.”

In short, promoting music would get a whole hell of a lot more expensive, prohibitively so for underground venues and organizers. Want to have a house show? Forget it! But lawmakers forgot that promoters are also the ones who usually have the money– deep pocket promoters might be able to keep this one off the books. But where to turn next?


That’s right, they’re going after the musicians now. If they couldn’t get promoters in line, they’re just going to take away their product, or at least make it difficult for anyone but the biggest bands and artists to play. Given the political shakeup post-Blagojevich, there have been a lot of Illinois politicians taking new offices lately– one of which helped draft the original Commission ordinance, but now finds himself out of his State-level seat and nearer to the ear of another well-known Chicago politician– President Obama.

Under the PMLA, all “performing” musicians (and are there any other kind?!) will be required to apply for a performing license which requests the following information, in addition to an EXAM and a jurored performance:

“(1) the applicant’s full name, residence address, business address, business
e-mail address, business telephone number and cell phone number;

(2) the name, residence address and residence telephone number of allcontrolling persons other than the applicant, if any;
(3) proof that the applicant and all controlling persons are at least 21 years of age;
(4)A statement as to whether, within the last 5 years, the applicant and each
controlling person has had a performer’s license or any other equivalent
license or permit, regardless of nomenclature or characterization, revoked or
suspended in any jurisdiction and if so, the details surrounding each such
suspension or revocation;
(5) A statement as to whether, within the last five years, the applicant and each
controlling person has been either convicted, in custody, under parole or under
any other non-custodial supervision resulting from a conviction in a court of any
jurisdiction for the commission of a felony of any kind, or of a criminal offense of
whatever degree involving theft, fraud, perjury or dishonesty and if so, the details
surrounding each such conviction;
(6) A statement as to whether, within the last five years, the applicant and each
controlling person has been convicted or found liable of knowingly making a false
statement of material fact or a knowing and material misrepresentation or
omission on or in connection with any license application submitted under this
chapter and if so, the details surrounding each such conviction or finding of
(7) The date of birth and social security number of each natural person named in the
license application;
(8) The license fee, as required by section 4-157-060;
(9) Fingerprints, as required by section 4-157-090;
(10) Proof of insurance, as required by section 4-157-100;
(11) An indemnification agreement, as required by section 4-157-110; and
(12) Any other information that the director may require.

Gotta love that last one– what else could they want? A fucking semen sample? But seriously, this is some bullshit. No more musicians under the age of 21? As much as I’d love to see Miley Cyrus out of a job, what about all the kids coming up in garage bands, or playing in their first couple years of college? Obviously, music students aren’t exactly touring musicians, but this still seems way out of line with reality.

A law like this opens way more issues than I’m prepared to deal with in this post– who gets the licensing fees, and where do they go? What about hobbyist musicians? Who appoints the jurored panels, and what will be considered “music”? I don’t want to get ahead of things, but I’m thinking of a sort of USA vs. Dunifer approach myself– claim that I don’t make music, only noise. Thus, the board will not have a licensing category for me– and I should be able to press on. What do you think?

Obama sighted in vintage Miami bass video

February 19, 2009

I don’t know if it’s real or not– but I gotta admit– I like living in a world where it’s POSSIBLE. Skip to 0:47 for Obama and his giant cell phone, yo.

How to write good copy

January 24, 2009


More and more methamphetamine abusers listeners are setting their alarms– why sleep the day away when you can experience the awesome power of a fully operational death star radio show that has all the kids kicking up their heels does it to you in your earhole with a sharp stick tender, loving sounds of ecstatic joy?

I’m on the air way too soon to bother sleeping please kill me just four hours, so why don’t you put me out of my insomniac hell tune in, or better yet, shoot me in the face give me a call? 

618-457-3691 is the number you can contact the authorities and let them know I’m completely bonkers contact me with your stupid requests stupid requests!



Not MY president

January 15, 2009

(…and that’s too bad, ’cause he’d have been awesome. Cage fanfic, anyone?)


Metallica’s “Death Magnetic” leaked

September 2, 2008

Was there any doubt this would happen? Without admitting any guilt, let’s just say I’m quite happy this evening, with all the DaveX neurons (both teen AND music freak grownup) firing away. But don’t worry guys… I’ll be buying this one as soon as it hits my local store.

Rick Rubin, whatever it is that you do, keep doing it. You kicked my ass with new Cash, Neil Diamond, and now Metallica. THANK YOU!!!!

Auto-art with Wordle

July 2, 2008

I can’t seem to leave Wordle alone, it’s just way too much fun. I have now discovered a really fun way to make automatic art with Wordle– I’m re-entering my old Wordles back into the generator!

To accomplish the process, I start with one of my prior Wordles, captured as a jpeg. For my first, I used the multi-year playlist Wordle I posted in my last entry. Then I uploaded this Wordle-become-jpeg to an ASCII art generator online, and copied the resulting mess of text. This is what I got:

Obviously, I was pleased as punch. Damn, it looks like an undiscovered John Cage score! As you may have guessed, I then decided to turn the process into a loop, capturing this Wordle as a jpeg and re-upping it to the ASCII art generator. Then– back into the Wordle generator! Here are the next four generations of my auto-art, which Wordle creator Jonathan Feinberg, has pronounced “insane.” Given his obvious love of typefaces, I think that’s a compliment.

You’ll definitely want to click these for the full-size versions.

Saying goodbye to my twenties…

April 23, 2008

In a little over 8 hours, I’ll be thirty years old. Although I always have a good time making a tremendous fuss about my birthday– mostly for present-gathering purposes– the truth is my birthday doesn’t usually mean a whole lot to me. And while I haven’t gotten weepy or anything, I have to admit that thirty seems like a bigger deal somehow.

I’ve grown up quite a bit since 20, and a heck of a lot has changed. This time ten years ago, there was no Google. Seriously– reflect on that for a minute. I probably hit Google 300 times a day. What the hell was I using back then? Excite? iMacs were just coming out… now I have one my eight-year-old will barely bother with.

I’ve been through more crappy vehicles than you’d believe if I numbered them, buried three people and two dogs, crossed the country a few times, watched two kids take their first breath, lost half as many friends as I did cars, held about a half-dozen jobs, and personally spent at least a week in the hospital.

I don’t remember a lot of it. I’m not even sure I’d want to.

Mostly, I’ve learned to let go. I figured out that control was a big elusive carrot, and that I was a lot happier letting things come as they may. I found the mental flexibility to come to terms with the world’s absurdity, and started trying to live more in the moment– not just the lip service most folks pay it, either– but accepting the loveliness that comes with knowing that tomorrow simply does not exist.

“The crack of Doom / is coming soon / Let it come / it doesn’t matter”

I still haven’t quite made it to 30 proper yet. Ended up in the woods last night, in a deep culvert somewhere around the center of my block… dashing a flashlight about, whose failing battery cast a dim yellowness on my surroundings. I couldn’t see a thing, but I sure could hear my puppy, the aptly-named Squeaky. He was trapped in a neighbors garage somehow. So there I was, well past midnight, introducing myself to a guy named Randy– “I’m sorry to be on your porch so late, and I know this sounds crazy, but I think my puppy is in your garage.”

So it begins.

PS: Forgot to get me something for my big day? Make it up to me by recommending Startling Moniker to someone who wouldn’t ordinarily read such a thing, and leave me a comment. Thanks!