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One more flyer, just for good measure!

April 16, 2012

I think you’ll like this one. Click to embiggen! Feel free to print, share, mangle, post, etc:


Now that you’ve heard “Music For Swimmers”…

April 15, 2012

Perhaps you could let a friend know about it? I’ve made a flyer for you, to print and use as you see fit. Enjoy!

Save me from the nightmare closet!

April 16, 2011

If you haven’t had a chance to check out my daughter’s broadcasts, tomorrow will present a nice opportunity for you. Not only can you dig on her fine selections of open-licensed chiptunes and abstract electronics, but you can also help me avoid cleaning the nightmare closet! You see, we have a little wager going– whoever gets more pledges during WDBX’s Spring Membership Drive wins. I get sticks picked up out of the backyard, or she gets her closet cleaned and organized. If you have kids, you might understand the value I place on staying far from her closet!

At any rate, she’s trailing me by $60. Throw one of us a bone, and become a member of WDBX at the same time. Community radio is absolutely worth supporting– just have a listen to your local corporate stations if you don’t believe me!

Phone in your pledges: 618-457-3691. If you want to talk with us, make sure you call between 3:30 and 5pm, Central time. Thank you!

An Evening of Radio Art & Surround Sound Works

March 31, 2011

If you’re local– or if you can get local in time– you’re going to want to check out “An Evening of Radio Art & Surround Sound Works” at the Christian H. Moe Theater this April 2nd at 7:30 p.m.

My good friend Jay Needham has put together a fine selection of works (some of which I’ve previewed, and am quite excited to hear) as well as a live set from improviser and instrument builder Eric Leonardson. It’s not to be missed!

Print this, post it places

April 8, 2010

First flyer for “Sounds Like Radio”

April 1, 2010

I love the new WSIU flyers! Rachel Snow took my photo– I was goofing around, pretending that I was being attacked by microphones. Reprint, and enjoy!

“Vietnam” flyer controversy, pt. 2

January 25, 2009

Remember my “Vietnam” flyer that created a tiff around WDBX? It was getting more page views than my blog, so I took it down out of jealousy– but seriously, it was the flyer that refused to die, and my Negativland-lovin’ heart couldn’t let something this absurd go to waste without a decent response.

But first, here’s the terrible flyer that started it all. I can’t remember who sent me this art, as I receive a good number of promotional mailers filled with all sorts of odd enclosed items.

I know, it’s awful. You can see where the devil himself put colored Sharpie markers in my hand to brighten things up and encode my foul message at the bottom. And the graphic depiction of violence! It truly brings home the reality of war, and the terror of conflict. Then again, I’ve seen worse on Tom & Jerry cartoons.

I already told you about the inital response to this, but here’s a snapshot of the final commentary. I think it’s an interesting text-portrait of the diversity of opinion around the station. Be sure to view it full-size.


But as I mentioned, I wanted to whip up a response. I’ve always believed that silly nonsense should be fought with equally silly nonsense. It puts such arguments in their rightful place, and can be fairly humorous besides. Here’s my final comment on the subject, a parody of the famous Alfred Eisenstaedt photo taken on V-Day. I’m not sure if Malty looks like a willing participant, though!


Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 12/27/08

December 27, 2008

Today’s show started with some miniature controversy. Apparently yet another of my flyers has raised the ire of the Southern Illinois Art Gestapo, the loosely-connected but firmly head-planted elite corps of yokels intent on being offended by… well, any number of small things. Today’s infraction was my most recent flyer, which I created from some of the promotional mail I received last month. The original drawing depicts a simplified cartoon person pointing to a hole in their head, with the dialogue: “I got this one in Vietnam.”

Not exactly intense graphic violence, this. Rather, it’s more along the elementary lines of Matt Groening’s “Life in Hell,” or maybe even a quick notebook doodle. A college of random older people posing for catalog ads covers the lower right portion of the half-sheet flyer, along with my show’s information. Terrible, isn’t it?

That’s what real-life troll “Jim D.” seems to think. He wrote me this note, and put it in my mailbox:

“ITDE– Saw your poster in the studio. Funny. Why don’t you take it to the VA, or a local bar or homeless shelter, find a Vietnam vet and ask him if he/she thinks it’s funny. Jim D.”

Well, Jim. I don’t think it’s funny either. But then again, I wasn’t trying to be funny. I was trying to re-use some fairly interesting artwork that happened along in a new way. I’ve been doing it for a while, mostly because I can’t draw for beans. I do find it interesting that you suggest military hospitals, bars, and homeless shelters as a place to check the quality of my second-hand art AND find veterans. You will be surprised to learn that bar patrons and those seeking medical services are often uninterested in what I stick to the bottom corner of a corkboard inside a radio station, but I’ll try out your suggestion regarding the homeless– perhaps their long-standing role as watchdogs of the art community will come in handy.

Also, please be advised that I have added a postscript to your letter, so future readers won’t be confused: “P.S.– Your show ROX!!!”

Thanks, Jim. Enjoy your playlist!

Just so I don’t become completely defunct, I decided to try out something new for this week’s broadcast– I’m playing some tracks more than once, bring them back in unexpected places, and generally making a mockery of the expected one-after-another routine that playlists often follow. The idea of a fractured broadcast, mirroring or echoing itself, is truly appealing and will definitely be something to explore in the next few episodes. Stay tuned!

Henri Chopin — French Lesson
Nicholas Szczepanik — Sundry 1
Nicholas Szczepanik — Sundry 2
BTong — Hands Up: Who Wants To Die?
BTong — Tu Me Degoute!
Optical 8 — Cripples and Kings
Mike Tamburo — Something About the Prison You Will Die In
Sabrina Siegel — Sisyphus
Sabrina Siegel — Protest
LX Rudis — Audible Method 1.43 (looong excerpt)
Torturing Nurse — You Are My Jonky
Henri Chopin — Dynamisme Integral
Glenn Weyant/Sonic Anta — All Souls
A_dontigny, Diane Labrosse — Antenne Parabolique
A_dontigny, Diane Labrosse — Photo Satellite
BTong — Fahrenheit… What Fahrenheit?

Whoops! Forgot one…

March 28, 2007

I meant to add this to my flyer post earlier… but forgot all about it. The following flyer was taken from a cheap paperback “movie” book– “The Bastard,” to be precise. I never saw the movie, but it looks to be a cheesy costume drama of some sort. Seeing the book at a yard sale, I knew it would make for a fun flyer. Unfortunately, at least one member of my radio station didn’t think it was so much fun– and complained about what she perceived as misogynistic language “promoting rape”. I didn’t think her complaint made a whole lot of sense, but I figured I’d change the flyer at my earliest opportunity anyway… to THIS!

As a bit of background, the “Labkids” hosted a lounge radio show at WDBX at the time I made the flyer. As a talented design collective, Labkids flyers were often far more advanced than my own– glossy paper, unusual sizes, nice fonts, etc– so I’d reference them in my own art as a good-natured joke. “Cornelius” was one of the silly names used for a character who would open their broadcasts, and appeared on their promo spot. With his exaggerated English accent, I knew he was the perfect material to send up with stills from “The Bastard.”

Click to view full size, and be careful to follow my red arrows!

Comicbook Flyers

March 28, 2007

Following a nice comment about my flyer art yesterday, I decided to finally get around to scanning a few more of my “It’s Too Damn Early” promotional flyers. These three are all obviously constructed from cut-out comic panels– two from Archie digests, one from a cheap Marvel reprint of “The Mighty Thor” that I picked up in a dollar store.

I know it’s totally not cool, but I love Archie comics, and I don’t mind admitting it. I have a very difficult time explaining why, but they’re fun to read, and always seem to be available in big stacks at my local library’s book sales. I love how Archie comics have no canon whatsoever– I continually enjoy how Riverdale has no end of giant museums, ski resorts, oceans, etc whenever it is convenient.

Anyhow, here are the two Archie comic flyers. As I read through a large stack of Archies, Veronicas, Jugheads, Double Digests, etc, I would put little bookmarks in where I saw especially strange or music-related panels. I used these (out of order, of course!) to construct the two flyers seen here. As an added joke, I posted small “explanatory” text next to each flyer:

“In 1961, M. Silberkleit was commissioned by DaveX to create two lithographic advertisements regarding the experimentally-themed radio show “It’s Too Damn Early.” Drawing deeply from his part use of dramatic realism, the starkly-rendered lithos were a crude slap in the face to the cartoony, slapdash approach to radio marketing common at the time.”

Here’s the first and second comic flyers. You will need to click to view them at full size.


I really enjoyed doing the Archie flyers, so I kept the idea in the back of my head for a while. As I’m not a big comic book reader, I didn’t have much opportunity to cut up comics, though. A few months later, I found a nice reprint of some vintage comics in a dollar store. After one of my “It’s Too Damn Early” broadcasts, which found me receiving one irate phone call after another, I created this final comic flyer. The line “I’ll still be drunk!” is actually taken verbatim from one of the callers. I have since updated some of the info on the flyer to include both the STARTLING MONIKER and ITDE website addresses.

You will definitely need to view this image at full size to read it.

“It’s Too Damn Early” Commentary for 2/10/07

February 10, 2007

Today’s broadcast went very well. I was pleased to play from a number of new albums, many of which were making their ITDE debut– Mystified’s “Instability”, released on Ambolthue Records; on Edgetone Records, Doctor Bob’s “Dark Times;” the ambitious Asphodel release “Blixter Toad” from duo Fe-Mail; and “NPFAI.1/Palmos/NPFAI.3/Praxis” by Dimitri Voudouris on Pogus Productions.

Original flyer artwork by DaveX

I had intended to do a lot of mixing and blending of sounds tonight, but never really got around to it in force. In the last hour, I spent about thirty minutes blending a variety of tracks, and although it was a nice effect, I simply didn’t find myself in the blending mood after all. This is one interesting aspect of my broadcasts: that I often find out what the show is going to consist of along with the listeners! (more…)