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Copyright = 5 years?

July 23, 2008

Andrew Dubber, New Music Strategies blogger, has a lot of folks riled up about copyright— including me. I’d be remiss if I didn’t send some readers his way; the conversation has been fantastically interesting. His idea? Make copyright an opt-in process, with a 5-year timeout, followed by the option to renew. Dubber hopes the renewal process will lead to a greater percentage of works entering the public domain… I just think its going to result in another enormous bureaucratic clusterfuck mis-managing artists’ rights.

I found this hanging outside WDBX. Either the tree lost its pants, or someone lynched a member of Dokken.

I found this hanging outside WDBX. Either the tree lost its pants, or someone lynched a member of Dokken.

In truth, I’m still not exactly certain where I stand with copyright. It seems to me that copyright and art don’t really go together all that well anyway– art and commerce ultimately have very different goals. If I was a businessman, I could definitely understand the value in hoarding everything of any possible use forever. As an artist, I’ve often given things away for free, or at least encouraged their dissemination. Can these be reconciled?

The fear underlying most copyright decisions (or so it seems to me) is that if a big-name artist’s work wasn’t protected, it could be sold out from under their noses by unscrupulous businessmen, de-valuing their work by making it more freely and cheaply available. But hey, isn’t this already happening? As I type this, a quick torrent search reveals more than one Radiohead discography available right now. One has 33 separate albums, in lossless format, and even features scans of some booklets and liner notes!

Yet Radiohead carries on. I’ve yet to see Johnny Greenwood flipping burgers.

Granted, they might have made a lot of their money before such widespread filesharing came into practice. What about newer artists? Honestly, I have no idea. In some ways, I’m just sort of waiting to see how it plays out. My hope is that the ubiquitous availability of any sort of information, at any time, will de-value ownership itself. I know that I have downloaded songs just to avoid the walk downstairs to retrieve the actual record. I’ve downloaded albums I already own to more easily make a copy for my daughter– the de-valuation of ownership is underway.

More music you don’t want!

March 29, 2008

I didn’t hear anyone clamoring for me to upload the last three broadcasts of “It’s Too Damn Early,” but I’ve put them up for free download anyhow. Either you all stayed up to hear it live, or your passion for new experience is as dead as beef.

Here’s what you’re missing:

3/8/08: Otherwise known as “DaveX gets stood up by his live guest, transforms creeping sense of disillusionment and depression into live improv catharsis.”

3/15/08: The “Golly, DaveX sure likes them organs” broadcast.

3/22/08: AKA “Fancy Blogging”… In which our hero trots out big words like “hypernumerally,” “Eohippus,” and “Zelphabet”

The links above connect straight to their respective download. Playlists can be found in the original liveblogged entries here, there, and everywhere.

Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 3/22/08

March 22, 2008

UPDATE: My slackin’ ass finally got this broadcast uploaded as a single mp3 file. Holy Church of the Subgenius, Batman! As always, support your favorite artists and labels with actual cash money– just because I got it free doesn’t mean you can, haha.

Co-hosting this morning’s broadcast with me is my daughter, DJ Mo. I started off with Frank Rothkamm’s amazing new release, “Just 3 Organs,” a hypernumerally-obsessed series of mind-bending compositions frightening not only for their mathematical bent, but the strikingly natural way Rothkamm approaches this sort of layering.

I’ve now moved on to Vanessa Rossetto’s album “Misafridal,” on her Music Appreciation imprint. I’m playing the track “Eohippus,” which I’m dedicating to The Digital Cuttlefish, and his wonderful poem about last night’s ultra-ironic flap over PZ Myers being expelled from “Expelled.”

“So this little movie trip is
Like a Trojan Eohippus
That delivered Richard Dawkins deep within the fortress walls”
(full poem here)

How about some Arcane Device? This track is part of the first Zelphabet compilation, being a remix of original and unreleased David Lee Myers recordings made from 1987 to 1993.

I’m taking the hour from 5 to 6 a.m. to play from Annea Lockwood’s superlative 3-disc treasure “A Sound Map of the Danube.” This is already among my most highly-regarded works, and I’m sure that many of you will enjoy it as well. This is a perfect example of needing to hear something in its original, lossless format. I’m afraid radio will not totally render the incredible sound quality of these discs. And hey– my new headphones are paying off big time with these recordings!!

I thought I’d play this live recording of the KBD Sonic Cooperative, from their recent release on Eh? Records, “Four Plus One.” In a show filled with longer cuts, who will mind one more? Besides, I’m always happy to put more no-input mixer into the aether!

I’ll have this show available as a download a little later on today, providing my program didn’t crap out on me. If you’re lucky, I’ll upload last week’s broadcast too! It’s a killer set, so don’t miss it.

Frank Rothkamm — Sleepy Bullet
Frank Rothkamm — Encounter With Remarkable Trees
Frank Rothkamm — Younger Critics 0f New York
Vanessa Rossetto — Eohippus
Arcane Device — Seventeen Ambiguous Figures
Squid Fist —
Kirmann_ — Liza
Annea Lockwood — A Sound Map of the Danube; Bregquelle to Immendingen
Annea Lockwood — A Sound Map of the Danube; Fridingen to Ulm
Annea Lockwood — A Sound Map of the Danube; Lauingen to Weltenburg
Annea Lockwood — A Sound Map of the Danube; Inzell to Badesee
Annea Lockwood — A Sound Map of the Danube; Orth to Haslau
The KBD Sonic Cooperative — Live at The Bohemian National Home, Detroit 11/8/07

Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 2/1/08

February 2, 2008

Update! This show is now available for download. Be a good person and support the artists and labels linked below– don’t just download the file and think you’re getting over on anyone! 

Tonight’s show started off really well– just feeling very much in the swing of things, and seemingly can do no wrong with my transitions and layering. Confidence! It feels good. I got going a bit early, with Sweet Action Radio needing to bop off to a sledding party. For fun, I’m picturing toboggans, caroling, and hot cocoa… but I’m fairly sure it will be more like car hoods, snowy face plants, and someone coming home with one shoe.


For today’s broadcast, I am going to play with the theme of “Unrelated”. The last couple weeks have been full of unrelated sound works suddenly making themselves known in some fashion. Mystified popped up with a radio installation, Kingo found a Halaka recording intended for me from a few years back, my old EKV disc revealed itself in a Southern Illinois closet, and a presumed-victim of Homeland Security (“50/50” from HarS and Van Alebeek) arrived from Amsterdam after a month of floating in the postal tide.

Sound very often has its own life– every now and then, its good to step back and see where it wants to take us.

I’ve just started the aforementioned radio installation, “ASP,” by Mystified. The instructions call for the three identical discs of 12 tracks apiece to be aired simultaneously on shuffle– I’m letting this happen for a while before I up the ante– I’ve always wondered what a massively-layed Mystified creation might sound like, so I’m going to see how far I can take it before I bring out the next surprise.

At present, I have 10 virtual instances of “ASP” playing right now, along with the discs… and in addition, re-routing our webcast back into the mix, for a total of 26 layers at the onset. As time progresses, my theory is that the “tail” of the webcast will become shorter and more apparent. I had a single alert sound during all this, and it has been cropping up regularly since, at smaller intervals. Interesting!

Surprise #2! I’m now playing from Halaka’s untitled recording that was originally intended to be sent to me a few years back. Having created the audio discs myself from Kingo’s original files, I accidentally allowed my burning software to insert a 2-second gap between each “track,” duh. Fortunately, this is the “Unrelated” show– this is just the sort of mistake that can be followed to its extreme conclusion, without reprisal. Interestingly, I also had to create two discs, because of the overall length of the full recording. My solution to the 2-second gap? Let’s put both discs on at once! What you are hearing is track markers 1-14, layered with track markers 15-24.

It not only covers those dopey gaps, but works surprisingly well. I was tempted to go even further out, but I’ve had enough shuffle mode for one day.

More commands from the music, which I had to follow: “Mr. DJ. At this point, you’ll want to turn down the record, in a minute it’s going to get sloppy.” DONE AND DONE. Marina Hardy and Bob Marsh are filling the void of silence underneath all radio broadcasts at the moment… gotta dig this cut.

And now on to the third main “unrelated” recording– “50/50,” from HarS and Rinus van Alebeek. Mine came in a stylish European walkman knockoff, burgandy with silver accents. Promises “X-BASS,” which I’m confident it can deliver best through the de-foamed earbuds. Put together 50 of your favorite currency, and get yourself a copy of this before they’re all gone!

I will linkify everything later on today, and hopefully, be able to have a download of the show available as well. Thanks for listening, –DaveX

Sissy Spacek — Untitled (from Helicopter 9)
Merzbow — Minka pt.1
Robert Inhuman — Savage Groping Until Dizzy & Euphorically Cumming
Burning Star Core — Let’s Name Her Snowy Because It’s Snowy Outside
Insect Joy — Twin Seraphs
Breed the Circus — Demo no. 6
Big Sugar Victorious — Dada 1963 (Oh, What a Mess)
Na — Na is Nice
Kim Cascone — Dust Theories 2
Yuko Nexus6 — Journal de Tokyo #1
Yuko Nexus6 — Voici le temps de lecture
Yuko Nexus6 — J’aime beaucoup la cassette #1
Yuko Nexus6 — Journal de Tokyo #2
Yuko Nexus6 — Phonographe #1
Yuko Nexus6 — J’adore la boucle #1
Yuko Nexus6 — Berlin 1936
Yuko Nexus6 — Mes voisins jouent de la musique
Ophibre — Shattered CD (extract)
Mystified — ASP
Halaka — Introducing the Microphones
Halaka — The Point in Anything
Halaka — Dying for Somebody to do Anything to
Halaka — His Own Silly Putty
Halaka — The Part Where I Talk Right Into the Thing
Halaka — Untitled
Halaka — Huh? / Nobody Listens to Me
Halaka — A Very Limited Area
Halaka — Meditation
Halaka — Kundalini Yogurt (we are doing nothing)
Halaka — Rock Back and Forth On Your Ass (Mister DJ)
Halaka — In the Back of my Microphone
Halaka — I Love You Really High Up (The Bottles of Milk Aren’t Even Sour)
Halaka — I Don’t Like Covers
Halaka — Please Stop Feeling Me That Way
Halaka — Sorry (Helicopters) / Please Come to Dallas
Halaka — Do You Have Jesus?
Halaka — Windows Catholic P
Halaka — Like Sweaty Life In Here
Marina Hardy — Trumpet (extract)
Marina Hardy, Bob Marsh — The Marina and the Marsh
HarS, Rinus van Alebeek — 50/50 (Side A)
HarS, Rinus van Alebeek — 50/50 (Side B)
Alfredo Costa Monteir0 — Epicycle

Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 1/26/08

January 26, 2008

It’s about -70 degrees here tonight; I’m surprised I even came in. Who knew Southern Illinois could get this cold? I guess it is cold enough that all of downtown has been experiencing intermittent power failures, so there is apparently a very real chance that I will type something amazingly transcendent, only to have it vanish during a blackout.

Oops, it just happened. Right when I’d just discovered the language of the gods, too. Oh well.

Anyways, I kicked off tonight’s show with Mammal, and what has to be one of the heaviest tracks I’ve heard in a long time. No, it’s not strictly experimental, but I really get a kick out of how the sound is allowed so much breathing space. Right now, I’m playing some of The Transhumans disc “Into the Maelstrom,” which has the right sort of intensity for following both Mammal and Tuft. Not sure where I’m going after this, but I doubt it will be in the same direction.

Or maybe it will be! Got sidetracked on a technical phone call– somehow, word has gotten out that I’m “the podcasting guy” at the station, so now everyone wants to know my arcane process. Had to let The Transhumans roll– luckily, I really like that album. Moving on to the Ctephin side of “Sand of Ages” now… I have the feeling I need to cram in a bunch of new stuff, ugh.

Resisted the urge– I’m happy because Karthik dropped by. All thanks to Mama Karthik for driving him over… it’s way too cold for walking. No download this week, due to random computer failure. Ha, ha– some guru I am!

Mammal — Repulsion
Tuft — Finally, The Mighty Sinkholes Opens Up and Swallows You All
The Transhumans — Descent: Approach
The Transhumans — Descent: Passage
The Transhumans — Descent
The Transhumans — Descent: Forgotten Memories
The Transhumans — Drunken Boat: Perilous Journey
Ctephin — Circumference of a Djinn
Ctephin — Traveling to Bubastis
George Korein — Gleaming Corpse
George Korein — Singsong Corpse
George Korein — Gleaming Corpse II
George Korein — Singsong Corpse II
Ernesto Diaz-Infante, Matt Hannafin — All the States Between, part 1
Climax Golden Twins – Untitled (Testing Ground)
Bryan Day, Alex Boardman — One to Seven, part 1
Bryan Day, Alex Boardman — One to Seven, part 2
Bryan Day, Alex Boardman — One to Seven, part 3
Bryan Day, Alex Boardman — One to Seven, part 4

Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 1/5/08

January 5, 2008

Update: The download for this week’s broadcast is now available as a single mp3 file. Enjoy! 

Coming off last week’s somewhat sedate broadcast covering for “Music From Beyond the Lakes,” I’m ready to play some noisier material this time around. Unfortunately, it smells like a rank dormroom in here, and nothing seems to want to cover it up.

Glad you’re enjoying things, Joe. I saw your bit about coming up with your band name the other day, I’ll definitely be checking it out when I get a chance.

Okay, I finally just had to toss the chair mat and rug completely out of the room. Enough bad smells! I already get shocked using most of the equipment here, I shouldn’t have to smell somebody’s yak on top of that.

Currently playing from Conure’s album, “The Generation of Our Grandfathers,” which was inspired by the documentary “Paragraph 175.” Apparently, this was a portion of code in the Nazi regime which would lump homosexuals in with all other “undesirable” persons. It’s a pretty rough album, one of the noisier ones I’ve heard from Edgetone, but definitely worth picking up. It’s sort of a backward way to go about things, but I know I’ll be tracking down the documentary as soon as I can.

I was just thinking about how terrible these studio monitors are. Did someone put pebbles in the, or are they filled with dried leaves? Hard to tell. It sure isn’t doing justice to “Repercussions,” an album of solo and “hyperpiano” from Scott R. Looney. I’m actually playing from one of the less experimental tracks– it’s still fairly wild as far as jazz goes, with a lot of frantic runs, flashes of Sun Ra (especially in some of the more reflective moments,) and even a spot where Looney throws out some lines that seem more appropriate to a harpsichord. I suppose I’ll let this run through the next track as well, “Discurses,” to let you hear the prepared elements that pepper this disc. Good stuff!

Only one bad thing about this Curia album from Fire Museum– I can’t read the type on the back! It’s in something like “Edwardian Script,” and it’s tiny. Yes, I am officially too old to read liner notes. Just shoot me now, okay?

Following this Robert Ashley, I’m going to play a recording from Henri Chopin, who passed away two days ago. Unfortunately, I wasn’t previously aware of his enormous body of work– art can come to us in so many ways. I’m taking this as simply another example of why I should be learning to speak French, which I’ve been putting off for far too long.

DaveX — Improv for Folded Signals
Praew Jik — Providence and the Pounding Fist
Anla Courtis — Asma de Tia de Alga
Anla Courtis — Rastrillo-Termotanque
Frank Rothkamm — XFM OR New Encounter Architecture
Frank Rothkamm — Reality OR Room in Hollywood
The Air Conditioners — Depression Fits
Conure — The Generation of Our Grandfathers
Conure — Some Vowed Abstinence
Scott R. Looney — IuxtasEnTemporae
Scott R. Looney — Discurses
Ductworks — tkcrdsuow
Plasmic Formations — Untitled (from ESR064, split with Zemekky)
Curia — Curia
Robert Ashley — Now Eleanor’s Idea, Act III: Questions and Answers
Henri Chopin — La Civilisation du Papier

5 You’re Missing

December 31, 2007

I’ve had a lot of long posts lately, especially with the playlists, so I know that finding my download links can be difficult. So I’ll make it easy– everyone is missing these five broadcasts. Get them now, or Mr. Dragon will eat you.

1/7/06:        Inspired!
3/11/06:      Decay!
4/1/06:        Pissed!
12/18/06:    Noise!
12/29/07:    Yesterday!

Dragon eats Shark

Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 12/29/07

December 29, 2007

Update: The download for this broadcast is finally available. Sorry for the delay! As always, please remember to support (with cash, duh) the artists and labels featured on this recording. Most links in the playlist bring you directly to the album or label for cool purchasing simplicity.

SLSK noise chat w/ JoAnne Thrax, and Roil Noise!

I’ve started today’s broadcast a half-hour early– looks like “Sweet Action Radio” has their first no-show. Hopefully, this isn’t the beginning of a long spiral towards broadcast obscurity for them.I’m kicking off with Diving Bell, the duo of Craig Colorusso and Joel Westerdale. It looks like I’ll be playing host to Colorusso in early March, between the Indianapolis and St. Louis portion of his Spring tour. There’s no time like the present to start getting you excited, hence the Diving Bell disc.

I really should take a station break now, being 4AM and all, but I think I’m going to play a bit more Nihil Communication first. I suppose everything can wait five minutes, right?

How about a little more Neil Rolnick? Here’s a free mp3 he’s hosting from his album “Digits,” the same I’m playing from now.

I just got done playing some of Frederique Bruyas‘s work, which I just got turned onto today. I wrote to her earlier, so cross your fingers that her English is better than my French! Still, I see from her website that she recorded with Cathy Berberian, which is cool in my book. I should play that recording as well!

BTW, Eddie the Rat’s “Insomnia Sound Bible” is supposed to be the companion album to “Just Another Spin Cycle in the Black Hole of Spirituality”. So even though I don’t have a copy of this one, Eddie the Rat has a couple mp3s hosted

Well, I’ve got the Bruyas temporarily out of my system. With any luck, I’ll have a better handle on her work next week, so watch for this. I gotta admit, I’m pretty pleased with this broadcast. I’m doing a lot of things I don’t ordinarily do; even my song selection has been a bit different than normal. The transition between Phil Hargreaves and Lee Noye’s “A Present From the Pickpocket” into Circle Six’s “Glitch Core” worked very well, and the Al Margolis/If, Bwana material brought me back in the general area where Bruyas left off.

You DO know that “A Present From the Pickpocket” is a free download, right?

Diving Bell — Diving Bell
Nihil Communication — We Are Violent
Nihil Communication — Sleep Under Wire
Neil Rolnick, Peter Eldridge — Wednesday
Neil Rolnick, Peter Eldridge — Making Light of It
Neil Rolnick, Peter Eldridge — Words
Neil Rolnick, Peter Eldridge — The Return
Neil Rolnick, Peter Eldridge — Llanto
Neil Rolnick, Peter Eldridge — The Last Step
Frederique Bruyas — Ma Guele de Christophe Tarkos
Frederique Bruyas — Litantie de Jacques Rebotier
Eddie the Rat — Sunny’s Up All Night
Eddie the Rat — Freak Out and Die
Eddie the Rat — Cough Up the Life Units
Frederique Bruyas, Cathy Berberian — Stripsody (extract)
Phil Hargreaves, Lee Noyes — Later That Day
Phil Hargreaves, Lee Noyes — The Institute of Mental Health (Burning)
Circle Six — White Swan
Al Margolis/If, Bwana — Abroad
Monsturo — F-44
Needles, Wether — Beauty Is In the Eye of the Storm
Plastic Boner Band — Wolf Guys
Bigga Baphomet — Overtly Covert
Helena Espvall — Idioblast
Helena Espvall — Kretslopp av blod och stjarnor
Helena Espvall — Nimis and Arx
Helena Espvall — Certainty of the Neverseen
Helena Espvall — Multiplication Broken and Restored I

Special broadcast coming up!

December 28, 2007

I’ll be covering for the New Age/Contemplative music program “Music From Beyond the Lakes” this coming Sunday, December 30th. I’ve even made a temporary promo recording to drum up some excitement. For anyone who has yet to hear one of my “It’s Too Damn Early” broadcasts, this could be a great opportunity to catch your (soon to be) favorite experimental DJ out and about in the daylight hours.

That is, if you consider 8-10 PM “daylight”… Frankly, I’ve forgotten the feel of sunlight.

For long-time listeners, the show will definitely be a treat. My plan is to work with the idea that experimental music is best appreciated in exactly the opposite manner than New Age/contemplative works– where New Age sounds provide a backdrop for self-examination and introspection; the focus of experimental works are often wholly on the sounds and compositions themselves.

I have previously discussed this with “Music From Beyond the Lakes” host Jerry, who seems to feel much the same. Despite our radically different approach to music, we have occasionally found some useful overlap in our promotional materials, with a surprising amount of discs changing hands (usually for good!) between us. “It’s Too Damn Early” fans may recall me playing a lot of Larry Kucharz a while back– you can thank Jerry for introducing me to his work.

So: December 30, 8-10 PM CST. Don’t miss it! I expect phone calls, seeing as how everyone should be bright-eyed and sober at this hour. 618-457-3691.

Put the “X” back in Xmas!

December 25, 2007

In the spirit of Xmas, I give you five downloadable episodes of “It’s Too Damn Early”– most dating back from when this blog was but a glint in my monitor. I have included commentary and full playlists for each. All you have to do is set your phasers to “download” and enjoy. Now there is still the small matter of what you’re giving your favorite experimental DJ for Xmas… *coughmoneycough* (more…)

It’s Too Damn Startling #5!

December 23, 2007

I’ve just uploaded the 5th edition of “It’s Too Damn Startling,” my regular contribution to Tony Youngblood’s ~ORE~ Theatre Intangible radio show. You’ll definitely want to grab this one!

Going into my fifth edition, I decided that I really didn’t want to work with a lot of materials. I’d had a conversation with fellow WDBX-FM deejay Nick last night regarding my microsound leanings, and of my own temptations about working ever deeper within the waveform.

Of course, I’ve also been doing a fair amount of thinking about Stockhausen, as I have been taking a more active approach to hear many of his works of which I am unfamiliar. I decided to take a very small sample of one of Stockhausen’s works, and use it as the basis of a larger piece.

Following this rather vague plan, I ended up using a little less than two one-hundredths of a second of Stockhausen’s “Helikopter Streichquartett” as the sound source for a 3′ 33″ work of pulsing, chattering sound evolution. I’m quite pleased with it, and hope you will be as well.

You can hear “It’s Too Damn Startling #5” when today’s broadcast airs live from 2-4 AM, this December 23 on WRVU-FM. However, if you have plans to be handcuffed and left for dead during this time, you may download It’s Too Damn Startling #5 at your convenience upon rescue.


Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 12/22/07

December 22, 2007

I’m getting a bit of a late start on the show today– gave up about 10 minutes to the show before mine, on account of introducing them to The Wipers. So far, things have been going really well, with some nice transitions between tracks. I’m playing Sabrina Siegel now, following my long-overdue return to reviewing albums.



Not sure if I mentioned this already or not, but there’s a new feature here at STARTLING MONIKER. To the right of this text, you’ll see a column called “categories.” Clicking on any of these brings up similar entries I have posted at STARTLING MONIKER, so feel free to explore this a little. It’s a good way to catch up on posts you may have missed.

Praew Jik is currently tearing my listeners a new one, with the album “Ignore(ance)”– this is some tremendous work. When noise works, it’s nothing short of amazing.

I’m having a bitch of a time with the formatting on this entry. For some reason, my paragraphs want to stick together, and its driving me nuts. I’m playing from Andrew Chadwick’s “Magnetic Personality” right now, which doesn’t seem to be his strongest recording. It’s just a bit too fractured to hang together, so I think I’m going to have to play something else for now. Sometimes, what sounds alright at home doesn’t end up playing as well during a radio show– obviously, your results may vary.

I’m really enjoying this new Bob Marsh disc, “Viovox,” from Public Eyesore. I’ll have a more thorough review later, but for now, I’m recommending it. This kind of reminds me of the Dr. Bob stuff, but not nearly as sinister. Who slipped the Doctor antidepressants?

I’m now playing SIECOX, from the album “Noisy Folks.” I actually wanted to play from “Flutter: Embodiments,” but I neglected to bring my good copy. My original has some skips, which I’m pretty sure EAC was able to overlook while making a nice rip of it– but I still have to actually bring it with me if I want to play it! Apparently, I’m still waiting for the day when all my music fits on some sort of glowing crystal.

Naked Mall Rats — There Must Be Somewhere
Naked Mall Rats — I just Wanna Pwn You
RST — Lords of Space
Sabrina Siegel — G(fill in your name)d’s Music
Maurizio Bianchi — Sretsulkyz
Son of Gunnar, Ton of Shel — In Circulation
Druids of Huge — Ergotism
Praew Jik — Bleached Deluge in Negative
Praew Jik — First Movement
Praew Jik — Space in Light to Wire of Relative Bone
Praew Jik — Exploitation of a People
Aaron Martin & Machinefabriek — Cello Drowning
Tom Nunn — Skatchmat
Tom Nunn — Cross Rods/6
Andrew Chadwick — Magnetic Personality
Bob Marsh — Over Time You’ll See
Bob Marsh — A Walk in the Park
Bob Marsh — Forest for the Trees
SIECOX — Noisy Folks no.1
SIECOX — Noisy Folks no.2
SIECOX — Noisy Folks no.3
David Morneau — bsym5.1
David Morneau — OTC 1
David Morneau — Here, I’ll Play it Again
David Morneau — Cadence
David Morneau — Recovering no.1
David Morneau — Retreat
David Morneau — Harbor Bells
David Morneau — Leading
David Morneau — Toss Me a Carrot
David Morneau — Oh
David Morneau — Recovering no.2
David Morneau — msym2.1
David Morneau — Hare Christna
David Morneau — Introspect
David Morneau — Birds and Whales

It’s Too Damn Startling #4!

December 16, 2007

I’ve uploaded the 4th edition of “It’s Too Damn Startling,” my continuing to Tony Youngblood’s ~ORE~ Theatre Intangible radio show, which airs live from 2-4 AM, this December 16 on WRVU-FM.

This week, Tony has no pre-conceptualized theme, so I thought I’d play with the idea of going into things blindly– which also perpetuates my approach to this morning’s “It’s Too Damn Early” broadcast.

For this short mix, I utilized extracts from some of the tracks I broadcast this morning, with the exception of Neil Rolnick’s “Breathing Machine,” which I had not used earlier. Selecting my extracts purely from the appearance of each track’s waveform, I began assembling the mix without the benefit of any sound output– using only the “look” of the waveform as my guide. It was not until after uploading the finished product that I allowed myself to listen to it– so what you hear is the first result, just as I heard it.

You may download the 4’15” long mix by clicking this awkwardly-rendered link, or simply content yourself with the list of sound sources below:

Neil Rolnick — Breathing Machine
Leo — Cute Drops
David Watson — Dexter no.1
Tom Nunn — Skatchmat
Judy Dunaway, Tom Chiu — Etude no. 1 for Balloon and Violin

Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 12/15/07

December 15, 2007

Update pt.2: The full playlist is now posted. Net trouble at the station did not permit liveblogging, but at least you can see what I played. Overall, I enjoyed this show, and the few enthusiastic callers as well.

Update (from home) : The station computer was running very poorly this week, so I couldn’t maintain any sort of decent connection for liveblogging. Naturally, the recording failed– but I’ll post the remaining playlist later on today. This was a very good show, and another example of why you should always try to catch radio live!

So far, I’m not too sure where I’m taking this week’s show– or more likely, where this show is taking me. I’ve got a mix of old and new in my bag, so I’m just going to hold on and enjoy the surprise.

US Maple — Songs That Have No Making Out
US Maple — La Click
Flies Inside the Sun — White Walls
Kim Cascone – Statistically Improbable Phrases
The Mighty Vitamins — Kaw River Suite: Loops and Spirals
The Mighty Vitamins — Kaw River Suite: Stoppages
The Mighty Vitamins — Kaw River Suite: Turbulence
Thanos Chrysakis — Immanent Distance
Thanos Chrysakis — Isabelle
Thanos Chrysakis — Nekyomanteion
Judy Dunaway — Etude no.1 for Balloon and Violin
Tom Nunn — Loose Change
Tom Nunn — Skatchmat
Danielle Palardy Roger — Nnaaaooon
Neil Rolnick, Joan La Barbara — Body Work
Leo — Multiple
Leo — Cute Drops
Leo — B. Bill Bell
Mudboy — Lost
Mudboy — Running
David Watson — Dexter pt.1
The Free Players — All Time Sunrise
The North Sea — Albino Deer Transmission

Darren McClure — ST Fence
Darren McClure — Pink River
Darren McClure — KG Court
Naing Naing — Le Coq Megalo
Naing Naing — Brosse a Danse
Naing Naing — La Grenouille qui Veut Se Daire Aussi Brosse Que la Boeuf
Naing Naing — Webbed

A touch of DaveX

December 12, 2007

That’s what you’re going to find among the rest of Tony Youngblood’s 12/9/07 broadcast of “~Ore~ Theatre Intangible,” a Vanderbilt radio show I contribute to each week.

Original digital photography by DaveX

Actually, I don’t. Like an old person’s bowels, my offerings to ~Ore~ have been somewhat irregular. On the other hand, mine are much less disgusting as they enter your ears.

Enjoy a full download of this experimental broadcast, including a lovely six-minute mix of degenerating tones and voice from yours truly, by clicking the seven chance words after the double dash– britney spears crotch shots nude girls strip

I swear, I pick these words completely at random. The shame is yours for having a filthy mind. (more…)

Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 12/8/07

December 8, 2007

Update: The download for this broadcast is now available. As always, I implore you to turn from your churlish ways– please visit the linked musicians and labels in the playlist below– and most importantly, support those you enjoy by purchasing their albums. Feel free to name-drop your favorite DJ when placing your order. I can’t guarantee you a 75% discount on your bill, but philosophers assure me that things can’t be proven not to exist, either.

I don’t have a lot to say this week, so I’m leaving the commentary rather sparse. Earlier, I answered the phone: “Yes, your radio is broken, whaddya want?” so you can see how it’s going around here. On the upside, I might have turned someone on to the Last Visible Dog label with the Vapaa disc– and that’s always a good thing.

Had to play a little Stockhausen on today’s show, obviously… gets me thinking about the media term “gatekeepers,” and how difficult it must have been to hear someone like Stockhausen when he was younger. I imagine if you weren’t in a major city, you probably couldn’t even order one of his recordings, could you? It’s a wonderful world in some ways now– it’s going to be very interesting to see how the simple availability of materials such as these affect our collective appreciation and understanding of the greater “whole” of art.

Some new stuff arrived from Lona Records yesterday. I had to check out the Maurizio Bianchi album “Zyklusters” first. I’m really digging it, but I’m not certain the description on the back isn’t a put-on, at least not without a dictionary. If anyone is “seeking the tumorigenic antithesis of the embryonal context in the dissonant framework,” please stand up.

I keep promising to write reviews, and I keep being a chump about following through. Can I call a truce? I’m tired out! My next review will definitely be Charlie J. Moneybags’ “An Evening With…” disc, even though it may not be a proper release. I don’t care. I have things to say about it, but I also have a lot of dishes to do. Surely, you can see the problem: Dishwater + Keyboard = Electrical hazard

Hot damn. George Korein/Naked Mall Rats is so much fun to listen to. Gotta love the track “I Just Wanna Pwn You,” with all the variations on how to pronounce “pwn,” lol. Speaking of things I can’t pronounce– “Phon°noir,” anyone? Seriously, folks… why do you do this to me? Between the Finnish, the pseudo-electronic IDM track titles, and the ASCII symbols; you’re killing me.

You can type degree symbols at home, though, and be just like your favorite experimental music blogger: activate your number lock button, hold down ALT, and type “167” on your number pad. º, easy!

Garth Kunkle — Shake it Like Jello and Make it Say Hello
Metis Yeti — Verdun Massacre
Hong Chulki — Without Cartridge 1
Mike Hallenbeck — Eventualities 01.1: Voice
Mike Hallenbeck — Shuffletronics #1: A Beginning, A Middle, And an End
MurmurDiscovery of Mother Voidness
Vapaa — Varjoista
Muck — On Any Given Day The Inspection From Within
Karlheinz Stockhausen — Kontra-Punkte Op. 1, For 10 Instruments
Maurizio Bianchi — Zyklusters
Charlie J. Moneybags — Hope
Naked Mall Rats — There Must Be Somewhere
Naked Mall Rats — I Just Wanna Pwn You
Naked Mall Rats — Moved By Your Emoticon
Naked Mall Rats — Stop Trolling My Life
Phon°noir — Embryo
Phon°noir — From Time to Time We Change Our Minds
Phon°noir — Airplane Traces in the Sky
Phon°noir — No More Sad Dreams
Ernesto Diaz-Infante — 1:04
Ernesto Diaz-Infante — from Henry who just wrote
Ernesto Diaz-Infante — 1:03
Ernesto Diaz-Infante — :57
Ernesto Diaz-Infante — 1:05
Ernesto Diaz-Infante — 1:02
Ernesto Diaz-Infante — 3:08 Cranking up it’s pathos
Ernesto Diaz-Infante — 1:02
Ernesto Diaz-Infante — 1:03
Ernesto Diaz-Infante — 1:05

It’s Too Damn Startling #3!

December 2, 2007

I’ve uploaded the third edition of “It’s Too Damn Startling,” my small contribution to Tony Youngblood’s ~ORE~ Theatre Intangible radio show. This week, the theme is “Degenerates,” which can be read as a noun or a verb– and will surely be used both ways in the broadcast. As always, I recommend you catch it live from 2-4 AM, this December 2nd on WRVU-FM.

If it does happen that you find yourself unable to operate a mouse until tomorrow afternoon, though, feel free to download the mix here.


This edition is exactly 6 minutes long, and features portions of the following:

Billy Murray — Save It For Me
Ross Bolleter — Piano Dreaming
Rune Lindblad — Party
Scott Smallwood — Debris
Mike Hallenbeck — Silent Night (Shepherds Quake)

Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 12/1/07

December 1, 2007

So far, today’s broadcast has been a lot of fun. I was surprised to learn that yet another DJ has been given the killer timeslot just before “It’s Too Damn Early,” this being “Sweet Action Radio Hour,” with Nick. Of course, I say “killer” because this timeslot seems to feed on the blood of DJs– between being trainwrecks of one show following another (remember when I came on after hip-hop and before vintage cowboy songs?) and the late hour, a lot of otherwise-fine shows have gasped their last in the early hours before ‘ITDE.”

I’ll admit, I hope “Sweet Action Radio Hour” makes it. I had a nice drive in to the station while listening to David Bowie, and got turned on to a new solo track from Radiohead guitarist Johnny Greenwood, who was apparently turned on by Penderecki.

Listening to this track, I knew I had to follow with Stockhausen’s “Helicopter Quartet,” having recently heard an excerpt of this at the master’s site. Just for kicks, I let the Greenwood track come back in afterward, and play to a close. Nice!

What was most interesting was how open Nick and company (he had a couple guests) were to experimental music and methods. As I’ve noted before, circuit bending seems to be reaching more and more people now, and Southern Illinois is apparently no different. We discussed noise a little bit, and Stockhausen, and netlabels

It’s nice to find new people willing to check these sorts of things out, so naturally, I’m inspired to continue bringing these sounds into the area– and yes, for you too. (link to more below pic)


DaveX apparently has abandonment issues

November 27, 2007

With downloads of my most recent “It’s Too Damn Early” broadcast (11/24/07) quickly tapering off, I can only assume you all need some new listening material. Or you’re bogged down with my old shows. Or you hate me.

Anyways, despite your bewildering lack of interest in the link above, I’m going to take a chance and share *gasp* another radio show with you. One that’s not even my own!

Before you nominate me for “Most Selfless in a Dramatic Blog” let me make you aware that I have a vested interest in this other program– I’m on it! Yes, I’m referring to ~ORE~ Theatre Intangible, a program of experimental music and free improvisation hosted by Tony Youngblood.

As you may recall, I’ve been tapped to create an ongoing series of short experimental mixes for this incarnation of ~ORE~. This has resulted in my “It’s Too Damn Startling” mix series, the latest of which was broadcast during Tony’s 11/25/07 broadcast.

Original photography by Tony Youngblood

But wait, there’s more! My recent release, “Tenex,” also found it’s way into the broadcast– alongside the Evolution Control Committee, Gyorgy Ligeti, US Maple, John Cage, and an excerpt of some Nashville-based free improvisers from the previous week’s broadcast.I’d love for you to check this out. The show download is available here, with the complete playlist below. Enjoy! –DaveX

The Evolution Control Committee — 5000 BC
Louis Barron, Bebe Barron — Battle with Invisible Monster
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band — I Wanna Find a Woman That’ll Hold My Big Toe Till I Have to Go
US Maple — Mountain Top
The Evolution Control Committee — Toot
Davenport — Dear Skull
DNA — Not Moving
Teenage Jesus & The Jerks — Baby Doll
Mars — Puerto Rican Ghost
The Evolution Control Committee — Lunch
John Cage — First Construction (In Metal)
Gyorgy Ligeti — String Quartet 1-2, Metamorpho
Louis Barron, Bebe Barron — Robby Arranges Flowers
Karlheinz Stockhausen — Struktur IX
Pan Sonic — Groundfrost Being
Throbbing Gristle — Tanith
DaveX — Tenex
DaveX — It’s Too Damn Startling! #2
~ORE~ Theatre Intangible — Angry Beavers (episode 11/18/07, excerpt)

It’s Too Damn Startling #2!

November 24, 2007

I’ve uploaded the second edition of “It’s Too Damn Startling,” my (hopefully) regular contribution to Tony Youngblood’s ~ORE~ Theatre Intangible radio show. Of course, I recommend you catch the broadcast live from 2-4 AM this November 25th on WRVU-FM– but if you miss it, or just want to add my every sonic leaving to your archive of DaveX-y goodness, you may download it here.

This edition is a little over 12 minutes long, and features portions of the following:

Sarah Peebles — Fast Kitchen
Joan LaBarbara — Solo for Voice #45
DaveX — Waiting at the Start
Boyd Rice — Untitled #2
Steven Flato — 48v
Ryan Gregory, Christine Jeanine — Rain
Frank Rothkamm — Temporarily Unavailable OR Descent Into LAX
Anna Lockwood — Rod Against Edge of Pane
Anna Lockwood — Deep Water Gong