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Liveblogging! “ITDE” 11/12/11

November 12, 2011

Rune Lindblad — Månens Död (from “Death of the Moon,” on Pogus)
Rune Lindblad — Evening
Rune Lindblad — Nocturne
Martin Alejandro Fumarola — Callejuelas (this and next from “Travels of the Spider,” on Pogus)
Alejandro Iglesias Rossi — Ascención
Ashtray Navigations — Darwin’s Seal, Animal Tracks and Bones (from “The Love That Whirrs,” on Last Visible Dog)
Ashtray Navigations — She’s Like Black Glass On A Pinball Table, Threatening The Love That Whirrs
Seeded Plain — Tarpaper Neutrality (from “Entry Codes,” on Creative Sources)
Seeded Plain — Vacuum Insect
Seeded Plain — Czar of Thumbs
Seeded Plain — Waxwing Lettuce
Nolls — Tsunami Arms (from Hiss Nausea/Nolls split cassette on Hyster)
Nolls — Sunrape
Nolls — Invisible Summer
Nolls — Alpha Mail
Nolls — Night City
Nolls — Hallucinatory Forest
Rotkappchen — Xerox and Infinity (from Knirschen Knacken/Rotkappchen split cassette on Ikeukuro Dada)

Liveblogging! “It’s Too Damn Early,” 10/30/11

October 30, 2011

I’m covering for Emma’s “Style City” show today, so this is the “awake and cogent” version of my usual broadcast, haha. It’s been fun so far– definitely different to have the sun streaming in the windows!

Be sure to check out Dolphin Logic’s “Replicant Embolisms” album, btw. They’re local, and they’re keeping it weird– plus, I hear their show at the Douglass Art School went well! I’ll have to see about getting them on-air soon!

Hmm. I just got a “text-to-voice” message from a caller who says: “This is white noise, not music. I’m turning to country.” So I called them back, and left my own message. Next time, Jimerson Montgomery Phillips III (really?!) should grow a pair and call me himself.

Joe Lasqo — Choshi (from “Turquoise Sessions,” on Edgetone)
Gen Ken Montgomery — Friedhof (from “Birds + Machines,” on Pogus)
Dolphin Logic — Her Eyes Were A Burning Laser (from “Replicant Embolisms,” self-release)
BKPR — Kollateral (from “BKPR,” on Autumn Abattoir and Seasonal Affect)
Charlie Morrow — Central Park 1850 (from “Toot!,” on XI Records)
Robert Ashley — Perfect Lives, pt.2; The Supermarket: Famous People (from “Perfect Lives,” on Lovely Music)
Warren Burt — La Strega Bianca Della Luna (this, and next two, from “Sonic Circuits VI,” on Innova)
David Barnes — Panic in Legoland
Rasmus B. Lunding — Det Nødvendige

Liveblogging! “ITDE” 10/22/11

October 22, 2011

It isn’t often that I get to use the phrase “exploded gagaku” in a sentence. I’d like to thank Joe Lasqo, Edgetone Records, and “It’s Too Damn Early,” for affording me this unique opportunity.

Andrea Pensado — Bircho Raro (from “Ktotam,” on ZeroMoon)
Andrea Pensado –BR+DSC
Andrea Pensado — Desconcierto (1)
Howl Jolson — Shibu Inu Dreams (presently available via Howl Jolson’s Soundcloud)
Howl Jolson — Flowery
Andrea Pensado — Desconcierto (2)
Bjork — Dark Matter (from “Biophilia,” on One Little Indian)
Bjork — Hollow
Bjork — Virus
John Cage — Third Interlude (from “Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano,” on Naxos)
John Cage — Sonata IX
John Cage — Sonata X
Joe Lasqo — Alingana (“Interlock”) #1 (from “Turquoise Sessions,” on Edgetone)
Joe Lasqo — Etenraku in Mode Hyo
Andrea Pensado — Ktotam
Sonic Dada — Apart at the Seams (this, and next two, from “Serge Modular Users 2009,” on Resipiscent)
David Talento — Crisis Mountain
Lowenzahn — Unravel With Ease
Charlie Morrow — Central Park 1850 (from “Toot!” on XI Records)
Charlie Morrow — Breath Chant
Charlie Morrow — Late Afternoon Chant
Charlie Morrow — Chorale Bounce 2
Charlie Morrow — Central Park 2007

Liveblogging! “ITDE” 8/6/11

August 6, 2011

Mor Monsen — Vangsåsa (from “Lastenfound,” on Ambolthue)
Mor Monsen — Ramah
Mor Monsen — Kanutten
Zoviet France — Come To The Edge (from “Shouting At The Ground,” on Charrm)
LSD March — When I Die, Hell Awaits (from “Kanashimino Bishounen,” on HP Cycle)
Sun Ra — Call For All Demons (from “Sun Song,” on Delmark)
Sun Ra — Transition
Sun Ra — Future
Grey Park — Carpenter (from an untitled album on Planned Confusion)
The Oval Language — 00:02:03 (from “Tapes Singles And Remixes,” on Monochrome Vision)
The Oval Language — 00:04:41
The Oval Language — 00:00:24
The Oval Language — 00:05:41
The Oval Language — 00:09:38
Harley Gaber – Cataclysm and Threnody (from “In Memoriam 2010,” on Innova)
Harley Gaber – Threnody and Prayer
The Rejuvenation Trio — Strings And Things Suite (from “Rejuvenation Voyage,” on Edgetone)
The Rejuvenation Trio — Signals From Space
The Rejuvenation Trio — Warp Speed

“Sounds Like Radio,” 5/15/11

May 15, 2011

I’m a little too tired to fully liveblog today’s episode of “Sounds Like Radio,” but I thought you’d still enjoy seeing the playlist. If you missed it, just remember that “Sounds Like Radio” airs from 3-5 a.m., and again from 1o p.m. to midnight, every Sunday (Central) on WSIU-FM. Don’t miss next week’s broadcast– I’ll be playing Robert Ashley’s “Improvement,” which is fantastic stuff!

Sabrina Siegel – Yom Kippur (from “Grace/Precarious“)
Sabrina Siegel – The Body Moving
Thomas Buckner, Annea Lockwood – Luminescence (from “New Music For Baritone & Chamber Ensemble,” on Mutable)
David Rosenboom – On Being Invisible pt.1 (from “Invisible Gold,” on Pogus)
Scott Smallwood – Chest & Chair (from “Desert Winds,” on Deep Listening)
Sabrina Siegel – After your voice
David Rosenboom – On Being Invisible pt.2
David First – Zen Guilt, Zen Blame (from “Privacy Issues,” on XI Records)

I’m listening with you– “Sounds Like Radio,” 5/1/11

May 1, 2011

It’s International Workers’ Day– or well, it is for another couple hours. I figured I’d spend the rest of it (as the song says) “for what I will,” listening to “Sounds Like Radio” with you. So here goes!

Oh good, things have started. I don’t sound too bad! I just realized that I don’t remember what I was going to play this week. I suppose I’d better check my notes. Ah, this is “Wind Tunnels,” by Scott Smallwood. It’s from “Desert Winds,” an older disc of his from the Deep Listening label.

Hmm… seems like I’m going to be defacto pre-empted by an official White House announcement of Osama Bin Laden’s death.  They created Osama, and they destroyed him when it was convenient. Don’t expect me to rattle my chains to celebrate the master’s triumph.

I really enjoy this “Asia Radio Environments” by Jesse Paul Miller. It’s absolutely full of weird, transient sounds, and is just plain interesting to hear. Plus, broadcasting it is kind of like sticking a bunch of radio broadcasts inside my own broadcast– recursive broadcasting!

I’m letting Obama and the “Asia Radio Environment” mix in my headphones. He’s laying it on thick. “Remain vigilant.” Ugh. If folks were vigilant, they wouldn’t have things like this— suits giving and taking our so-called rights. Anyway, Obama’s done, so I’ll get down off my soapbox. Back to things of beauty and substance.

Speaking of which, Miya Masaoka’s “For Birds, Planes, and Cello” is freakin’ awesome. I added it to this week’s program after noticing that David Toop mentions his enjoyment of the piece in his latest book, “Sinister Resonance: The Mediumship of the Listener.” He actually has a laundry list of great recordings there, which I’ve got big plans to work through at my leisure.

I was starting to get a little antsy, thinking that there isn’t much “Sounds Like Radio” remaining, when I noticed that there is actually 45 minutes left! I love long-form radio!

Oh, it occurs to me that you may wonder about my listening setup. I’m using headphones right now, some nice AKG K-240s. They sound great, and won’t kill your budget. I’m sure you could spend more, but if you’re still rocking earbuds, you’ll be amazed at the huge difference in detail and clarity once you get a set of these on your ears.

I’d forgotten– I did ask everyone who listened THIS week to listen NEXT week with a friend. If you do this, take a photo of yourselves, and I’ll post it here. Until then, take care, and keep your ears open!

Liveblogging! “ITDE” 4/30/11

April 30, 2011

I had a little fun mixing my somewhat dramatic readings of creepy ghost stories from Reddit into today’s broadcast, and also found that I couldn’t get enough of the first “scummy” track from RP Collier– I had to play it a second time, just for good measure!

Richard Pinhas — GSYBE (thanks to) (from “Event & Repetitions,” on Cuneiform)
Area C — Star Names (from “Haunt,” on Last Visible Dog)
Eric Leonardson — Eko (from “The White Airplane,” on Brazildisc)
Eric Leonardson — Handwriting
Eric Leonardson — Quite The Riddle
Eric Leonardson — A Siege
0 OK, 0:1 — Tafel 00 (from “Tafelmuziek”)
0 OK, 0:1 — Tafel 18
0 OK, 0:1 — Tafel 25
Aemae — Qaadah (from “The Helical World,” on Isounderscore)
Violet — All Records Collapse (from “Violet Ray Gas and the Playback Singers,” on SRA and Zeromoon)
Violet — Marionetki
Violet — Plague Numbers
Rodrigo Costanzo, Ray Evanoff, Iain Harrison — Fig.1 (from “16 Figures,” self-release)
Rodrigo Costanzo, Ray Evanoff, Iain Harrison — Fig.2
Rodrigo Costanzo, Ray Evanoff, Iain Harrison — Fig.3
Rodrigo Costanzo, Ray Evanoff, Iain Harrison — Fig.4
Rodrigo Costanzo, Ray Evanoff, Iain Harrison — Fig.5
Rodrigo Costanzo, Ray Evanoff, Iain Harrison — Fig.6
RP Collier — Scum for DaveX, pt.1  (otherwise unreleased)
RP Collier — Scum for DaveX, pt.2
Gen Ken Montgomery — Crema di Roma (from “Birds + Machines,” on Pogus)
Gen Ken Montgomery — MC Extraordinaire: Ann Craig
Area C — Haunt
Mystified, The Ghost Between The Strings — Rivers of Midnight Ice (from “Ghostbone,” on Dark Meadow)
Eric Leonardson, Steve Barsotti — The Felling Method (from “Rarebit,” on Transparency)
Eric Leonardson, Steve Barsotti — To Bone A Bird
Eric Leonardson, Steve Barsotti — Round Airy Light On Dark
RP Collier — Scum for DaveX, pt.1 (an encore!)

Liveblogging! “ITDE” 4/16/11

April 16, 2011

It’s Spring Membership Drive time at WDBX now, so if you’ve been enjoying my shows all year, I’d really dig it if you’d consider making a pledge to support the station. Either phone in: 618-457-3691, or donate online. A large portion of our yearly budget comes from member donations– without your help, WDBX cannot exist!

That being said, enjoy your playlist:

Peter Gordon — Life Is Boring (from “Star Jaws,” on Lovely Music)
Gustavo Aguilar — The River (from “Looking for Aztlan,” on Acoustic Levitation)
John Morton — Amazing Grace Variations (from “Solo Traveler,” on Innova)
The Holly Martins — Stairway to the Mezzanine (from “No. No. Yes. No.” on Edgetone)
Negativland — Style (from “Crosley Bendix Radio Reviews,” on Seeland)
Glenn Weyant — Natural Electronics (from “In the DNA” on Sonic Anta)
Edward Ruchalski — Truro (from “Radio Journal,” self-release)
Edward Ruchalski — Ghost Harm
Jesse Paul Miller — The Flower’s Dream (self-release, from album of the same name) (NOTE: Help fund Miller’s 2-week residency at the Mamori Sound Project in the Brazilian rainforest through Kickstarter!)
Vapaa — Nåky Alas (from “Hum Hum Hum” on Last Visible Dog)
Vapaa — Ajan Odotus
Blue Sausage Infant — Locust of Control (from “Flight of the Solstice Queens,” on Zeromoon)
Tzii — Something (this, and next 2, from “Brussels Tape Run,” on Staaltape)
Ripit — 8 Brickwall
Ayemeric De Tapol — Schaarreek Double Speed
Merzbow — Bamboo Honey (this, and next, from “Deprogramming Music” on Sacred)
Ashrae Fax — Pan Pursuing Syrinx
The Frogs — Gwendolyn Macrae (from “My Daughter The Broad,” on Matador)

Liveblogging! “ITDE” 4/2/11

April 2, 2011

If you’re enjoying today’s broadcast– and you’re near enough to make it on time– be sure to come out for tonight’s “Evening of Radio Art & Surround Sound Works” in the Christian H. Moe Theater on the SIUC campus. There are a lot of really nice pieces that will be played, and a live set from Eric Leonardson as well.

Thollem McDonas — Living Is The Strangest Thing I’ve Ever Done (from “Solo Piano,” on Pax)
Univers Zero — Soubresauts (from “Clivages,” on Cuneiform)
Univers Zero — Apesanteur
Univers Zero — Three Days
Tom Hamilton — Crimson Sterling Mvt I (from “Pieces for Kohn/Formal & Informal Music,” on Kvist)
Tom Hamilton — Crimson Sterling Mvt II
Tom Hamilton — Crimson Sterling Mvt III
Christopher Roberts, Mark Morton, James Bergman — Around the Hearth (from “Trios for Deep Voices,” on Cold Blue Music)
Christopher Roberts, Mark Morton, James Bergman — Kon Burunemo
Hiss Nausea — Pyramid Glue (from “Hiss Nausea/Nolls” split cassette on Hyster Tapes)
Varropas — Moln På Drift 1978 (from “Second One,” on Hyster Tapes)
Myo — Emergent Citrus Feedback Multiphonics / Lipoma 02 v2 (from “Memory Gospel,” on Zeromoon)
Myo — Tibersund 02
Myo — People Are So God Damn Fucking Selfish
Myo — Memory Gospel

An Evening of Radio Art & Surround Sound Works

March 31, 2011

If you’re local– or if you can get local in time– you’re going to want to check out “An Evening of Radio Art & Surround Sound Works” at the Christian H. Moe Theater this April 2nd at 7:30 p.m.

My good friend Jay Needham has put together a fine selection of works (some of which I’ve previewed, and am quite excited to hear) as well as a live set from improviser and instrument builder Eric Leonardson. It’s not to be missed!

Liveblogging! “ITDE” 3/19/11

March 19, 2011

I’m back from vacation, and starting today’s show a bit early– expect three hours of backlogged aural fuckery, mostly directed at your earholes, but perhaps splattering a bit on the head and neck. Put on your poncho (or properly secured headphones) and enjoy! –DaveX

PS– Thanks to everyone who clogged my mailbox when I was gone. I’m going to have an awesome time going through all these submissions! Thank you!

PPS– I mentioned a nice interview with BCO’s das, which can be found at Don Campau’s “Living Archive” website.

Gen Ken Montgomery – Crema di Roma (from “Birds + Machines,” on Pogus)
Le Syndicat — Deflagration (from “Timespace Losses,” on Monochrome Vision)
Le Syndicat, Merzbow, NBN — Vaccine

Le Syndicat — All Armi (Live at L’Abbatoir, Paris)
Big City Orchestra — Raga (from “Cockamame,” on Ubuibi)
Big City Orchestra — Nutshell, pt. 2
Big City Orchestra — Mediant, pt. 3
Merzbow — Bamboo Honey (from “Deprogramming Music, Volume 1” on Sacred Noise)
Seeded Plain — Tarpaper Neutrality (from “Entry Codes,” on Creative Sources)

Seeded Plain — Vacuum Insect
Eddie the Rat — Involvulus-Ritual (from “My Malady,” on Mental Monkey Records)
Amy Horvey — People Deserving Something (from “Catchment,” self-release)

Michael Fahres, Jon Hassell, Mark Atkins — The Tubes (from album of the same name on Cold Blue Music)
Ryan Jewell — Espouse Elucidation (from “Eschew Obfuscation, Espouse Elucidation,” on Hot Releases)
Maurizio Bianchi — Plays the Clockwork Orange (from album of the same name, on Hot Releases)

Liveblogging! “ITDE” 2/19/11

February 19, 2011

Following my disappointment at coming into the station to find insulting flyers about me, I decided to hold an “It’s Too Damn Early” support drive, asking listeners to call in. I am pleased to say that I had a number of lovely conversations with fine human beings, all of whom were similarly disheartened to hear about the poor start to my day. I also took the time to make a “remix” flyer, which I posted next to the original, for all to see. I’m not sure if they’ll be taken down later or not, so here they are. Be sure to click them to view full size! Update: Some station members believe that sharing the flyers is the equivalent of “giving the place a black eye,” and have requested that if I continue sharing the flyers, it might be best if it’s “by request.” If you feel like you need to see them, just e-mail me.

Enjoy your playlist!

Eyes Like Saucers — Owl Creek Bridge (from “Parmalee, Tribute To a Dog,” on Ikuisuus/Ruralfaune
Charlamagne Palestine — A Sweet Quasimodo Between Black Vampire Butterflies (from album of the same name, on Cold Blue Music)
Thollem McDonas, Rick Rivera — The Sun Don’t Wait (from “I’ll Meet You Halfway Out In The Middle Of It All,” on Edgetone Records)
Thollem McDonas, Rick Rivera — War Is Terror, Terror Is War
Thollem McDonas, Rick Rivera — I’m No Different From You Now
Eyes Like Saucers — Sea Song (from “Still Living In The Desert, And Mostly In My Own Head,” on Last Visible Dog)
Eyes Like Saucers — Delusion of Reference
Eyes Like Saucers — Still Living In the Desert (And Mostly In My Own Head)
Eyes Like Saucers — I Want To Believe
Conure — Amsterdam and 81st, A Reverie (from “Strings, Locations,” on Edgetone)
Conure — Feedback Location String
Kevin Kastning, Siegfried — Umbra I (from “Gravity of Shadows,” on Greydisc)
Kevin Kastning, Siegfried — Umbra II
Kevin Kastning, Siegfried — Umbra III
Kevin Kastning, Siegfried — Umbra IV
The Stumps — The Black Wood, pts. 1-3 (from “The Black Wood,” on LVD)

Liveblogging! “ITDE” 2/12/11

February 12, 2011

I love Eyes Like Saucers. Is it just me, or does every ELS track sound like it’s some awesomely ragged outtake from Terry Riley’s “Shri Camel?” In a more perfect world, that album would have been a subscription series nearing it’s 31-year conclusion, it’s marathon cuts known everywhere– I can imagine it ringing over Egypt throughout their peaceful transition to a moneyless, government-free world power; ushering in a lasting era of freedom and peace. That’s just a part of tonight’s broadcast dream, enjoy.

Eyes Like Saucers — Unheimlichkeit (from “Crows of the World, vol.2” on Last Visible Dog)
David First — A Bet on Transcendence Favors The House (from “Privacy Issues,” on XI Records)
O — …Dying and Spanish Circle (from “Numero 0,” on Antenna)
O — Sawed Desert
O — De la Mancha
O — Wested Desert
O — Cactus #0
O — Easted Desert
O — Far Away Inside
John Bennett, Ben Bennett, Bob Marsh, Jack Wright — Greasy Cheese (from “Ohio Grimes and Misted Meanies,” on Edgetone)
John Bennett, Ben Bennett, Bob Marsh, Jack Wright — Libros Quemados
Aaron Martin — Albee (from “Worried About The Fire,” on Experimedia)
Aaron Martin — Ice Melts Onto Fingers
Aaron Martin — Open Knife
Aaron Martin — New Brighton
Aaron Martin — Water Tongue
Thollem McDonas — Ancient Futures (from “Solo Piano,” on Pax)
Liz Allbee — Leisure Sport Overlords (from “Theseus vs. The Ship of Fools,” on Resipiscent)
Liz Allbee — Cape Matapan
Liz Allbee — The Undersides

Joseph Hammer — Could Have (this, and next, from Zelphabet vols. J & K)
K2 — Choke
Terry Riley — Celestial Valley (from “Shri Camel,” on CBS Masterworks)
Amere — 41667 (from “The Helical World,” on Isounderscore)

Liveblogging! “ITDE” 2/5/11

February 5, 2011

Today’s show is inspired by the range of human experience– from our attempts at immortality in art and medicine, to our attempts simply to survive a long winter. Shivering in the cold, lungs rattling. Naked, save a thin skin of artifice against the vacuum of space. Making our mark on the cave wall. Missing the mark, buried under the crushing weight of the billions after.

T.D. Skatchit, Scott Looney — Regrets (from “Skatch Migration,” on Edgetone)
T.D. Skatchit, Kyle Bruckmann — Flammable Skatch
T.D. Skatchit, Ron Heglin — Shring Shrong Skatch
Daniel Lentz — Wolf Is Dead (from “On The Leopard Altar,” on Cold Blue Music)
Daniel Lentz — Lascaux
Daniel Lentz — On The Leopard Altar
Hans Grusel’s Krankenkabinet — Pulse Widthed Doors (from “Blaue Blooded Turen,” on Resipiscent)
Hans Grusel’s Krankenkabinet — Helilude
Hans Grusel’s Krankenkabinet — Dark Waldung
Thollem McDonas — For All Those Yet To Come (from “Gone Beyond Reason To Find One,” on Edgetone)
Hans Grusel’s Krankenkabinet — Aufzahlungszeiche
Hans Grusel’s Krankenkabinet — Fanfares
Renato Rinaldi — Hoarse Frenzy (from album of the same name on Last Visible Dog)
Ross Bolleter — Unfinished Business (from “Crow Country,” on Pogus Productions)
Ross Bolleter — Under Rookwood
Inhabitants — Far Away In Old Words (from “A Vacant Lot,” on Drip Audio)
Renato Rinaldi — We Shall Overtone, pt.3 (from “We Shall Overtone,” on Last Visible Dog)
Christopher Roberts — Kon Burunemo (from “Trio For Deep Voices,” on Cold Blue Music)
Scott Looney — Rumination (from “Repercussions,” on Edgetone)
Scott Looney — Janus
Univers Zero — Les Kobolds (from “Clivages,” on Cuneiform Records)
Univers Zero — Warrior
Key Ransone — A Tangible Bridge (from “K” volume of Zelphabet)

Liveblogging! “ITDE” 1/29/11

January 29, 2011

Maurizio Bianchi — Plays The Clockwork Orange Part 1 (from “MB Plays The Clockwork Orange,” on Hot Releases)
Maurizio Bianchi — Zyklusters (from “Zyklusters,” on Lona Records)
Philip Samartzis, Michael Vorfeld — Wams (from “Scheckenrock,” on Non-Visual Objects)
Annie Gosfield — A Sideways Look From An Electric Eye (this, and next, from “The Art of the Virtual Rhythmicon,” on Innova)
Philip Blackburn — Henry and Mimi At the Y
Ryan Jewell — Eschew Obfuscation (from “Eschew Obfuscation, Espouse Elucidation” on Hot Releases)
Ryan Jewell — Espouse Elucidation
Thollem McDonas — For All Those Who Have Gone Before (from “Gone Beyond Reason To Find One,” on Edgetone Records)
Choi Joonyong, Park Seungjun — Drill Into Your Brain (from “Driller,” on Balloon & Needle)
Big City Orchestra — Raga (from “Cogkamame,” on Ubuibi)
Big City Orchestra — Nutshell

“Sounds Like Radio,” 1/9/11

January 10, 2011

Here’s the playlist for this week’s broadcast of “Sounds Like Radio.” Remember, the show airs twice a week now– 3-5 a.m., CST, Sunday mornings; and later Sunday evening from 10-midnight. Tune in at 91.9 FM, or online at the WSIU live stream:

AGF (Antye Greie), Modyfier – Process Part 101 (Confusion Dripping From Me)
John Adams – Shaker Loops (from Nonesuch, 79360)
Haruki – Wetlands
Haruki – Posts and Fences
John Adams – Chamber Symphony (from Nonesuch, 79219-2)
Sculpture – Shiiin, Jet Stream, White Earphones

And while I’ve got your ear, (so to speak) consider adding your voice to that of 170 million other Americans who make use of public broadcasting. Let Congress know that public broadcasting funds are too important to be cut! I’ve added mine, so please do your part as well.

Liveblogging! “ITDE” 12/4/10

December 4, 2010

I’m not sure how I’m going to top last week’s psychedelic tribute to Paula Deen, but I’m determined to keep it weird as we close out 2010. I’m sweating to death here in the Hi-Life Room, so perhaps I’ll have a vision that will clear things up for me.

The Oval Language — 00:02:03 (from “Tapes Singles And Remixes,” on Monochrome Vision)
The Oval Language — 00:04:41
The Oval Language — 00:00:24
The Oval Language — 00:05:41
The Oval Language — 00:09:38
Mari Kimura — Six Caprices for Subharmonics (from “The World Below G And Beyond,” on Mutable Music)
@c — Composition #77 — 77 (0) (from “0°-100°,” on Monochrome Vision)
@c — Composition #77 — 77 (1)
@c — Composition #77 — 77 (2)
@c — Composition #77 — 77 (3)
T.D. Skatchit & Company — Regrets (from “Skatch Migration,” on Edgetone)
T.D. Skatchit & Company — Flammable Skatch
T.D. Skatchit & Company — Shring Shrong Skatch
T.D. Skatchit & Company — Elephant Skatch
T.D. Skatchit & Company — What Did I?
T.D. Skatchit & Company — 2nd To The Last Word
T.D. Skatchit & Company — The Morning After Skatch
Matt Weston — You’ve Got Know How To Wear a Hat (from “Last of the Six-Cylinders,” on 7272 Music)
Matt Weston — I Don’t Want Success, I Want Adventure
Amy Horvey — People Deserving Something (from “Catchment” self-release)
Amy Horvey — Cranberry Flats Mobile
Erdem Kelvacioglu — Wandering Around the City (this, and next two, from “Concorso Internazionale Di Musica Elettroacustica E Rumore 2010,” on Monochrome Vision)
Stefan Fraunberger — Peshawar 03.09.2009
Andrea Santini — Venetian Sketches

Liveblogging! “ITDE” 11/6/10

November 6, 2010

I’ve got a great show ready for you this morning– we’re going to stretch ourselves with some Rafael Flores material from the Monochrome Vision label, and also check out some new noise stuff that’s come my way.

Wadada Leo Smith’s Golden Quintet — Al Shadhili’s Litany of the Sea, Sunrise (from “Spiritual Dimensions,” on Cuneiform)
Moon — And A Great Fire Will Come From the Skies (from “The Curve of a Wave”)
Moon — Pieces of Desire
The Telescopes — Winter #4 (from “#4,” on Antenna)
The Telescopes — It Bleeds
Rafael Flores — 7 Minutillos (from “Nubes, cometas, remores y orugas,” on Monochrome Vision)
Rafael Flores — Antinoe 1994
Rafael Flores — Mil Anos Antes de Vandervilt

Thriftstore Boratorium — SK1 of Mind (from self-release of the same name)

Kirmann — Memoires/Scars (from album of the same name, on Lona Records)
Kirmann — Jimmy Jimereeno
The Painful Leg Injuries — Frozen Caverns Thrive In These Conditions (from “The Quicker Are the Encumbered,” on Lona Records)
The Painful Leg Injuries — Everything That Comes In Stages Left In A Birthday Hat
The Painful Leg Injuries — I Must Listen To That Which Calls Me Back To The Sea
Qkcofse — One Moment Please (from “Molecular Detournment Egregore” on Surrism Phonoethics)

Qkcofse — Surrational Incantation
Qkcofse — Tales of the Tongue
Qkcofse — Radio Barbaric Infinity
Qkcofse — Phantasmic Relays
Qkcofse — Microns of Anatomy
Qkcofse –Molecular Detournement
Qkcofse — Psychogeographical Dice
Qkcofse — Both of the Three
Qkcofse — Human Meat Slaves
Qkcofse — Radar Defense Network
Qkcofse — The Inner Explosions of Charlie Marquis
Mr. Victor, Director of the Niemann-Marcus wine cellar — The Joy of Wine (excerpt)
Ernesto Diaz-Infante, Jeff Arnal — Brooklyn Mantra, pt.1 (from “Brooklyn Mantra,” on Generate Records)
Mr. Victor, Director of the Niemann-Marcus wine cellar — The Joy of Wine (excerpt)
Ernesto Diaz-Infante, Jeff Arnal — Brooklyn Mantra, pt.2

Liveblogging! “Sounds Like Radio,” 10/17/10

October 17, 2010

I’m listening in to the broadcast tonight– still trying to improve my vocal work! I hope you enjoy today’s episode of “Sounds Like Radio” on WSIU, and also that you’ll let a friend know about the show as well. We’re doing our pledge drive right now, so if you’re as excited as I am about getting to hear experimental music on public radio, be sure to give them a call at 1-800-745-9748. You can also donate online. Be sure to tell the operator that you enjoy “Sounds Like Radio,” or leave a comment in the online pledge area to that effect. Thanks!

Also, on the 23rd of this month, how about joining me for a soundwalk on the SIUC campus? We’ll start at 10:30 a.m., outside on the North end of the Student Center. It’s free, and a lot of fun– I hope you can make it!

Wow, very strange. I just heard my spot about pledge drive, which I announce. Unfortunately, it was run in the break during my show. So I essentially said that we were going to break, and then was immediately on again. A little discombobulating, haha.

Here’s the playlist for this week:

RP Collier – Leeway (from “Lamelaphone,” on Lonely Whistle)
My Fun – Easy Rest (from “Camaraderie,” on The Land Of)
My Fun – Murals
Christopher Campbell – Surface Streams Moonface (from “Sound the All Clear,” on Innova)
Christopher Campbell – All Clear
Frank Rothkamm – Overture (from “Amerika,” on Flux Records)
Frank Rothkamm – You’re In the Army Now
Mark Peter Wright – Commentary (from “Inanimate Life,” on 3 Leaves)
Mark Peter Wright – Untitled 2
Mark Peter Wright – Untitled 5
Glenn Weyant – Electric Fan Sound Works (from album of the same name, on Sonic Anta)
PD Wilder – Ilka Maka (from EP of the same name on Lo-Bango Sound)

Liveblogging! “Sounds Like Radio,” 10/3/10

October 3, 2010

I just realized that until the 9th, I get somewhat symmetrical dates! It all falls apart with a bang on the 10th, followed by a timed release of chaser symmetry on the 11th and 22nd– just enough to get me through. Anyways, I’m listening to “Sounds Like Radio,” digging on this Grundik & Slava track, which apparently never made the cut to an actual album. I wonder about what happened to it… I’ve always enjoyed that one, and I know it’s on at least one of my “Mystery Tapes,” as it put a smile on my face during one of my periodic “quality checks.” If you’ll allow me a quick digression, I should mention that two more Mystery Tapes have been released during the past 30 days. Keep an eye out for them, my tape distribution agents are widely scattered; occasionally, they do not even know they’ve been selected for the job!

Well, I’m a chatty thing. Two songs in, and I still haven’t got the playlist up. Yikes! Dig the similarities between the John Morton track and the Grundik/Slava cut. So many odd similarities!

I must’ve had a thing for bells when I selected these tracks. Seems like they’re popping up everywhere. Currently, listening to “Walking By the Refinery.” Eek, now there’s a promo with Somali soldiers. There’s a downer for you! Speaking of a downer, I think my vocals need to improve. Anyone have some tips for me? I think the sound is accurate, but they just seem a bit flat to me. Is it the lack of typical radio compression, etc, or something I could improve without too much trickery?

Digging on Glenn Weyant’s “Natural Electronics” right now. Sometimes, when I put together a show like this, I get a kick out of watching how low some of the levels are. I don’t think that many radio broadcasts explore such a wide range of dynamics, but of course, I have nothing more than my own experiences with radio to go on.

Wow! I had forgotten how well these two tracks fit together. I don’t think I even noticed the exact crossover point between “Natural Electronics” and “Essl Museum.”

Grundik Kasyansky, Slava Smelovsky, Chaos As Shelter – Lullaby for Little Ghostesses
John Morton – Solo Traveler (For 5 Voices and 5 Music Boxes) (from “Solo Traveler,” on Innova)
Ernesto Diaz-Infante, Matt Hannafin – All The States Between, pt.II (from “All the States In Between,” on Pax Recordings)
Eric Glick Rieman, Lesli Dalaba, Stuart Dempster – Walking by the Refinery (from “Lung Tree,” on ReR)
Gen Ken Montgomery – Birds and Machines (Machine Suite) (from “Birds and Machines,” on Pogus Productions)
Gen Ken Montgomery – Birds and Machines (Bird Suite)
Violet – Violet Ray Gas (from “Violet Ray Gas and the Playback Singers,” on Sentient Recognition Archive and Zeromoon labels)
Glenn Weyant – Natural Electronics (from “In the DNA,” on Sonic Anta)
Mark Applebaum – Essl Museum (from “The Bible Without God,” on Innova)