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Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 3/22/08

March 22, 2008

UPDATE: My slackin’ ass finally got this broadcast uploaded as a single mp3 file. Holy Church of the Subgenius, Batman! As always, support your favorite artists and labels with actual cash money– just because I got it free doesn’t mean you can, haha.

Co-hosting this morning’s broadcast with me is my daughter, DJ Mo. I started off with Frank Rothkamm’s amazing new release, “Just 3 Organs,” a hypernumerally-obsessed series of mind-bending compositions frightening not only for their mathematical bent, but the strikingly natural way Rothkamm approaches this sort of layering.

I’ve now moved on to Vanessa Rossetto’s album “Misafridal,” on her Music Appreciation imprint. I’m playing the track “Eohippus,” which I’m dedicating to The Digital Cuttlefish, and his wonderful poem about last night’s ultra-ironic flap over PZ Myers being expelled from “Expelled.”

“So this little movie trip is
Like a Trojan Eohippus
That delivered Richard Dawkins deep within the fortress walls”
(full poem here)

How about some Arcane Device? This track is part of the first Zelphabet compilation, being a remix of original and unreleased David Lee Myers recordings made from 1987 to 1993.

I’m taking the hour from 5 to 6 a.m. to play from Annea Lockwood’s superlative 3-disc treasure “A Sound Map of the Danube.” This is already among my most highly-regarded works, and I’m sure that many of you will enjoy it as well. This is a perfect example of needing to hear something in its original, lossless format. I’m afraid radio will not totally render the incredible sound quality of these discs. And hey– my new headphones are paying off big time with these recordings!!

I thought I’d play this live recording of the KBD Sonic Cooperative, from their recent release on Eh? Records, “Four Plus One.” In a show filled with longer cuts, who will mind one more? Besides, I’m always happy to put more no-input mixer into the aether!

I’ll have this show available as a download a little later on today, providing my program didn’t crap out on me. If you’re lucky, I’ll upload last week’s broadcast too! It’s a killer set, so don’t miss it.

Frank Rothkamm — Sleepy Bullet
Frank Rothkamm — Encounter With Remarkable Trees
Frank Rothkamm — Younger Critics 0f New York
Vanessa Rossetto — Eohippus
Arcane Device — Seventeen Ambiguous Figures
Squid Fist —
Kirmann_ — Liza
Annea Lockwood — A Sound Map of the Danube; Bregquelle to Immendingen
Annea Lockwood — A Sound Map of the Danube; Fridingen to Ulm
Annea Lockwood — A Sound Map of the Danube; Lauingen to Weltenburg
Annea Lockwood — A Sound Map of the Danube; Inzell to Badesee
Annea Lockwood — A Sound Map of the Danube; Orth to Haslau
The KBD Sonic Cooperative — Live at The Bohemian National Home, Detroit 11/8/07

Put the “X” back in Xmas!

December 25, 2007

In the spirit of Xmas, I give you five downloadable episodes of “It’s Too Damn Early”– most dating back from when this blog was but a glint in my monitor. I have included commentary and full playlists for each. All you have to do is set your phasers to “download” and enjoy. Now there is still the small matter of what you’re giving your favorite experimental DJ for Xmas… *coughmoneycough* (more…)

Sabrina Siegel — “G(fill in your name)d’s Music”

December 21, 2007

I’ll just throw this out there– you’ve got to have some chutzpah to title your album “G(fill in your name)d’s Music,” no matter if you leave the “o” out or not. It’s a gutsy move; “God” is probably the most pre-loaded word in the English language. Even an atheist like myself seems compelled to find some sort of “stance” about such a thing.

Sabrina Siegel

Of course, rigid beliefs don’t hold too well in an artistic setting. Oftentimes; the ridiculous, the absurd, or the magical are simply too fruitful a foundation of artistic exploration to be jettisoned regardless of their uselessness in other areas of life. Satan is one of my all-time favorite movie characters, endlessly explored with so many fascinating variations. Islamic architecture gives me a hint of some infinite, alien, mathematical fright I also enjoy.

Looking at an album essentially titled “God’s Music,” I want to know– what DOES God’s music sound like?That’s where Sabrina Siegel turns the listener’s expectations upside-down.

With ultra-low bass rumbles threatening to pull my speakers down from their respective walls; the otherwise-natural mix of insects, airplanes, and woodland sounds initially seemed a bit out of place. Early on, I found myself paying attention to one side or the other of this dichotomy… either focusing on the heavy subsonic damage puffing gusts of air at my head, or allowing myself to be pulled into the is-it-live-or-is-it-electronic world arranged so delicately among these monolithic bass noises.

In my initial listen, at least 20 minutes has elapsed before I started being able to hear these sounds together– not a fault of Siegel, but more a function of my disbelief– it doesn’t take a genius to imagine that this is Siegel’s comment on the weakness of perception, with an aural elephant in the room popping in and out of focus.

There’s still the “fill in your name” element, which to me suggests that Siegel is giving us all free reign to hear what we want. I’ve always been intrigued by the Biblical passage, “And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.”

Setting aside the equally-interesting Planck Epoch for a moment, I’ve got to say that this is a pretty cool couple lines. It is similar to what I hear in Siegel’s disc, a massive incomprehensible thing moving about its business of creating the earth.

Like other of Siegel’s works, there is a very raw quality to “G(fill in your name)d’s Music”. I suspect that Siegel is less concerned with the individual soundings as with the overall “setting” the mix creates, much as a nature enthusiast will not begrudge a scene its occasional rotted leaf or dead bird.

All in all, it’s a unique and interesting listening experience that I’d recommend– just be sure to anchor those speakers well unless you also like the sound of falling electronics!

Two more Archie Jesus freak comics!

July 17, 2007

As STARTLING MONIKER readers are probably aware, I’m an Archie comic fan. The total lack of continuity, the haphazard mixtures of old and new material in the digests, and the often-bizarre slang made up by the writers has always entertained me. I’m sure it also helps that I know practically nothing about comics.

Still, for someone who likes life open-ended and full of possibility; there’s no place quite like Riverdale– it has multiple mountain ranges, oceans, world-class museums, a zoo, a desert, snowy winters, mad scientists, multi-millionaire yacht clubs, a handful of swamps, and one high school full of crazy kids.

Unfortunately, those kids are crazier than I thought– they’re Jesus freaks! (Comic scans and atheist-knows-best rant follows)