Putting together a CV is hilarious

So I’ve decided to move forward with applying to graduate school– as a result, I have to assemble a CV as part of that process. For someone like me, who has paid far less attention over the years to properly documenting his artistic activities, this has been a process not unlike rediscovering my own catalog! Here is a short list of stuff I had forgotten entirely:

Vicky’s Mosquitos– yeah, I know you’re probably drawing a blank. So was I! Here is the very helpful project page about it, though. For this radio/online performance, I used pre-prepared sounds, and inserted them into a video game, which I played live on air to generate the sound field. I can’t believe I forgot this!

It’s Too Damn Startling! This was a short series of “show within a show” curated mixes I created back in 2007 and 2008 for a friend’s radio show on WRVU-FM. These were less a presentation of songs than an ongoing attempt to create something like “sonic jewels,” short, heavily-mixed, highly-produced nuggets of weirdness.

Microcassettor, Vol. 2— another rando outing for yours truly– as near as I can tell, it was released in May of 2002. I still have my copy (Sounds From The Pocket, respect!) but I remember SO LITTLE about this project.

And finally… Golden Roses! This one isn’t me at all, but involves Mo– her first “side project” after the Style City debut album, she appeared on Hal McGee’s Dictaphonia Vol. 6… and what a title! “Monkeypiechairbrainbananaorangeteethtoiletscreaming,” which I feel truly awful to have forgotten. I ran into it while reading an interview I did– how sad is it that I was reading the interview to piece together dates in my own discography and ALSO managed to find something in my daughter’s? That’s got to lose me some dad points!


2 Responses to “Putting together a CV is hilarious”

  1. gakler Says:

    Circa 2001, Music for a Sick Cat!

  2. startlingmoniker Says:

    Garth?! Holy shit, dude. It has been a WHILE! Hard to believe there are copies of that album out in the wild still. Kudos to you for keeping it all these years– let’s catch up sometime!

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