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Liveblogging! “Music For Swimmers,” 12/11/17

December 12, 2017

This is my second-to-last show this year– weird. Tonight, I am going full out on Phage Tapes and vaporwave stuff. Yes, kind of a weird mix, but I think I can make it work. I’m hearing stuff in all this that you may not be hearing. With any luck, you will pick up on it!

I started off with stuff from Stress Orphan. This one definitely made a strong first impression on me. It has an old school sound that I love, but doesn’t seem to be treading in overly-familiar places. Bonus points for lyrics– I love a well-mastered noise album, it’s crazy how much I have to pull this down on the board so it isn’t just blowing the needles out the side of the meter, ha.

The Mania album is subtle stuff, which I did not expect. Kind of reminds me of Aidan Baker in parts– probably the scraping metal noises. There is a lot of openness to this disc, a lot of sounds that are relatively uncontrolled. Even the electronics, or what I assume is electronics, feel fairly loose. Good stuff, and good use of samples. There is sometimes a tendency to be too cutesy with samples, or to give them too much center-stage. This stuff is definitely more restrained in how those are used, and they end up being way more effective.

I’m excited lately to hear a lot more beat-driven/beat-inclusive noise albums in the last several years. Not to say that it hasn’t always been around in some fashion, but the proliferation of beat-making (and probably, more people listening to hip-hop, etc) has definitely changed what is probable in a solid noise release. Seems like there is definitely a bit more nuance and understanding on the part of musicians with these machines as well. So while this Prostate disc, “RIP VIP,” is by no means hip-hop, it does definitely have some of that beatmaking on full display. Happily, it works. Rather than pushing things forward totally into new territory, it almost feels like a callback to older industrial material– Einsturzende Neubauten, or early Swans looping stuff definitely comes to mind.

Bonemagic continues the older industrial feel across “Sinew City.” This is muscular stuff, maybe a little too much for my taste– more of a brute force sort of album than I would ordinarily enjoy, but that’s more of a matter of taste– this is well-done. Reminds me a little of raw trash noise stuff like Rubbish; and for all I know, that is just the general sound of the midwest. Bonemagic brains Matt Hex says he’s the only noise artist in Oklahoma– what the hell even is a Sooner, and why don’t they want to make noise?!

I liked the Fire In The Head disc quite a bit– I do enjoy experimental releases that tell a story, or inhabit a character. World-building, or maybe destroying, but any rate: dramatic. Vocals on this one are rough, challenging, aggressive; but they also have a lot of heavy lifting that has been done by the setting– all bones and angles and harsh tone. Good stuff for fans of Mammal, Peter J. Woods, Z’ev.

I’m going to stop reviewing there. I don’t feel like I know the Deadbeat Debauchery disc well enough yet to really say anything, though I have been enjoying it so far. THAT’S NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU, dear reader! Anyways, hope you dug tonight’s show. Remember, if you missed it, check out the WDBX archive, and listen in for up to two weeks following the show.

Stress Orphan — There Are Many Knives (from “Mass Casualty Event,” on Phage Tapes)
Mania — Untitled 7 (from “Little Pieces of Violence,” on Phage Tapes)
Mania — Untitled 8
Prostate — Chanson De Gest (from “RIP VIP,” on Phage Tapes)
Prostate — The Church Or The World
Prostate — Merdre
Bonemagic — Cascaded In Light (from “Sinew City,” on Phage Tapes)
Bonemagic — Behold This Shallow Head
Fire In The Head — Resurrection (from “History of Obsession,” on Phage Tapes)
Fire In The Head — I Am Vengeance
Fire In The Head — The Hypocrite’s Manifesto
Deadbeat Debauchery – Filth & Gold (from “Deadbeat Debauchery,” on Phage Tapes)
Ocean Shores — Perceptive (from “No Hope For The Damned,” on Vice ’98)
Ocean Shores — Retrieval
Ocean Shores — Red
死夢VANITY — Moonlight (from “Evening Bliss,” on Vice ’98)
死夢VANITY — 美しさ
死夢VANITY — バーによる
I Am Adam, Of Eternia — Super Cassette Vision (from “Dream Vision,” on Vice ’98)
I Am Adam, Of Eternia — Eternal Elevator
I Am Adam, Of Eternia — Luxury Deluxe