Liveblogging! “Music For Swimmers,” 11/27/17

I am working on being healthy! This is probably not super-meaningful to you– but it does go toward establishing motive, so *funky mystery music plays* I’ll allow it. Counsel, you may proceed. R-5476808-1394361412-9219.jpegSo anyways, I’m working on being healthy. I ate right today, freaking exercised, drank water, and did a lot of generally positive good things. So I’m going to try to bring that energy to tonight’s episode of “Music For Swimmers” as well. I’ve got my copy of “Los Tropicanos Volume 9” queued up for tinkly background music, and I kicked off with this era’s theme song– “Scum With Boundaries,” by the I.L.Y’s. So far, so good! A few days ago, I started trying to bring some order to my CD collection– which is really quite overgrown– so that put me in contact, so to speak, with a lot of CDs I haven’t thought about in a while. Some of those are going to make an appearance on tonight’s broadcast!

The I.L.Y’s — Scum With Boundaries (from “Scum With Boundaries,” on Third Worlds)
Merzbow, John Wiese — Luxor Skyship (from “Multiplication,” on Misanthropic Agenda)
Toshimaru Nakamura, Many Arms — III (from self-titled, on Public Eyesore)
Voicehandler — A Meager Labyrinth (from “Song Cycle,” on Humbler)
Rent Romus’ Lords of Outland – Dedication to Lake Kraken of Titan Off The Shores of Saturn (from “Thee Unhip,” on Edgetone Records)
If, Bwana – Cicada #1: EHG Version (from “Assemble Age!” on Mutable Music)
Yannick Dauby, John Grzinich — Raud 07.06.12 Podra (from “Lind, Raud, Aastaajad,” on Invisible Birds)
The Pat Sajak Assassins — Orgasmation Station (from “Lunch?!?,” self-release)
Christian Marclay, Erik M, DJ Olive — Paris, 2/11/2000 (from “DJ Trio,” on Asphodel)
Thee Annoying — Movement I-III (from “Composition I,” on Edgetone Records)
Merzbow — Hachigata 4 (from “Hatobana,” on Rustblade Records)
Jack Wright, Evan Lipson, Zach Darrup — Roughhousing (from “You Haven’t Heard This,” on Spring Garden Music)

I had a great time with tonight’s set– it was nice to stretch out into some material I might not ordinarily include, like the Pat Sajack Assassins and Thee Annoying cuts… not because I don’t like them, but usually because I end up feeling somewhat serious on air, and the rock-ishness of those takes me out of that feeling. Should be a good lesson to remember how flexible this show can be. Thanks for reading! Remember, you can check out the streaming archive of the show at the WDBX Archive (look for Music For Swimmers in the pulldown menu) for the next two weeks.

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