Liveblogging! “Music For Swimmers,” 10/30/17

Tonight, we repeat an episode of “It’s Too Damn Early,” from May 8, 2010– with commentary and additional sound– in a time-shifted radio experiment joining past and present! The playlist and liveblog will be here, see the WDBX Archive if you missed the show live.

So far, I am digging this Hong Chulki. I had forgotten how truly wild and raw this album feels. It’s nice to get back into this. I still own the discs, of course, but haven’t played them in quite some time.

You know what’s unsettling? Being in the bathroom, and hearing your own voice pop on the monitor to announce the next song. That is truly weird. And yeah, Leif Elggren is pretty weird, too. “Two Thin Eating One Fat” has to be one of the more unsettling things ever recorded:

Two Thin Eating One Fat appears to be much more personal documentation of their dream communication – it features recordings of themselves quietly mumbling through a number of meandering narratives marked by a strange political rhetoric and the repeated phrase, ”let me in”. Thick metallic drones, distant pounding drums and rhythmic exercises with a Piezo buzzer accompany and at times interrupt the ongoing murmur.”


I decided to add some of “Soya Bean” into the mix of The Animist, just for fun. It also uses that odd vocal processing– speed-altered recordings, etc.

Seems like we are into the James Wyness now, though I will admit that I didn’t remember it being this noisy. I wonder if I skipped something in the original playlist? This definitely seems to be an odd detour. Regardless, I am enjoying it– bursts of static, occasional percussion, squealing and wildness. Fun!

I’d like to wait through this cut, and then bring in some new material– I have an EP from the Jorge Arana Trio, “Oso,” which is pretty good proggy jazz fusion. I was in Kansas City at Vinyl Underground/7th Heaven record shop, and asked for good local stuff– ended up with several cassettes and this lovely purple vinyl limited edition.

Listening to Sabrina Siegel now. At one point, we were somewhat in touch– I had greatly enjoyed several of her releases, particularly “Grace/Precarious,” a simultaneously clever and in-depth listen. It seems like between depression, returning to school, and working at WDBX, the demands on my time and energy caused me to inadvertently drop a lot of those sort of contacts. Although I think my skill presenting experimental music (and listening) has improved with time, I have lost a lot of ground toward being as connected as I once was. I can’t help but feel sad about this.

The I.L.Y’s – Scum With Boundaries (from “Scum With Boundaries,” on Third Worlds)
Hong Chulki — Without Cartridge 1 (from “With/Without Cartridge” on Balloon & Needle)
Hong Chulki — Without Cartridge 2
Merzbow — Graft #1 (excerpt) (on Cold Spring Records)
Leif Elggren, Thomas Liljenberg — The Animist (from “Two Thin Eating One Fat” on Fireworks Edition)
Leif Elggren — Soya Bean
Coin Gutter — Asthamtics fo Faliure (from “Asthmatics of Failure” on Panospria)
James Wyness — Temper Temper (from “Jelly Leg” self release)
Style City — The Happening (from “The Happening” self-release)
Jorge Arana Trio — Foredoom (from “Oso EP,” on Haymaker Records)
Jorge Arana Trio — Kallisto
Jorge Arana Trio — Crime of Passion Fruit
Sabrina Siegel — A Silent Forest 2 (from “A Silent Forest” on Clinical Archives)
Ryonkt — Day 1 (from “Window to the Room” on Under the Spire)

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