Liveblogging! “Music For Swimmers,” 10/16/17

Wow! Back to liveblogging! Who would have guessed? I felt weird tonight, and wanted to play something familiar AND unfamiliar, all at the same time. An old show sounded like just the right thing– plus, I have a scratchy throat… it’s THAT time of year, argh.

Here is a link to the original liveblog for the “It’s Too Damn Early” broadcast I am airing tonight: HERE DANG JEEZ which I plan to not only liveblog about, but perhaps do some commentary for on-air as well. Currently, we are listening to this Chaos Kit cut. I’m sure this would not have ordinarily made it onto my show back in the day; it’s way too straight-forward and techno-ish, but it seems I had some situation where Sweet Action Radio had promised to play it, and then didn’t… I’m too nice!

I have reproduced the original playlist below. Because “It’s Too Damn Early” was a half hour longer than my current show, I will not have time to play everything in this list. I’ll do my best to figure out where it actually stops, and make a note of it.

Damn– Courtis and RLW still hold up. This stuff is nuts. I am definitely going to have to follow up on both. I’m a little sad that I haven’t– I wonder how much of a theme “dissatisfaction with my effort” will be in today’s liveblog, oh.

Not sure where we are in the mix right now. My suspicion is that this crazy duo is still at it– I’m detecting some hint of strings in the mix, and the crackle makes me think of Courtis and some lo-fi element worming its way about. So far, I like the dynamic of this show, although some of the breaks between cuts have been wonky. I wonder what was happening then?

I spoke on-air just now a little bit about this portion of the show– how, back when I was doing “ITDE,” the show’s shape was always about traveling through the nighttime into the dawn. Every show carried with it some sort of rebirth, even if into dim winter mornings or darkened rainy days where the sun never arrived. I always thought of this section of the show as something like a marathon– the area where it would be unwise to sprint– circadian rhythms would hit hardest here; between 4 and 5am is a no-man’s land for the waking dreamer. Now that I am listening fully, I can feel how tired I must have been while I played these cuts.

This Philip Jeck is fucking gorgeous. Goddamn.

Anyways, what is this? I am trying to pick up old threads, it seems. Maybe I lost something useful somewhere along the way? I have been watching a lot of old family VHS tapes lately, and it has definitely produced more nostalgia than expected. The more surprising effect has been realizing how many things it is possible to simply forget. Often, I feel like I am watching someone else when I see myself on-screen– I can’t recognize my motives, my perception, my voice. It is unnerving to see this David unmoored in the past, floating just beyond my reach. Listening to this show feels like swimming out to see if I can reach him. I don’t suppose these waters will get me all the way there, regardless.

It is almost cruel that tonight’s broadcast cannot end in dawn– this music is carrying me to a promise of dawn, I can feel it. But when I leave, it will be midnight. Philip Glass brought us back from the halfway point in style with Joan La Barbara riding side-saddle– an interesting choice. Was this from North Star? I don’t think so… I didn’t yet have that recording when this originally aired. Now here is Muslimgauze– almost surely the last of the nighttime riders.

Oh! Tim Buckley makes a surprise appearance! Now everything is revealed– Glass, La Barbara, and Jones were merely his heralds.

Parmegiani still holds up, but that’s not really a surprise. I only have 25 minutes left. Today’s show has really gone quickly! It’s going to feel a little weird to have this one undone– by the time we move into the next program (“Onslaught of Steel”) there will be about 25 minutes of time remaining in the original broadcast.

Just got a caller– he was a little confused about what we are hearing. Probably just confused about the music in general. I’d like to say he was intrigued about today’s show-within-a-show format, but that might be too hopeful. The call definitely reminded me of calls I used to get when I first got into radio– reactionary, upset, frustrated, angry– and although those elements were present in small amounts, I can’t say today’s caller was altogether unpleasant– a mix of mild bewilderment and skepticism, as if to say “you know this can’t possibly work, right?” Sorry, but if you’ve been touched unexpectedly, I’m putting it down as a win. YOU don’t just get to walk away from this.

It’s a strong possibility that I will be returning to liveblogging shows in the future. I have to admit that I had enjoyed doing this, and I like the feeling of “putting it out there” for readers to see what happens behind the curtain. I am thrilled to be able to point you directly to the WDBX Archive in case you missed this broadcast– it is available to stream for the next two weeks, just select “Music For Swimmers” from the drop-down list of programs.

Chaos Kit — Primer (Petro Laundry Mix)
Anla Courtis, Ralf Wehowsky — Cristalización espontánea
Anla Courtis, Ralf Wehowsky — Wege zur Besserung der Naturgeister
Anla Courtis, Ralf Wehowsky — Un pequeño hombre gris con cara cuadrada y ojos luminosos
Philip Jeck — Unveiled
Philip Jeck — Chime Again
Philip Jeck — Fanfares
Philip Jeck — Shining
The Gowns — White Like Heaven
Phthalocyanine — Ethiopian Runner
Contagious Orgasm — Heart Station
Philip Glass — Changing Opinion
Philip Glass — Lightning
Joan La Barbara — Shadow Song
Jack Lunetti, Don Brown — Untitled
Grouper — Disengaged
Grouper — Heavy Water
Muslimgauze — Baghdad Mind
John Oswald — Anon
John Oswald — O Hell
John Oswald — 2net
Bernard Parmegiani — Lumière Noire; Moins L’infini
Bernard Parmegiani — Lumière Noire; Instant 0
Bernard Parmegiani — Lumière Noire; Premières Forces – Premières Formes
72 Desperate Rebels — Untitled 3
72 Desperate Rebels — Untitled 4
———–today’s show cuts off here——-
72 Desperate Rebels — Untitled 5
72 Desperate Rebels — Untitled 6
72 Desperate Rebels — Untitled 7
Ahleuchatistas — Brilliant Danderkovs
US Maple — Mountain Top
George Korein — Too Many Days


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