Happy May Day!

Happy May Day! As the rest of the world is aware, today is International Workers’ Day, or May Day– for me, a time to remember the sacrifices made by others to improve our world, and to consider the sacrifices and hard work that will be necessary to continue making progress towards the dream of a truly free society. Despite the efforts to wipe the holiday out with Law Day and the National Day of Prayer (seriously, shove it) I’m continually proud to see friends and would-be friends keep the day alive with meaning, earnest struggle, and love. I spoke with a similarly-minded individual the other day about the strength necessary to carry on fighting– in any capacity– against such overwhelming odds. I will admit, I have not always found it. He told me that he purposefully sets aside time for good news, dipping into it each week to rejuvinate his spirit. It seems to be working for him, and it’s certainly a good way to keep up.

I’ve collected some stories from the front lines of good folks doing stuff in case you want to give it a shot, too.

Alabama prisoner strike, backed by IWW

12-year old protests Sea World, gets arrested

Building homes on the cheap with 3-D printing

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