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Liveblogging! 6/23/13

June 23, 2013

So we’re trying something new at the station– using Spinitron to help us keep our playlists. This is a really nice service that lets us input and track playlists, as well as make reports to all the fun fun fun performing rights organizations. What does this mean for you? Well, it means you can click around my past playlists a bit easier as I type them in. Here on STARTLING MONIKER, it might mean that I simply am able to copy-paste or provide a link from Spinitron, depending on whatever works best.

At any rate, enough shop talk. I’m covering for Style City today, in exchange for allowing her to cover my show next week so she can have an extra-long birthday broadcast. So I’ve brought in a bunch of great stuff to work with today, even though I’ve been mostly speanding my time on longer cuts– the Francis Dhomant and Phillip Schulze are notable examples. Good stuff from both by the way, but I’m especially impressed with Schulze’s addition to the Quartet Solo Series on this disc from the Striking Mechanism label. Lots of unusual sounds here, and the compositions is also very nice– a good blend of “musical” and “non-musical” elements, without getting into the precious feel-go0d ambient territory, or passing completely into noise. I’m also digging the feel of this label. The packaging for the releases is fairly simple, but with solid design elements. A bit difficult for me to figure out which track came first, though– some numbers would have been nice.

CRAY (Ross Healy) “STRK” from “Serge Modular Users 2009” on Resipiscent
Loachfillet “Origins of the Two Headed Spitting Cobra” from “Electric Pond: Solar Solution” on Resipiscent
Carlos Giffoni “All The Mistakes I Made During the Caribbean Winter” from “Serge Modular Users 2009” on Resipiscent
Morceaux de Machines “Lo-Fi Soundscape” from “Liberum Arbitrium” on No Type
Francis Dhomont “Frankenstein Symphony: Andante” from “Frankenstein Symphony” on Asphodel
Phillip Schulze “Cause Unfold Proceed II” from “Quartet Solo Series, Volume 1” on Striking Mechanism
Jonathan Chen “Drummer” from “Quartet Solo Series, Volume 1” on Striking Mechanism
Kine “Meditations in April Green” from “Meditation 1” on Alrealon Musique
Yannick Dauby, John Grzinich, Murmer “Sugis” from “Lind, Raud, Aastaajad” on Invisible Birds
Yannick Dauby, John Grzinich, Murmer “Talv” from “Lind, Raud, Aastaajad” on Invisible Birds

Alright, so pasting from Spinitron still leaves me with a bit of formatting, but this WAS pretty easy. I’ll make these into links a bit later on for you. In the meantime, here is a link to all of my Spinitron playlists. I’m going to have to see if there is a way to automatically export this data to STARTLING MONIKER. If you happen to know how, share it with me in the comments!