Hot damn, it’s been a while. Let me explain…

So I haven’t been talking much on here lately. It’s not a thing– I’ve just been busy. I’ve returned to school, as you might have noticed from some of the “recent” posts, so there’s that…. and then I’ve been in the process of syndicating “Sounds Like Radio,” which is time-consuming… and hey, I also became the interim station manager here at WDBX-FM!
I’m in/on/around radio pretty much all day now, it seems! I’ve had to re-learn some of what goes into attending school– notes, exams, homework– and now I’m in the process of trying to integrate my pre-chaotic life into my post-chaotic life, then calm the whole thing down into some sort of manageable, sweet-smelling gelatinous substance.

Of course, this means there’s never been a better time to send me your noise album, your sound art, or your experimental opus. I’ve got shows to feed!

Here’s my playlist for today’s episode of “Music For Swimmers,” followed by the best address to send me your sonic offerings.

John Coltrane – The Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost
John Coltrane — Compassion
Gaybomb – Untitled split LP with Zach Kouns
Jeff Rehnlund — Gangnam Basement (side A)
Blue Sausage Infant – Subferal
Charles Ives — Chromatimelodtune
Paul Metzger — Bright Red Stone
Philip Glass — Etoile Polaire
Philip Glass — Victor’s Lament
Philip Glass — River Run
Philip Glass — Mon Pere, Mon Pere
Malcolm Goldstein — Soundings (side A)

WDBX c/o DaveX
224 N. Washington St.
Carbondale IL 62901 USA

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