Sounds, random news

I’ve been hearing a lot of nice frog sounds lately– local ponds, even one little water “feature” in the neighbor’s yard. It’s definitely that time of year, where the froggies remind me of their general awesomeness. Also, it’s owl bonkers city outdoors. Perhaps our own population has increased, as I’m hearing more and more of their nightly noises. My soda can is also fairly interesting. Lots of random popping of bubbles, like a poor man’s micro-event sound generator. I’ll probably be sticking a mic up to a Coca-Cola can soon enough!

Tomorrow, I’m covering “Style City” for my daughter, essentially providing my own lead-in to “Music For Swimmers” at 5pm CST. I will most likely be featuring experimental music throughout, from 3:30pm until 6, so be sure to tune in. It’s the last day of pledge drive– though your listenership is enough for me, I do welcome your pledges and donations which help WDBX-FM maintain community radio in Southern Illinois.

Feel free to call me any time from 3:30-6pm CST at 618-457-3691 or give online at

Thanks! –DaveX


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