Liveblogging! “It’s Too Damn Early,” 4/14/12

As you may know, this is my second-to-last broadcast of “It’s Too Damn Early” at my current late-night time slot. Starting tomorrow, I’ll begin broadcasting from 5-6 pm Sunday evenings! Ordinarily, I suppose I’d just move directly over, but since it’s pledge drive I’m being extra nice and covering my old spot. Oh well– that’s just more experimental music for you!

Leo Kupper, Barbara Zanichelli — Aviformes 1-3 (from “Digital Voices,” on Pogus)
Leo Kupper, Anna Maria Kieffer — Kamana 1 & 2
Tom Hamilton, Bruce Eisenbeil — Dusting Off Dada (from “Shadow Machine,” on Pogus)
Tom Hamilton, Bruce Eisenbeil — Dryer Mouth
Philip Gayle — Feral Basil Pesto (from “Babanco Total,” on Public Eyesore)
If, Bwana; Trio Scordatura — E (and sometimes why) [from “E (and sometimes why)” on Pogus]
If, Bwana; Trio Scordatura — Ringing (Ano)the(r) Bell
Contrastate — Northern Twilight (from “English Embers” on Dirter)
David Dunn — With Zitterings of Flight Released (from “Four Electro-Acoustic Compositions,” on Pogus)
Sun Circle — Untitled (from “Sun Circle/Pregnant Moon” split cassette on NNA Tapes)
Daphne Oram — Tumblewash (from “Oramics,” on Paradigm)
Daphne Oram — Power Tools
Mystified — Deep Expression (from “Sand of Ages,” split cassette with Ctephin, on Black and Purple)
Mystified — Voices Drifting
Mystified — State of Disrepair

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