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Check out “Noise Park”

April 29, 2012

Noise Park (on Tumblr) is noise folks crossed with South Park. Kind of amusing– dig GX Jupitter Larsen below!


“Style City” and “Music For Swimmers” playlists for 4/29/12

April 29, 2012

I’m covering for “Style City” today, which is kinda fun, seeing as how my own “Music For Swimmers” begins directly afterwards.

The BIG NEWS of the day, however, is that the WDBX Pledge Drive is OVER! Ms. Bags (a fan of “Style City”) agreed to meet the remainder of WDBX’s pledge drive goal of $13,000 singlehandedly, as an act of support for Style City’s Friendly Badger Group! If you’re confused, here’s the takeaway– that’s a pledge in the $2,000 range, and an amazing show of support for community radio here in Southern Illinois!

Thank you, Ms. Bags!!!

Grundik & Slava — Pattern In Time (from “…For Birds and Electronics,” on Stateart)
Eddie the Rat — Chasing The Sun (from “Once Around The Butterfly Bush,” on Edgetone)
Eddie the Rat — Shortcut
Eddie the Rat — Once Around The Butterfly Bush
Zavolonka — For A Cuckoo (from “Plavyna,” on Nexsound)
Zavolonka — Painted Berries
RP Collier — Transponderize (from “Let Them Eat Flarn,” self-release)
Gutevolk — Twinkle Star’s Cycling Bolero (from “Twinkle,” on 12k/Happy)
Gutevolk — Light Parade
Gutevolk — Little Girl, Little Star
Gutevolk — Silo
Gutevolk — Moonlakers
Gutevolk — Wondering
Ian Yeager — Music For Guitar + Computer, pt. 11 (on Pax Recordings)
Ian Yeager — Music For Guitar + Computer, pt. 12
Ian Yeager — Music For Guitar + Computer, pt. 13
—————-end of Style City playlist—————
If, Bwana; Trio Scordatura — The Tempest, Fuggit (from “E, And Sometimes Why,” on Pogus)
Felix Werder — The Tempest (from “The Tempest: Electronic Music,” on Pogus)
RP Collier — Aerie (from “Platz,” self-release)

Sounds, random news

April 28, 2012

I’ve been hearing a lot of nice frog sounds lately– local ponds, even one little water “feature” in the neighbor’s yard. It’s definitely that time of year, where the froggies remind me of their general awesomeness. Also, it’s owl bonkers city outdoors. Perhaps our own population has increased, as I’m hearing more and more of their nightly noises. My soda can is also fairly interesting. Lots of random popping of bubbles, like a poor man’s micro-event sound generator. I’ll probably be sticking a mic up to a Coca-Cola can soon enough!

Tomorrow, I’m covering “Style City” for my daughter, essentially providing my own lead-in to “Music For Swimmers” at 5pm CST. I will most likely be featuring experimental music throughout, from 3:30pm until 6, so be sure to tune in. It’s the last day of pledge drive– though your listenership is enough for me, I do welcome your pledges and donations which help WDBX-FM maintain community radio in Southern Illinois.

Feel free to call me any time from 3:30-6pm CST at 618-457-3691 or give online at

Thanks! –DaveX


Liveblogging! “It’s Too Damn Early” 4/28/12

April 28, 2012

Today is the final broadcast of “It’s Too Damn Early” in this timeslot– from now on, you can hear the show from 5-6 pm (CST) under its new name, “Music For Swimmers.”

I also need to mention that this “Monolith Transmissions No. 0” cassette I’m playing right now is pretty awesome. A great package of mystery and noises, just my sort of thing!

Philip Gayle — Hadaka Denkyu Very Much (from “Babanco Total,” on Public Eyesore)
Philip Gayle — Howdy Elephant Tree
Philip Gayle — The Queensboro Bridge Song (Feelin’ Slumpy)
Francis White — Walk Through Resonant Landscape No. 5.2 (from “In The Library Of Dreams,” on Pogus)
Francis White — The Book of Roses And Memory
Amy Horvey — Marionette Lazarus (from “Catchment“)
Doctor Bob — PSA #1 (from “It’s About Time,” on Edgetone)
Doctor Bob — They Are Waiting
Doctor Bob — Seahorses and Flying Fish
Doctor Bob — Dreams of Prey
Doctor Bob — PSA #2
Tri-Cornered Tent Show — Aliens Left A Scar On My Back (from “Alien Trailways,” on Edgetone)
Tri-Cornered Tent Show — Twist The Sky
Nicholas Rejack — Monolith Transmission No. 0, Side A (from cassette of the same name, self-released)
Nicholas Rejack — Monolith Transmission No. 0, Side B
Ian Yeager — Music For Guitar + Computer, pts. 1-3 (from “Music For Guitar + Computer,” on Pax)
Jin Dohyong — Showroom Dummies

Liveblogging! “Music For Swimmers” 4/22/12

April 22, 2012

It’s just one day until my birthday, which is turning out to be a combination of “I forgot,” and “I’m broke.” If you listened to “Music For Swimmers” today, at least take the time to tell a friend about the show– 5-6pm CST, every Sunday evening on WDBX-FM. Thanks!

Here’s your fine playlist:

KK Null, Scumearth — Time-Quake (from “K.K. Null + Scumearth,”on Phage Tapes)
American Band — Out Nurture (from “Low Fiction,” on Hot Releases)
Guillaume Coutu Dumont — Arianne Secret (from “Cache 2001” on CEC)
Matt Weston — This October, All Octobers (from “Seasick Blackout,” on 7272 Music)
Stefan Udell — Ollie Noseblunt To Backside Tailslide (from “Cache 2001,” on CEC)
Violet — In Capacitated By The Sun (on “Sonic Circuits: District of Noise vol. 4,”)
Tom Hamilton — Crimson Sterling Mvt I (from “Pieces for Kohn/Formal & Informal Music,” on Kvist)
Yannick Dauby — Raud 07.06.03 Saaropera (from “Lind, Raud, Aastaajad,” on Invisible Birds)
Ophibre – Untitled #2 (from “Puzzle Pieces,” on Oph Sound Recordings)
Ironing — Your Oxen Have Drowned (from GayBomb/Ironing split LP on Hymns)
If, Bwana; Trio Scordatura — Cicada 4AA (from “E (and sometimes why),” on Pogus)
Noah Creshevsky — La Sonnambula (from “Rounded With A Sleep,” on Pogus)

Liveblogging! “It’s Too Damn Early,” 4/21/12

April 21, 2012

Eddie the Rat — Chasing the Sun (from “Once Around The Butterfly Bush,” on Edgetone)
Eddie the Rat — Shortcut
Mystified — Atlantic Passage (from “Coming Days,” on Attenuation Circuit)
Mystified — The Charge
Mystified — Phantom Ether
Shane Morris, Mystified — Cambrian Explosion (from “Epoch,” on Lotuspike/Spotted Peccary)
Shane Morris, Mystified — Devonia
Mudboy, The USA Is A Monster — USA Is A Mudboy (from split CDR with Kites, The USA Is a Monster, and Mudboy on Free Matter For The Blind)
Barthel Gadau Kopp, Rother Weibel — Untitled live improvisation, 2/11/2003 (from “Radio Student,” on Hymns)
Anna Friz, Eric Leonardson — Staropolska (from “Dancing Walls Stir The Prairies,” self-release)
Anna Friz, Eric Leonardson — Cicada
Ron Anderson, Robert L. Pepper, David Tamura, Philippe Petit — Closed Encounters of the 4 Minds, pt.1 (from album of the same name, on Public Eyesore)
George Korein — Gleaming Corpse (from “Another Corpse,” on BatHotAxe)
George Korein — Rotodrone Encroaching!

One more flyer, just for good measure!

April 16, 2012

I think you’ll like this one. Click to embiggen! Feel free to print, share, mangle, post, etc:


Now that you’ve heard “Music For Swimmers”…

April 15, 2012

Perhaps you could let a friend know about it? I’ve made a flyer for you, to print and use as you see fit. Enjoy!

Liveblogging! “Music for Swimmers” 4/15/12

April 15, 2012

Today was the first episode of my show in it’s new 5-6pm Sunday time slot– I think it went very well! I’m used to having a lot more space to stretch out in, so this was different, but fun. Earlier, I compared the experience to working as a short order cook after spending a long time working entirely with crock pots. My special “no interruptions” arrangement with the station manager lets me avoid playing any promos or underwriting during my show, which definitely helps. I also did a lot more quick transitions than usual– I won’t do this for every show, but I wanted to kick things off with some improv mixing and collage. It felt right. Ordinarily, I intend to stick by my “no excerpts” rule, which may prove interesting in terms of focus during a one-hour show. There’s definitely a lot less room for error, though; I believe this may be an interesting challenge. If you heard today’s show, leave a comment and tell me what you thought. I’m curious how things went on your end. –DaveX

Margaret Noble — The Object of Power Is Power (from “Frakture,” self-release)
Strotter Inst. — #2 (from “Minenhund,” on Hinterzimmer & Public Guilt)
Ian Yeager — Untitled no.3 (from “Music for Guitar + Computer,” on Pax Recordings)
Chefkirk, Ironing — Notorious (from “Notorious,” on Hymns)
Dan Joseph — Archaea Quintet (from “Archaea,” on Mutable Music)
Ron Anderson, Robert L. Pepper, David Tamura, Philippe Petit — Closed Encounters of the 4 Minds, pts. 1-4 (from album of the same name, on Public Eyesore)
Art Jerks — Like Things (from “Dysphemism Treadmill,” on BatHotAxe (and OMG, George Korein has a Bandcamp. Go buy everything of his right now, no kidding.)
Philip Gayle — Pajama Turtles (from “Babanco Total,” on Public Eyesore)
RP Collier — Scum for DaveX #1 (unreleased)
Christopher Cichocki — Elemental Shift, pt.1
Noah Creshevsky — Tomomi Adachi Redux II (from “Rounded With A Sleep,” on Pogus)
Glenn Weyant — Electric Fan Sound Works (from “Electric Fan Sound Works,” on Sonic Anta)
Bill Shute, Anothony Guerra — Marion, Texas (from “Subtraction,” on Black Petal & Kendra Steiner Editions
Tom Hamilton, Peter Zummo — Trance For the Bopanon Set (from “Sylbersonic Trombone,” on Penumbra
PAS — Socrates Speaks (from “Experi-MENTAL Compilation 2,” on Alrealon
Violet — All Records Collapse (from “Violet Ray Gas & The Playback Singers,” on Zeromoon & Sentient Recognition Archive)
Don Campau — Planck Era (from “Jungle of Misunderstanding,” on Lonely Whistle)
Mystified — Rubber Cats (from “Iron,” on Turgid Animal)
Mystified — Sporadic Signal (from “Give Me Static,” on Hymns)
TD Skatchit, Karen Stackpole — Confined Canary (from “Skatch Surveillance,” on Edgetone)
Ernesto Diaz-Infante — It’s Easy To Disappear Into This Fog (from “Civilian Life,” on Pax)

“It’s Too Damn Early” is now… “Music For Swimmers”

April 15, 2012

With the move to the new 5-6pm show time, I realized that “It’s Too Damn Early” was no longer an appropriate name for my show. So, while my focus on experimental music, the avant-garde, sound art, and noise has not changed– the name has!

Say hello to “Music For Swimmers.”

I love picking out names for things. This time around, I looked to John Cage for inspiration, and found it in one of his many stories– in this case, one that was included on his Folkways recording with David Tudor, “Indeterminacy.” I’ve reproduced a screen capture from an online archive of the stories below, though I hope that you’ll check out the other stories as well. I’m not sure how the name works out if you think about it too hard, but I enjoyed the absurdity– a program of music for people who aren’t listening? Electrical devices in a marine environment? I suspect that “Music For Swimmers” will find its meaning with time. Until then, I’m looking forward to spending that time listening and staying afloat with you. –DaveX


Final reminder

April 15, 2012

Listen today at 5pm CST for my debut at the new time slot, and hear the end of “It’s Too Damn Early” in its late-night slot this coming Saturday at 4am CST.

Don’t forget!

April 14, 2012

DaveX debuts in his new time slot Sunday, April 15th, from 5-6pm CST on WDBX-FM. Don’t miss it!


Liveblogging! “It’s Too Damn Early,” 4/14/12

April 14, 2012

As you may know, this is my second-to-last broadcast of “It’s Too Damn Early” at my current late-night time slot. Starting tomorrow, I’ll begin broadcasting from 5-6 pm Sunday evenings! Ordinarily, I suppose I’d just move directly over, but since it’s pledge drive I’m being extra nice and covering my old spot. Oh well– that’s just more experimental music for you!

Leo Kupper, Barbara Zanichelli — Aviformes 1-3 (from “Digital Voices,” on Pogus)
Leo Kupper, Anna Maria Kieffer — Kamana 1 & 2
Tom Hamilton, Bruce Eisenbeil — Dusting Off Dada (from “Shadow Machine,” on Pogus)
Tom Hamilton, Bruce Eisenbeil — Dryer Mouth
Philip Gayle — Feral Basil Pesto (from “Babanco Total,” on Public Eyesore)
If, Bwana; Trio Scordatura — E (and sometimes why) [from “E (and sometimes why)” on Pogus]
If, Bwana; Trio Scordatura — Ringing (Ano)the(r) Bell
Contrastate — Northern Twilight (from “English Embers” on Dirter)
David Dunn — With Zitterings of Flight Released (from “Four Electro-Acoustic Compositions,” on Pogus)
Sun Circle — Untitled (from “Sun Circle/Pregnant Moon” split cassette on NNA Tapes)
Daphne Oram — Tumblewash (from “Oramics,” on Paradigm)
Daphne Oram — Power Tools
Mystified — Deep Expression (from “Sand of Ages,” split cassette with Ctephin, on Black and Purple)
Mystified — Voices Drifting
Mystified — State of Disrepair

“It’s Too Damn Early” is moving to a new time!

April 12, 2012

After 10 years of broadcasting, “It’s Too Damn Early” is moving to a new time– 5-6 p.m. on Sunday evenings. You can catch the first episode at the new time this Sunday, April 15th at 5 p.m. I’ll be revealing the show’s new name as well, so don’t miss it!

For the next two weeks, I’ll transition everyone to the rowboats while covering my old late-night broadcast at 4 a.m. Saturday mornings. On April 21st, listen to my farewell “It’s Too Damn Early” broadcast at the late-night time as I scuttle the ship live on-air.

I need your help!

April 8, 2012

UPDATE: Thanks to your efforts, I will be moving to the new time slot! More details are available here.

An opportunity has come up for me to change the time slot of my long-running “It’s Too Damn Early” radio program. I would be able to broadcast in the daytime on the weekend, immediately following my daughter’s “Style City” broadcast.

I have had a request to transfer my show to a daytime slot in since last autumn, but the station manager wants to “think about it.” I thought it might be nice if anyone reading this could send him an e-mail– let him know that you dig experimental music on WDBX, and that you support moving “It’s Too Damn Early” to Sundays from 5-6 p.m. CC me in your mail, and I’ll give you a personal shout-out in my next show!

Thanks! –DaveX

Helpful Birthday Hints, #6 in a series of 12

April 7, 2012

I’ve got to step it up, there’s only 16 days to go until my birthday! (I imagine this applies to you as well, yes?)

Anyways– check out the Sacred Phrases label catalog. Lots of awesome tapes there! I’m particularly excited about the Hobo Cubes tape, but feel free to surprise me with something different and interesting.

Liveblogging! “It’s Too Damn Early,” 4/7/12

April 7, 2012

Blue Sausage Infant — Afflicted By the Wind Disease (from “Manitou,” on Alrealon)
Blue Sausage Infant — Hosebag
Oubliette — Falls of Rauros (from “Tol Brandir” cassette on St. Petersburg Institute of Noise)
Blue Sausage Infant — Abdominal Frost
Jazzfakers — Flying Carpet Transport (this, and next three, from “Experi-MENTAL Compilation 2,” on Alrealon)
Invisible Hand — Evader
Violet — Blatta Blyad
The Expanding Man — Interpretation of Dreams
Baculum — East End Boys (from split, double cassette release Pregnant Spore/Baculum, on Phage Tapes)
Philip Gayle — The Queensboro Bridge Song (Feelin’ Slumpy) (from “Babanco Total,” on Public Eyesore)
Philip Gayle — Bi-curious Marsupials Underneath The Panels For the Walls of Purgatory
Philip Gayle — The Indexicality of My Middle Finger
Philip Gayle — Naked Brunch
Philip Gayle — Pajama Turtles
Seth Ryan — RCT 1-3 (from split, double-cassette release with Brandkommando, Seth Ryan, Fear Konstruktor, and Disgust on Phage Tapes)
Hobo Cubes — You Made Me Feel The Past (from “Inscriptions vol.1,” on Sacred Phrases)
Head Boggle’d — Diesel Power (from Head Boggle’d/Fossils split cassette on Middle James Co.)
Crank Sturgeon — Fuchs-Octubre (from “Fuchs-Octubre,” on Psych Form Records)

Apologies for anyone listening to “Sounds Like Radio

April 1, 2012

Apparently, someone messed up and re-ran a show from two weeks back. I have no idea why– there’s a perfectly good, brand-new episode that was supposed to be running right now. So much for listening along and liveblogging the show! If you heard it already, I apologize. If not, perhaps this twist of fate was intended for you. –DaveX