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Liveblogging! “It’s Too Damn Early” 2/25/12

February 25, 2012

Today’s “Fashion Pickle” show gave me a lot of good ideas for tonight’s “It’s Too Damn Early” broadcast– sometimes, covering for another DJ is pretty useful! Of course, that has very little to do with my excitement about this new release on Ilse, ” MegaWHAT? Live at The Stone;” which features Tom Hamilton, id M Theft Able, and if, Bwana– it’s another one of those super groups I’m half-inclined is the product of some yet-to-evaporate dream.

Tom Hamilton, id M Theft Able & if, Bwana — Megawho (from “MegaWHAT? Live at The Stone” on Ilse)
Wether — Chinese Grasp (from “Chinese Grasp” on Community College)
Leo Kupper, Barbara Zanichelli — Aviformes, pts. 1-7 (from “Digital Voices,” on Pogus)
Lasse Marhaug — Angelica 2011/05/20 (from cassette of same name on Robert & Leopold)
Yannick Dauby — Lind 07.06.03 Mooste (from “Lind, Raud, Aastaajad,” on Invisible Birds)
Yannick Dauby — Raud 07.06.12 Podra
Yannick Dauby — Lind 07.06.04 Mooste #1
Yannick Dauby — 07.05.29 Tamme
Yannick Dauby — Raud 07.06.10 Latvian border
Yannick Dauby — Lind 07.06.04 Mooste #2
Yannick Dauby — Lind 07.06.04 Mooste #3

Boyd Rice interview tonight!

February 24, 2012

I’m airing Arvo Zylo’s 2nd interview with Boyd Rice on tonight’s show– apparently, Arvo had some difficulty getting this aired, and has asked for help. Amazingly, Rice still has his vehement detractors. If you need to get up to speed on the man, check Arvo’s first interview here. It’s huge, obsessive, verbose… exactly the sort of thing I enjoy!

Liveblogging! “Fashion Pickle” 2/24/12

February 24, 2012

I decided to be silly today while covering for another DJ’s broadcast– I’ve announced that the show is titled “Fashion Pickle,” and that it is a six-hour broadcast of Chinese opera, barbershop quartets, and feminist news. So far, nobody has called in to correct me that the “Rhizome” album is not (as stated) a mash-up of these three themes. It’s a derpy joke, but nobody seems to have noticed.

I’m doing my best to spread some knowledge, though! Two new releases from Pogus Productions, for real! I’m especially digging Leo Kupper’s latest, which again has birdsong/voice track with Anna Maria Kieffer– I can’t get enough of their recordings. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with the entirety of today’s audience! I’ve had some seriously depressing, abusive calls come in this afternoon, including one local businessman who seems to have confused me with his personal jukebox. After a shitstorm of abusive AND supportive phone calls, I went on-air to lay out a quick history of bird and wildlife-inspired recordings off the top of my head. I don’t usually explain these sorts of things, preferring that listeners make their own connections and interpretations, but this seemed like a special case! I was also interested to receive a call from my station manager, who expressed his full support for my “seriously challenging shit,” a phrase which I now wish I could use on-air as my show’s tagline.

Lastly, go check out the beautiful photographs accompanying the writeup of “Lind Raud, Aastaajad,” at the Invisible Birds site. I want to go there!

Thanks for listening, everybody!

Merzbow, Richard Pinhas — Rhizome 2 (from “Rhizome,” on Cuneiform)
Leo Kupper, Anna Maria Kieffer — Kamana pt.1 (from “Digital Voices,” on Pogus)
Noah Chreshevsky, Tomomi Adachi — Tomomi Adachi Redux II (from “Rounded With A Sleep,” on Pogus)
T.D. Skatchit, Scott Looney — Despair (from “Skatch Surveillance,” on Edgetone)
Leo Kupper, Anna Maria Kieffer — Kamana pt.2
T.D. Skatchit, Scott Looney — Quiet Terror
Nels Cline, Andrea Parker, Tom Rainey — Pearly Turbo (from “Out Trios Vol. 3, Ash and Tabula,” on Atavistic)
Head Boggle — Birds Ynthi (from “Alto Coloratura In Synthesize,” on Catholic Tapes)
Head Boggle — Nthi
Head Boggle — Nthi PT.3
Loachfillet — The Automated Bowl of Soup (from “Electric Pond: Solar Solution,” on Resipiscent)
Jennifer Walshe — Nature Data (from “Nature Data,” on Interval)
Cebec — Transformer Substation (from “Serge Modular Users 2009,” on Resipiscent)
Hans Grusel — Quarintimes
Electronic Waste Product — Picket Fences
RP Collier, Eloine — Wedgework (from “Anchor Studies,” on Triple Bath)
Yannick Dauby, Murmer — Talv (from “Lind, Raud, Aastaajad,” on Invisible Birds)
Yannick Dauby, John Grzinich — Kevad

Liveblogging! “It’s Too Damn Early,” 2/18/12

February 18, 2012

It’s freakin’ Promo City over here, so next week is going to be awesome! I’m staring down new stuff from Tom Hamilton, idM TheftAble, and if, Bwana; not to mention a couple new ones from the Pogus label as well– Noah Creshevsky, Leo Kupper… goddamn, these guys know what moves me! If that wasn’t good enough, there’s also new stuff from the Cuneiform and Abzu labels, and a couple self-releases from brand-new folks– it’s always good to hear from new people, keep ’em coming!

I’m definitely looking forward to playing this Davis Redford Triad LP, “The Mystical Path of the Number Eighty-Six,” a Holy Mountain release that probably won’t make many journeys out of my home in the future. I hope you’re listening! (And hey, a big thanks to Lou’s Records in Encinitas, CA for helping me find this one!)

OMG, can’t believe I forgot (I told you this was a good night!) but I’ve also got two new LPs from ZeroMoon, whose “intelligent noise music” has always rung true to my ears– Blue Sausage Infant’s “Negative Space,” and “District of Noise Vol. 4,” which features Washington D.C. area noise artists. I won’t have time for both on today’s program, but you’ll definitely hear each over the next few weeks, most likely on both programs.

Lastly, The Claudia Quintet (with Theo Bleckmann) will be in St. Louis for a New Music Circle event on March 2nd at the 560 Music Center Ballroom. I’ll have some free tickets to giveaway next week, so make plans to listen in– maybe they’ll be yours!

156 — Expand and Contract (from “Taking A Look At A Moment Lost,” upcoming on Feast of Hate And Fear)
156 — Blasting
A Death Cinematic — When The Sun Settles Into the Horizon We Remember Our Rivers (from “The New World,” on Simple Box Construction)
A Death Cinematic — Mountains Choked With Smoke, Release the Trees Down Their Hillsides
A Death Cinematic — Sparrows Circle the Distance From The Gallows To the Sun
A Death Cinematic — Our Sorrows Pile Up In the Night’s Lament
A Death Cinematic — As The Lights Fissure The Night Skies, Our Eyes Grew Pale At the Horrors Beheld
A Death Cinematic — The New World
Davis Redford Triad — Hymn Of The Virgin Sun Queen (from “The Mystical Path Of The Number Eighty Six,” on Holy Mountain)
Davis Redford Triad — Smoke Signals In The Rain
Davis Redford Triad — The Mystical Path Of The #86
The Claudia Quintet — Crane Merit (from “Royal Toast,” on Cuneiform)
The Claudia Quintet — Keramag Prelude
The Claudia Quintet — Keramag
Blue Sausage Infant — Motion Parallax (from “Negative Space,” on ZeroMoon)

Covering for “Style City” 2/5/12

February 5, 2012

Mo was feeling unwell today, so I took over “Style City” for her this afternoon– with no plan to watch the Super Bowl, I probably ended up having more fun that I ordinarily would have! That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy her broadcasts, but let’s face it, I dig being at the controls even more. Today’s was a damn fine set, if I do say so myself. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

There’s no broadcast next week for either of us, though– we’ll be on the road– so be sure to re-join “It’s Too Damn Early” in its regular time on Feburary 18th, with “Style City” re-appearing on the 19th. Until then, take care!

Uladat – Purgatory (from “Uladat,” on Black Tropical)
Andrea Pensado — La Careta (from “Ktotam,” on ZeroMoon)
Wanda Group — Wetsuit Women (from “Bass Urine,” on NNA Tapes)
A Death Cinematic — Untitled (from “Your Fate Twisting, Epic In Its Crushing Moments,” on Simple Box Construction)
Irene Moon — Centrifuge Heart Sonicator (from “Zelphabet, Volume I“)
Kotra — Untitled (from “Ampere,” on Alku)
Chefkirk — Gross Pyramids (from “We Must Leave The Warren,” on Eh?)
Philip Skaller, Danny Holt — Aperitivo  (from “Music of Mark Dresser,” on pfMentum)
My Fun — Long Distance (from “This Is All I Had Time For,” on The Land Of)
My Fun — Unwind
Head Boggle — Birds Ynthi (from “Alto Coloratura In Synthesize,” on Catholic Tapes)
Head Boggle — Nthi
Head Boggle — Nthi PT.3
Head Boggle — Fireball Mail
Conrad Schnitzler, Michael Thomas Roe, Masato Ooyama — Kluster 07 (from “Zelphabet” Volume K)

Liveblogging! “It’s Too Damn Early,” 2/4/12

February 4, 2012

I spoke with improvising percussionist and Chicago native Michael Zerang earlier today, who will be conducting a series of improv workshops at SIU on February 7th-9th, as well as a free performance on the 9th with the SIU Improv Unit at 7:30pm in the OBF. We have plans for a recording session on the 7th, so look to hear that in an upcoming episode of “Sounds Like Radio.” I aired the interview on today’s show– I may air an excerpt from it next week on SLR as well.

Loachfillet — Hell (from “Electric Pond: Solar Solution,” on Resipiscent)
Jeff Parker, Kevin Drumm, Michael Zerang — Onslaught (from “Out Trios Volume 2,” on Atavistic)
Uladat — Purgatory (from “Uladat” EP on Black Tropical)
Uladat — 777
Wanda Group — Wetsuit Women (from “Bass Urine,” on NNA Tapes)
Wanda Group — Yellow Gang
Nels Cline, Andrea Parkins, Tom Rainey — Ruination (from “Out Trios Volume 3,” on Atavistic)
Nels Cline, Andrea Parkins, Tom Rainey — Lower Story
Nels Cline, Andrea Parkins, Tom Rainey — Pearly Turbo
DaveX interview with Michael Zerang
Brains — Rictus (from “Unloaded,” on Edgetone)
Philip Skaller, Danny Holt — Flac (from “Music of Mark Dresser,” on pfMentum)
Philip Skaller, Danny Holt — Flocus