Liveblogging! Playlist for “It’s Too Damn Early” 12/10/11

I played a lot from the Accretions 25th anniversary compilation today– if you’re noticing the absence of Eric Glick-Rieman in the lineup, it’s because I’ve got so much of his stuff in tomorrow’s “Sounds Like Radio” broadcast. Next week, look for new recordings from his latest album “In My Mind, Her Image Was Reversed.” Also– played some cool new recordings from a couple favorite people– R.P. Collier sent in some goodies, and I hope you’ll take a while to check out what he’s up to; Duane Pitre also saw to it that “It’s Too Damn Early” listeners could check out his “ED09: Live At The Stone” LP here on the show. I appreciate it, and of course would like to encourage you to pick up a copy for yourself.

Ministry of Rites — Saturnine Shores (from “Grid,” on Edgetone)
Dawn of Midi — The Far Seam (this, and next eight, from “25” on Accretions)
Donkey w/ Marcos Fernandes — Jazzorca En Vivo
Hans Fjellestad — The Keeper
Jason Robinson, Michael Dessen — Synchronous Aether
Marcelo Radulovich — Circumnambulating
Marcos Fernandes — Heat
Nathan Hubbard — Echodot
Santiago Latorre — Solo
RP Collier — Micro-Rhapsody
RP Collier — Precipitate (for Hans Reichel)
Duane Pitre — ED09: Live At The Stone, Side A (from LP of the same name, on Basses Frequences)
Pawn — Snow Piles (from “Above the Winter Oaks,” on The Land Of)
Pawn — Winter Came Again
Pawn — Fallen
Pawn — Bottom of Bottle
Pawn — Above the Winter Oaks
Uton — Ay Um Au Lam (from “Whispers From The Woods,” on Last Visible Dog)

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