Liveblogging! “ITDE” 10/8/11

Which year is it? Confusion reigns at the start of today’s outing– I’ve been sharing my post-apocalyptic dream of watching “The Three Stooges” while eating babies, setting the mood for what promises to be a very strange episode of “It’s Too Damn Early” indeed.

Mr. Blue Sky — Something To Read By
BKPR — Kollateral (from “BKPR” on Autumn Abattoir, Seasonal Affect)
Circle, Verde — Tower pt.1-4 (from “Tower,” on Last Visible Dog)
Skozey Fetisch — Seas Freeze (from “Spectral Freight,” on Crippled Intellect)
Skozey Fetisch –Solar Fibrillation
Skozey Fetisch — Structures Fandangled
Skozey Fetisch — Shirt Fengors
Skozey Fetisch — Subjective Fill
Dimitri Voudouris — Palmos (from “NPFAI/Palmos,” on Pogus)
Asmus Tietchens — Teilmenge 4 (this and next from “Ponder This…” on Submergence)
Merzbow — Pier 39

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