Liveblogging! “ITDE” 6/25/11

A fun show today– Zelphabet stuff is always a great way to kick off the morning, and of course, fine contributions from top labels like Cuneiform, Monochrome Vision, XI Records, Hymns… so far! I gotta mention that XI has a new one out, the three-CD set “Toot!” by Charlie Morrow. You better believe I’m going to be playing the bejeezus out of these, so be prepared for it next week.

AMK — Flux Owls For Evermore (from “Zelphabet” vol. A)
C Spencer Yeh — Three Synthesizers March 2008 (also from Zelphabet)
Univers Zero — Jack the Ripper (from “Heresie,” on Cuneiform)
Frank Rothkamm — Relikt (from “Moers Works,” on Monochrome Vision)
Frank Rothkamm — Ruckkopplung
Frank Rothkamm — Industrie
Charlie Morrow — Wave Music VII for 30 Harps (from “Toot!” on XI Records)
John David Eriksen — Liberty (from “Endings, Beginnings,” on Hymns)
John David Eriksen — 23longlong

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