Liveblogging! “Sounds Like Radio” 6/19/11

I’m listening to “Sounds Like Radio” with you this evening, and very much enjoying these cuts from Glenn Weyant’s “Tucson Orchestrated” album. There is a nice moment toward the end of “Monsoon Redux” where light percussive sounds strike on what sound like pots and pans. Although I’m guessing that Tucson doesn’t get much in the way of rainfall, it does remind me of an experiment of mine where I left some similar cooking implements out in a gentle shower. It’s good music to dream on, especially with headphones.

Hmm, seems I was too close to the mic for this break– definitely a bit too much low end in the voice.

As I’m listening to Merzbow and Richard Pinhas, I’m struck by how much Pinhas’ guitar sounds like one of the synths in Brian Eno and Jon Hassell’s album “Fourth World, Vol.1″… I’m thinking specifically of “Charm.” It’s like a bizarro world version of the B-side, as if Hassell just took off in a completely different direction. I might need to dig that album out again and compare them for fun.

Glenn Weyant — Bugs (from “Tucson Orchestrated,” on Sonic Anta)
Glenn Weyant — Train
Glenn Weyant — Monsoon Redux
Merzbow, Richard Pinhas — Rhizome 1-010011010011011 (from “Rhizome,” on Cuneiform)
Merzbow, Richard Pinhas — Rhizome 2-100101000111010
Tatsuya Nakatani — Abiogenesis (from self-release of same name )
John Luther Adams — Four Thousand Holes (from release of same name on Cold Blue Music)

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