Liveblogging! “It’s Too Damn Early,” 5/28/11

Definitely having a good time hanging out in the Hi-Life Room this morning– I’ve got some cool new music, so that always helps. I’m pretty happy with this copy of “!Evil Scuff Mud,” with Eckhard Gerdes, Bryan Day, Gabe Beam, etc… the additional instrumentation (prepared pedal steel, ARP 2600, piano) help flesh out this live set of recordings. Also hard to believe, but I’m still milking my copy of “Télépathie,” (on NoType, with Aimé Dontigny and Diane Labrosse) from 2003! What can I say? It still sounds damn good.

While I’m still thinking about it, I should let you know that the Lezet album “Meld 5” is also available freely from the Internet Archive– so go grab a copy!

Einsturzende Neubauten — ZNS (from “1/2 Mensch,” on Potomak)
The Oval Language — Untitled #5 (from “Tapes Singles And Remixes,” on Monochrome Vision)
Scuff Mud — Scuff Mud (from “!Evil Scuff Mud,” on Eh!)

A. Dontigny, Diane Labrosse — T.S.F. (from “Télépathie,” on NoType)
A. Dontigny, Diane Labrosse — Antenne Parabolique
John Luther Adams — Four Thousand Holes (from “Four Thousand Holes,” on Cold Blue Music)
Lezet, Mike Martini — Watching The Snow On Mars (from “Meld 5,” on Turbinicarpus Records)
Lezet, Craig Furkas — Horizontal
Lezet, Djozr — Notion To Flesh
Lezet, Wings Of An Angel — Poet’s Nocturnal Peregrination Through Ruins Of A Deserted Subterranean Lunatic Asylum
Cheer-Accident — Drag You Down (from “No Ifs, Ands or Dogs,” on Cuneiform)

Cheer-Accident — Trial Of Error
Cheer-Accident — This Is The New That
Torturing Nurse — You Are My Jonky (from “Does Utmost,” on Roil Noise)

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