“Sounds Like Radio,” 5/15/11

I’m a little too tired to fully liveblog today’s episode of “Sounds Like Radio,” but I thought you’d still enjoy seeing the playlist. If you missed it, just remember that “Sounds Like Radio” airs from 3-5 a.m., and again from 1o p.m. to midnight, every Sunday (Central) on WSIU-FM. Don’t miss next week’s broadcast– I’ll be playing Robert Ashley’s “Improvement,” which is fantastic stuff!

Sabrina Siegel – Yom Kippur (from “Grace/Precarious“)
Sabrina Siegel – The Body Moving
Thomas Buckner, Annea Lockwood – Luminescence (from “New Music For Baritone & Chamber Ensemble,” on Mutable)
David Rosenboom – On Being Invisible pt.1 (from “Invisible Gold,” on Pogus)
Scott Smallwood – Chest & Chair (from “Desert Winds,” on Deep Listening)
Sabrina Siegel – After your voice
David Rosenboom – On Being Invisible pt.2
David First – Zen Guilt, Zen Blame (from “Privacy Issues,” on XI Records)

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