Liveblogging! “It’s Too Damn Early” 5/14/11

Fursaxa — Rheine (from “Amulet,” on Last Visible Dog)
Toshimaru Nakamura — NIMB #12 (from “Egrets,” on Samadhisound)
Strotter Inst — Minenhund pt.12 (from “Minenhund,” on Public Eyesore)
Strotter Inst — Minenhund pt.13
Brian Eno — Music for Airports 1/1 (from “Music for Airports,” on EG)
Grundik Kasyansky — Live Journal 12/28/08 (from release of the same name on Rruido)
Ester Poland — Koomaherays (from “(from “Hippi, kanuuna ja kiinan torni,” on Digitalis Ltd.)
Mystified, The Ghost Between The Strings — Glacial March (from “Ghostbone” on Dark Meadow)
Alvin Lucier, Robert Dick — Almost New York (from “Almost New York” on Pogus)
Phill Niblock — Held Tones (from “YPGPN,” on XI Records)
Rafael Flores — 7 Minutillos (from  “Nubes, Cometas, Rumores y Orugas,” on Monochrome Vision)
Daruin — Senno Sareta No Ka (from “Drain,” on Neus 318)
Daniel Lentz — Point Conception (title track from release on Cold Blue Music)
Knirschen Knacken — The Blowback of Duality 1 (from split cassette with Rotkappchen on Ikeburo Dada)
Knirschen Knacken — The Blowback of Duality 2
Knirschen Knacken — Of Redemption
Knirschen Knacken — Of Self-Overcoming
Knirschen Knacken — Of The Flies Of The Marketplace
Francisco Lopez — Untitled #214 (from “IC,” on Aural Terrains)

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