Liveblogging! “ITDE” 5/7/11

Loachfillet — The Automated Bowl of Soup (from “Electric Pond: Solar Solution,” on Resipiscent)
Hollydrift — Wind In The Wire (from “Then There Was Nothing,” on Cuba Club Media)
Na — I’m Going To The Gold Bank (from “Na Is Nice,” on Pax)
Na — Morning Tribune
Na — Red Square
Atte Nylppänen — Posetiivari-ilmestys ja köynnöshiippaillija (from “Kehitystä Vastaan,” on Wooden Sherpa)
Lüüp — Spiralling (from “Meadow Rituals,” on Experimedia)
Armpit — Tron (from “Tron,” on Last Visible Dog)
Robert Horton — “I am not a centipede,” said Mary Poppins (from “Reading Sounds,” on Luovaja)
Freiband — Re-III (from “Replicas,” on Monochrome Vision)
Freiband — Re-IV
Freiband — Re-VIa
Freiband — Re-X
Freiband — Re-II
Gen Ken Montgomery — Bird Eating (from “Pondfloorsample,” on XI Records)
Christopher Roberts — Last Cicada Singing (from album of the same name, on Cold Blue Music)
Area C — Circle Attractor (from “Haunt,” on Last Visible Dog)
Negativland — Movies (from “Crosley Bendix Radio Reviews,” on Seeland)
Aemae — 41667 (from “The Helical World,” on iSoundercore)

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