I’m listening with you– “Sounds Like Radio,” 5/1/11

It’s International Workers’ Day– or well, it is for another couple hours. I figured I’d spend the rest of it (as the song says) “for what I will,” listening to “Sounds Like Radio” with you. So here goes!

Oh good, things have started. I don’t sound too bad! I just realized that I don’t remember what I was going to play this week. I suppose I’d better check my notes. Ah, this is “Wind Tunnels,” by Scott Smallwood. It’s from “Desert Winds,” an older disc of his from the Deep Listening label.

Hmm… seems like I’m going to be defacto pre-empted by an official White House announcement of Osama Bin Laden’s death.  They created Osama, and they destroyed him when it was convenient. Don’t expect me to rattle my chains to celebrate the master’s triumph.

I really enjoy this “Asia Radio Environments” by Jesse Paul Miller. It’s absolutely full of weird, transient sounds, and is just plain interesting to hear. Plus, broadcasting it is kind of like sticking a bunch of radio broadcasts inside my own broadcast– recursive broadcasting!

I’m letting Obama and the “Asia Radio Environment” mix in my headphones. He’s laying it on thick. “Remain vigilant.” Ugh. If folks were vigilant, they wouldn’t have things like this— suits giving and taking our so-called rights. Anyway, Obama’s done, so I’ll get down off my soapbox. Back to things of beauty and substance.

Speaking of which, Miya Masaoka’s “For Birds, Planes, and Cello” is freakin’ awesome. I added it to this week’s program after noticing that David Toop mentions his enjoyment of the piece in his latest book, “Sinister Resonance: The Mediumship of the Listener.” He actually has a laundry list of great recordings there, which I’ve got big plans to work through at my leisure.

I was starting to get a little antsy, thinking that there isn’t much “Sounds Like Radio” remaining, when I noticed that there is actually 45 minutes left! I love long-form radio!

Oh, it occurs to me that you may wonder about my listening setup. I’m using headphones right now, some nice AKG K-240s. They sound great, and won’t kill your budget. I’m sure you could spend more, but if you’re still rocking earbuds, you’ll be amazed at the huge difference in detail and clarity once you get a set of these on your ears.

I’d forgotten– I did ask everyone who listened THIS week to listen NEXT week with a friend. If you do this, take a photo of yourselves, and I’ll post it here. Until then, take care, and keep your ears open!

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