Liveblogging! “ITDE” 3/26/11

This morning’s show is dedicated to all our animal friends roaming around, enjoying this special time between night and day. Mr. Fox and I locked eyes earlier, out on the road– I’m pretty sure he’d dig Keijo, so that’s where I’m starting. Burrow deep in your hiding places, and enjoy.

Update: Mr. Mouse must be a Keijo fan as well. I just saw him cross the doorway of the studio!

Keijo — Anywhere Here (from “For A While,” on Last Visible Dog)
Keijo — Once More Last Time
Keijo — Remember Now
Thollem McDonas, Rick Rivera — I Know The Language That (from “I’ll Meet You Halfway Out In The Middle Of It All,” on Edgetone)
Hollydrift — Marisa Relay (from “Waiting for the Tiller,” on Parasomnic)
Hollydrift — Lakeshore Skycue
Ester Poland — Koomaheräys (from “Hippi, kanuuna ja kiinan torni,” on Digitalis Ltd.)
Ester Poland — Matkahyppääjä
Ester Poland — Välitila
Eighth Blackbird — Friction Systems (from “Strange Imaginary Animals,” on Cedille)
Kospel Zeithorn — Apassi (from “Luikertelija,” on Wooden Sherpa)
Kospel Zeithorn — Kilpikonna II
Kospel Zeithorn — Draken yhtälö
Kospel Zeithorn — Ukaasi
Kospel Zeithorn — Astalo
Kospel Zeithorn — Hän harjoittaa savolaista mystiikkaa
Big City Orchestra — Theme from “A Summer Place” (from “Love Film Greats,” on Ubuibi and Roil Noise)
Big City Orchestra — Theme from “Love Story”
Big City Orchestra — You Were Meant For Me
Daniel Lentz — NightBreaker (from “Point Conception,” on Cold Blue Music)
Hollydrift — Where Love Begins (from “This Way To Escape,” on Public Eyesore)

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