Liveblogging! “ITDE” 2/26/11

Merzbow — Pier 39 (from “Ponder This…,” on Submergence)
Chas Smith — Endless Mardi Gras (from “Descent,” on Cold Blue Music)
Cheval de Frise — Langue Hastée (from self-titled album on Sonore)
Cheval De Frise – Lundi Deux Mars
Thollem McDonas, Rick Rivera – If You Fall To Your Death (from “I’ll Meet You Halfway Out In the Middle Of It All,” on Edgetone)
Peter Gordon — Life Is Boring (from “Star Jaws,” on Lovely Music)
Conure — Steel, Nylon, and Foil: Oxidation Paintings (from “Strings, Locations,” on Edgetone)
Conure — Ribbon Implementation
Hans Fjellestad — Mink Eyed (from “33,” on Accretions)
Hans Fjellestad — Pacifico
Charles Eric Charrier — 21 Echoes Short (from “Silver,” on Experimedia)
Charles Eric Charrier — 12 From
Charles Eric Charrier — 6 1
Daniel Lentz — Wolf Is Dead (from “On the Leopard Altar,” on Cold Blue)
Daniel Lentz — Requiem
If, Bwana — Ellensbirds (from “33 Birds Went,” on Pogus Productions)
David First — Pipeline Witness Apologies To Dennis (from “Privacy Issues,” on XI Records)

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