Liveblogging! “ITDE” 2/12/11

I love Eyes Like Saucers. Is it just me, or does every ELS track sound like it’s some awesomely ragged outtake from Terry Riley’s “Shri Camel?” In a more perfect world, that album would have been a subscription series nearing it’s 31-year conclusion, it’s marathon cuts known everywhere– I can imagine it ringing over Egypt throughout their peaceful transition to a moneyless, government-free world power; ushering in a lasting era of freedom and peace. That’s just a part of tonight’s broadcast dream, enjoy.

Eyes Like Saucers — Unheimlichkeit (from “Crows of the World, vol.2” on Last Visible Dog)
David First — A Bet on Transcendence Favors The House (from “Privacy Issues,” on XI Records)
O — …Dying and Spanish Circle (from “Numero 0,” on Antenna)
O — Sawed Desert
O — De la Mancha
O — Wested Desert
O — Cactus #0
O — Easted Desert
O — Far Away Inside
John Bennett, Ben Bennett, Bob Marsh, Jack Wright — Greasy Cheese (from “Ohio Grimes and Misted Meanies,” on Edgetone)
John Bennett, Ben Bennett, Bob Marsh, Jack Wright — Libros Quemados
Aaron Martin — Albee (from “Worried About The Fire,” on Experimedia)
Aaron Martin — Ice Melts Onto Fingers
Aaron Martin — Open Knife
Aaron Martin — New Brighton
Aaron Martin — Water Tongue
Thollem McDonas — Ancient Futures (from “Solo Piano,” on Pax)
Liz Allbee — Leisure Sport Overlords (from “Theseus vs. The Ship of Fools,” on Resipiscent)
Liz Allbee — Cape Matapan
Liz Allbee — The Undersides

Joseph Hammer — Could Have (this, and next, from Zelphabet vols. J & K)
K2 — Choke
Terry Riley — Celestial Valley (from “Shri Camel,” on CBS Masterworks)
Amere — 41667 (from “The Helical World,” on Isounderscore)

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