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Liveblogging! “ITDE” 2/26/11

February 26, 2011

Merzbow — Pier 39 (from “Ponder This…,” on Submergence)
Chas Smith — Endless Mardi Gras (from “Descent,” on Cold Blue Music)
Cheval de Frise — Langue Hastée (from self-titled album on Sonore)
Cheval De Frise – Lundi Deux Mars
Thollem McDonas, Rick Rivera – If You Fall To Your Death (from “I’ll Meet You Halfway Out In the Middle Of It All,” on Edgetone)
Peter Gordon — Life Is Boring (from “Star Jaws,” on Lovely Music)
Conure — Steel, Nylon, and Foil: Oxidation Paintings (from “Strings, Locations,” on Edgetone)
Conure — Ribbon Implementation
Hans Fjellestad — Mink Eyed (from “33,” on Accretions)
Hans Fjellestad — Pacifico
Charles Eric Charrier — 21 Echoes Short (from “Silver,” on Experimedia)
Charles Eric Charrier — 12 From
Charles Eric Charrier — 6 1
Daniel Lentz — Wolf Is Dead (from “On the Leopard Altar,” on Cold Blue)
Daniel Lentz — Requiem
If, Bwana — Ellensbirds (from “33 Birds Went,” on Pogus Productions)
David First — Pipeline Witness Apologies To Dennis (from “Privacy Issues,” on XI Records)

Liveblogging! “ITDE” 2/19/11

February 19, 2011

Following my disappointment at coming into the station to find insulting flyers about me, I decided to hold an “It’s Too Damn Early” support drive, asking listeners to call in. I am pleased to say that I had a number of lovely conversations with fine human beings, all of whom were similarly disheartened to hear about the poor start to my day. I also took the time to make a “remix” flyer, which I posted next to the original, for all to see. I’m not sure if they’ll be taken down later or not, so here they are. Be sure to click them to view full size! Update: Some station members believe that sharing the flyers is the equivalent of “giving the place a black eye,” and have requested that if I continue sharing the flyers, it might be best if it’s “by request.” If you feel like you need to see them, just e-mail me.

Enjoy your playlist!

Eyes Like Saucers — Owl Creek Bridge (from “Parmalee, Tribute To a Dog,” on Ikuisuus/Ruralfaune
Charlamagne Palestine — A Sweet Quasimodo Between Black Vampire Butterflies (from album of the same name, on Cold Blue Music)
Thollem McDonas, Rick Rivera — The Sun Don’t Wait (from “I’ll Meet You Halfway Out In The Middle Of It All,” on Edgetone Records)
Thollem McDonas, Rick Rivera — War Is Terror, Terror Is War
Thollem McDonas, Rick Rivera — I’m No Different From You Now
Eyes Like Saucers — Sea Song (from “Still Living In The Desert, And Mostly In My Own Head,” on Last Visible Dog)
Eyes Like Saucers — Delusion of Reference
Eyes Like Saucers — Still Living In the Desert (And Mostly In My Own Head)
Eyes Like Saucers — I Want To Believe
Conure — Amsterdam and 81st, A Reverie (from “Strings, Locations,” on Edgetone)
Conure — Feedback Location String
Kevin Kastning, Siegfried — Umbra I (from “Gravity of Shadows,” on Greydisc)
Kevin Kastning, Siegfried — Umbra II
Kevin Kastning, Siegfried — Umbra III
Kevin Kastning, Siegfried — Umbra IV
The Stumps — The Black Wood, pts. 1-3 (from “The Black Wood,” on LVD)

“It’s Too Damn Early” needs phone-in guests!

February 13, 2011

Are you interested in being a phone-in musical guest for “It’s Too Damn Early” in 2011? It’s time to get in touch! These are opportunities for LIVE radio performance and interviews, all over the phone– no need to change out of your pajamas.

I am seeking sound artists, noise folks, improvisers, radio art enthusiasts, and experimental music makers of all types. Performance lengths vary, but you’re always booked for at least 30 minutes so we can fit an interview in as well as your set. Dream up something weird, and drop me a line in the comments section!

Liveblogging! “ITDE” 2/12/11

February 12, 2011

I love Eyes Like Saucers. Is it just me, or does every ELS track sound like it’s some awesomely ragged outtake from Terry Riley’s “Shri Camel?” In a more perfect world, that album would have been a subscription series nearing it’s 31-year conclusion, it’s marathon cuts known everywhere– I can imagine it ringing over Egypt throughout their peaceful transition to a moneyless, government-free world power; ushering in a lasting era of freedom and peace. That’s just a part of tonight’s broadcast dream, enjoy.

Eyes Like Saucers — Unheimlichkeit (from “Crows of the World, vol.2” on Last Visible Dog)
David First — A Bet on Transcendence Favors The House (from “Privacy Issues,” on XI Records)
O — …Dying and Spanish Circle (from “Numero 0,” on Antenna)
O — Sawed Desert
O — De la Mancha
O — Wested Desert
O — Cactus #0
O — Easted Desert
O — Far Away Inside
John Bennett, Ben Bennett, Bob Marsh, Jack Wright — Greasy Cheese (from “Ohio Grimes and Misted Meanies,” on Edgetone)
John Bennett, Ben Bennett, Bob Marsh, Jack Wright — Libros Quemados
Aaron Martin — Albee (from “Worried About The Fire,” on Experimedia)
Aaron Martin — Ice Melts Onto Fingers
Aaron Martin — Open Knife
Aaron Martin — New Brighton
Aaron Martin — Water Tongue
Thollem McDonas — Ancient Futures (from “Solo Piano,” on Pax)
Liz Allbee — Leisure Sport Overlords (from “Theseus vs. The Ship of Fools,” on Resipiscent)
Liz Allbee — Cape Matapan
Liz Allbee — The Undersides

Joseph Hammer — Could Have (this, and next, from Zelphabet vols. J & K)
K2 — Choke
Terry Riley — Celestial Valley (from “Shri Camel,” on CBS Masterworks)
Amere — 41667 (from “The Helical World,” on Isounderscore)

Liveblogging! “ITDE” 2/5/11

February 5, 2011

Today’s show is inspired by the range of human experience– from our attempts at immortality in art and medicine, to our attempts simply to survive a long winter. Shivering in the cold, lungs rattling. Naked, save a thin skin of artifice against the vacuum of space. Making our mark on the cave wall. Missing the mark, buried under the crushing weight of the billions after.

T.D. Skatchit, Scott Looney — Regrets (from “Skatch Migration,” on Edgetone)
T.D. Skatchit, Kyle Bruckmann — Flammable Skatch
T.D. Skatchit, Ron Heglin — Shring Shrong Skatch
Daniel Lentz — Wolf Is Dead (from “On The Leopard Altar,” on Cold Blue Music)
Daniel Lentz — Lascaux
Daniel Lentz — On The Leopard Altar
Hans Grusel’s Krankenkabinet — Pulse Widthed Doors (from “Blaue Blooded Turen,” on Resipiscent)
Hans Grusel’s Krankenkabinet — Helilude
Hans Grusel’s Krankenkabinet — Dark Waldung
Thollem McDonas — For All Those Yet To Come (from “Gone Beyond Reason To Find One,” on Edgetone)
Hans Grusel’s Krankenkabinet — Aufzahlungszeiche
Hans Grusel’s Krankenkabinet — Fanfares
Renato Rinaldi — Hoarse Frenzy (from album of the same name on Last Visible Dog)
Ross Bolleter — Unfinished Business (from “Crow Country,” on Pogus Productions)
Ross Bolleter — Under Rookwood
Inhabitants — Far Away In Old Words (from “A Vacant Lot,” on Drip Audio)
Renato Rinaldi — We Shall Overtone, pt.3 (from “We Shall Overtone,” on Last Visible Dog)
Christopher Roberts — Kon Burunemo (from “Trio For Deep Voices,” on Cold Blue Music)
Scott Looney — Rumination (from “Repercussions,” on Edgetone)
Scott Looney — Janus
Univers Zero — Les Kobolds (from “Clivages,” on Cuneiform Records)
Univers Zero — Warrior
Key Ransone — A Tangible Bridge (from “K” volume of Zelphabet)