Liveblogging! “ITDE” 1/22/11

Wow, I SO hope that my recording of this episode comes out properly. I’m having an awesomely random moment with some bird sounds and Music From the Film’s “How The West Was Once”… you can’t script these sorts of things– they just happen– the trick is being ready for it!

Strotter Inst. -#1 (from “Minenhund,” on Hinterzimmer and Public Guilt)
Strotter Inst. -#2
Strotter Inst. -#3
The Infant Cycle — Secret Hidden Message (from album of the same name, on Drone Records)
The Infant Cycle — (And Then The Dog Replied)
Kim Nasung — Breathing Technique 01 (from “Mindful Awareness,” on Mind Twisting Records)
Kim Nasung — Raisin Exercise
Bastard Noise, Antennacle — He No Longer Lives Entirely Among Us (from self-titled 7″ on Kitty Play)
Tootsietoy — Wild Bird Calls
Music From The Film — The Main Attraction (from “How The West Was Once,” self-release)
Music From the Film — There Is No Help
Music From the Film — An Oasis of Mirages
Music From the Film — Sawdust Floor
Jeff Sampson — Stress
Jeff Sampson — Outside Perimeter 2
Alvin Lucier, Robert Dick — Almost New York (from “Almost New York,” on Pogus Productions)
Horaflora — Live at KALX, 8/11/09 (this, and next, from “Horaflora/Secret Boyfriend” split LP on Hot Releases)
Secret Boyfriend — Northern America
Secret Boyfriend — Cool Air

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