Liveblogging! “Sounds Like Radio,” 1/16/11

Today’s broadcast of “Sounds Like Radio” kicks off the first of three weeks profiling the current crop of new and emerging sound artists coming out of the “Jeu de Temps/Times Play” competition. This year, the Canadian Electroacoustic Community has teamed up with the Australasian Computer Music Association, so it’s a very global mix of composers! Here’s the playlist for this week, and a video promo as well. You can listen to the show live here, on WSIU-FM!

Mark Oliveiro – In Maluga
Jeremy Coubrough – The Spectre of the Delusion of the Fury
Blake Johnston – Submerge
Valerie Delaney – La Cite de Verre
Guillaume Campion – Quadriforis
Jarryd Bird – Larvae
Nic McConaghy – Single Origin
Jack Hooker – Field Murmer
Emilie Payeur – Triptyque
Adam Basanta – A Glass Is Not a Glass
Charles Quevillon – Au Boute

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