Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 11/20/10

Came in to the station with a little Brian Eno playing on automation– which made great sense, as it was following an accidental string of train-themed gospel and blues songs, ack!

Then again, I have to admit, I have no idea where today’s “It’s Too Damn Early” is going. I’m feeling this one out in the dark! So far, it’s hanging together quite well. I like this older Vertonen disc, and it actually got me off on the right foot– the Rune Lindblad and Ralph White/Horaflora material all went together really well, and gave a great lead-in to… *sigh*  Well, I was going to say, a great lead-in to Vanessa Rossetto and Steven Flato’s new disc, “Hwaet,” but apparently, it just sounds like someone eating potato chips to the person who just phoned in.

At any rate, I’ve been enjoying this album. Flato is bringing something to Rossetto’s sound that seems to really challenge her, and the quality of improvisation is quite high for both.

Vertonen — The Last Great Circus of Desperate Heritage (from “The Ocean Is Gone, the Ship Is Next,” on Ground Fault)

Rune Lindblad — Maskinlandskap (from “Objekt 2: Electronic & Concrete Music 1962-1988,” on Pogus)
Ralph White & The Hora Flora Soundsystem — Wildflower Face, Insect Eyes (from self-titled album on Resipiscent)

Hwaet (Steven Flato, Vanessa Rossetto) — mmqrit (from “hwaet,” on Abrash and Music Appreciation labels)
Hwaet — fpdgtv
Hwaet — vhxck
Hwaet — gwnbld
Kiyoshi Mizutani, Hideaki Shimada, Kiyoharu Kuwayama — Chimere 1 (from “Gambetta,” on Monochrome Vision)
Kiyoshi Mizutani, Hideaki Shimada, Kiyoharu Kuwayama — Meguro
Kiyoshi Mizutani, Hideaki Shimada, Kiyoharu Kuwayama — Chimere 2
Nerfbau — Plague Drones (from “Error Swarms,” on Resipiscent)
Nerfbau — Today’s Forecast (Paralysis Season)
Nerfbau — Plastic Head Cage
Nerfbau — Who Are You Looking For…
Nerfbau — “Helpless Against Evolution”
Nerfbau — Everybody Knew
Nerfbau — Lights Out
Miya Masaoka, Audrey Chen, Hans Grusel, Kenta Nagai — Dialing (from self-titled album on Resipiscent)
Amere3 — Deodor (from “Trees,” on Whi Music)
Amere3 — Gean
Amere3 — Katsura pt.1
Amere3 — Katsura pt.2

2 Responses to “Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 11/20/10”

  1. decaycast Says:

    great show! Really diggin all the Resipiscent stuff!

  2. startlingmoniker Says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed it! I’m back on the air January 1st, from 4-6:30 a.m., doing my ever-popular New Year’s broadcast. This always features some super-futuristic music, as well as my favorite recordings of the year. Expect to hear some Resipiscent releases among them!

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