Liveblogging! “It’s Too Damn Galaxy” 11/8/10

I’m covering “The Galaxy” for Doug tonight, so it’s anybody’s guess exactly what form today’s set will take. I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve, so stay tuned! And oh– you can’t beat the timing, can you? I’m broadcasting right after “Sounds Like Radio” ended over on WSIU! I sure hope a few of my listeners think to make the switch!

Uz Jsme Doma — Nugget (from “Caves,” on Cuneiform)
Uz Jsme Doma — Fascination
Blue Sausage Infant — Why You Hate Salamanders (from “Flight of the Solstice Queens,” on Zeromoon)
Blue Sausage Infant — Ashtray Man
The Painful Leg Injuries — Everything Put Here Was With the Best of Intentions (from “The Anomaly That Had Gotten the Better of Me,” on OKS Recordings of North America)
Matt Weston — This October, All Octobers (from “Seasick Blackout,” on 7272 Music)

Wadada Leo Smith’s Golden Quintet — Umar the Dome of the Rock, pts. 1&2 (from “Spiritual Dimensions,” on Cuneiform)
Wizards — A Space Called Home (from “1st Union Re-Union”)
Aspid — Where the Night (from “Extravasation,” on Stigmartyr)

Aspid — Comatose State
Aspid — Extravasation
Mastery — Power Race (from “Lethal Legacy,” on Picture Black)
Mastery — Numeration
Birds of Delay – Charnal House (from “Dream Frequencies, vol. 1,” on Antenna)

David First — My Veil Evades Detection, My Veil Defies Exhaustion, My Veil and I Divorce (from “Privacy Issues,” on XI Records)

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