Hawk + Tippy Headroom = Free Air!

Long-time fan and YouTube maestro Sonney Dey wrote to let me know about his latest creation– I’ll tentatively describe it as an experimental hawk documentary, but as you can see, it’s so much more than just that.

Sonney’s video makes great use of a very old track of mine, “Tippy Headroom,” from my very first album, “Music For a Sick Cat.” The title is a play on actress Tippy Hedren (of “The Birds,”) as well as Max Headroom (style icon, and personal hero).

I still remember recording “Tippy Headroom” on the floor of my home. I had been inspired by a sound experiment described in a book about Jimi Hendrix, which I had read many years earlier, but found floating about in my brain that day– in a nutshell, Hendrix had been using headphone monitors to slowly feed back into his microphone, causing squealing pitches to occur. A tape delay setup helped to create a seagull-like sound he found quite interesting. Although I’d never heard a recording of this experiment, I suppose I had a pretty good idea of how it would turn out… resulting in “Tippy Headroom.”

As a reward for Sonney’s ongoing dedication to fully experiencing the Other through my music, I’m mailing him a bunch of cool stuff– including a copy of my latest release “Free Air.” There’s only a few of these left, from a way-limited edition of ten. Just $10 gets you a copy, so hurry up and get in touch if you want one.

“Free Air” comes with two long-form works originally intended for through-home surround systems, mixed specially for stereo. There’s also the nifty artwork, a bright red unicorn hand-printed by yours truly! The print is sealed and numbered, with the disc in a separate compartment.

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4 Responses to “Hawk + Tippy Headroom = Free Air!”

  1. quantumdriven Says:

    I had more mischief at YouTube. This time with “Jenn’s Pizza Song.” It’s uploading at funnyordie currently too.
    I don’t think I have link privileges here, but > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rz5chfKLHq8
    Hey thanks if you’re sending that stuff! Disregard that Matt Matthews name at yahoo– it seems stuck forever like that even though I’ve changed it to my real name. Yeah, send to the M.M.III cat lol. I’ve had stuff sent to pseudonyms in the past and the mailman acts freaked about it ha-ha.

    You know… I forget if there was art work with the “Avant-Garde Revolts” packet. If there was I lost it. I just remember being freaked that it was inside the Herb Alpert “Whipped Cream….” album… no, I think it was “Ballad Of The Green Berets” fer-cryin’-out-loud.

    But that was years before my PC days, so the CDR data disk languished unread. That itself is some dilly art of a read.

    –Sonney Dey
    Amateur Sound/Video Pirate

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