Liveblogging! “ITDE” 7/10/10

Well, I’m finally done with sorting the crap vinyl out of the station’s record library. Goodbye, Bert Kaempfert! There’s been a bit of resistance to this, but seeing as how nobody else ever bothered sorting or organizing it before… I got a kick out of seeing how all the stuff I’d already put in the “keep” area has been shelved in the back room, but they left me the remainder that I’d yet to go through.

So I made the last “discard” pile today– do you think WDBX should be holding on to multiple copies of Western Illinois University’s 1975 Band Camp LP? How about a “Top 10” collection of barbershop quartets from a 1968 convention? Yeah, me neither. But on the other hand, I found a white label copy of The Beatles “Let It Be” (with an alternate track order!) stuck in there, SLEEVELESS, so maybe it’s a good thing that I’ve been on my mini cleaning rampage, haha. Let’s hope nobody spirits that one away — for all I know, some rabid eBay nut will part with some serious dough for it, or trade the station for a generator. Weirder things have happened with Beatles collectors, I’m sure!

Anyways, here’s your playlist:

Yuanlin Chen — Primary Voice: Rite (all, here to Wohrmann, from “Sonic Circuits IX” on Innova)
Christoph Theiler — Nearness
Douglas Geers — Atomic Tango
Jon Christopher Neison — Scatter
Susan Parenti — No Honey, I Can Do It
John Richey — 11 Studies in Noise and Dialectic
Michael Croswell — Solo Silo #1
Richard Lerman — Manzanar and Tule Lake
Rols Wohrmann — We Know
Uton — Ay Um Au Lam (from “Whispers From the Woods,” Last Visible Dog)
Uton — Buddhamania
Zaar — Sefir
Zaar — Zolg
Zaar — Ce n’est pas triste
Zaar — Tougoudougoum
Zaar — Discasambo
Zaar — Omk

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