Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 6/19/10

Steamboat Switzerland — VI (from “Wertmuller” on Grob)
Steamboat Switzerland — rh.IH.IF.rF [schonheit]
Steamboat Switzerland — III
Steamboat Switzerland — moto [ein weltbewusstein]
Kawabata Makoto, Anla Courtis, Rokugenkin — Mental Castle in the Mountains (from “Kokura” on Riot Season)
Kawabata Makoto, Anla Courtis, Rokugenkin — Arigato Explosion
Fun — The Heart Of Rock & Roll (from “Plays Sports By Huey Lewis and the News” on Breathmint)
Fun — Heart and Soul
Fun — Bad is Bad
Merzbow — Merzbotanica-Parallela 2 (from “Marmo” on Old Europa Cafe)
Tatsuya Nakatani — Abiogenesis 1-8 (from “Abiogenesis” on HH Production)
Art Zoyd — Achron le Fleuve Obscur (from “Le Champ des Larmes” on In-Possible)
Art Zoyd — Fulminis + Totem 1
Art Zoyd — Abundans Civita
Grundik Kasyansky — Forest (from “Floating Point” on Topeth Prophet)
Andrew McKenzie, Willem deRidder — I Feel Great (from “This Glass is a Bicycle”)
David Toop — Falling Light (from “Sound Body” on Samadhisound)
Merzbow — Merzbotanica-Parallela 3

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